What makes people rich? Secrets to getting rich unveiled

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What makes people rich? Secrets to getting rich unveiled

Do you know that you were born to be rich? Becoming rich requires time, resources and hard work unless you will win a rotary, you were born to be rich, so let’s begin with this story to open our discussion.

How to build wealth from nothing?

Let x represent 1 billion dollars, 10x will equal to 10 billion dollars, 100x represent 100 billion dollars,

Jeff bezos networth is 117x which represents 117 billion dollars, Zuzkerberg of facebook has over 50 billion dollars, larry page has over 50 billion dollars

Your asking yourself now how did they do it, you went to school thinking that by going to school you will be rich but to find out that was a lie

You have failed to pay your student debt, car motgage, house bills, your landlord is al most chasing you, you feel that the education system is very bad

You have no enough money to solve your problems, your now working on your 9 to 5 job which you attained from a degree you studied from university,

Building wealth and becoming rich is feeling like an attainable dream, you look at millionaires and billionaires who have attained their financial status at a young age, then you begin to give excuses that they stole, they went to illuminate, they are getting money from the devil,

They inherited their wealth, and then you claim that you were born unlucky,

But ask yourself what do they do different from what you do?

All your dreams have come to a standstill, the dream of owning an apartment, owning your dream car, travelling around, and earning money while sleeping

When you come to reality, you find that all the above dreams cannot come true, you were lied too by going to school you will attain all the above

The real truth is that you were lied by the school system

What if I if I told you that by reading this post and putting what is in it can make you achieve those dreams

Is there anyway to building wealth? Is there an equation that can help you build wealth? How can wealth be attained, how can you become? What are the best ways to become rich?

What if I promise to give you a formulae that will help you build wealth, become rich and attain all your dreams

I assure you by the end of this article, you will get the formulae

But the fact the path to wealth and riches is extremely very tough, the society will hate you, your friends will hate because you’re going beyond the traditional norm of the society

Few of you who will put what we have discussed in this article into practice will build wealth and riches but 99% will fail because the path is tough,

It is full of ups and downs, it needs determination, commitment, time and resources which many of you are not willing to commit themselves,

At the end if you put all these into consideration, i promise you that you will attain financial freedom, a life to do whatever you want at anytime without someone telling you what to do

Should I continue?

  1. Lies you have been told

Lets look at the lies you have been told about becoming wealth, rich and money

  • Money is the root cause of evil,

This is the most misconception about money that we have been fed from childhood, if you come from a disadvantaged family, this is what most parents teach their children

As a child you grew up knowing and being influenced that these traditional sayings which have limited you towards what you can do and achieve

You need to change your mindset towards what you think about money,

All you think of that that you cannot achieve wealth, wealth is inherited, wealth is got from the devil, all people who are rich went to illuminate, they stole the government

The school system did not teach you about money

Do you know that 60% of all millionaires in the world are self made, larry page self made billionaires, Jezzos self made billionaire, Elon Mask self made billionaires, larry page self made billionaire, Jack Ma self made billionaire,

What do all these self made billionaires have in common? What do they have? What did they do to become millionaires and billionaires? You will discover this

The truth is that the formulae to building wealth you have is wrong, you have been fed a wrong equation of how to get money or building wealth

You have been told to go to school, get good grades, good job, and work for all your life time and get pension

Your wealth equation looks like this


This is a wrong equation to building wealth and becoming rich, you put much efforts to get good grades and high paying job, just to realise that the equation was wrong

You still cannot afford all the basic necessities of life, your earnings depends on how much time you put into your job

Your being overworked 24/7 but at the end of the money there is no money left to save and invest

What is wrong with the above equation?

Money=Salary earned

Your building someone’s own business, your trading your time for money, your earnings will depend on how much work you do and the worst part is that there is a maximum amount you can earn, most of the extra time you invest in is not being paid

This is the worst equation of getting rich we have been told, by following this convention wisdom of the society your chances of getting rich are limited, you will never achieve your goals

There is less you can achieve because you’re trading time for money,

Time is the most important resource we have, we only have 24 hours in a day

The amount of money you will get will depend on the amount of time you put into your work

If you earn $20/hour it will take you over 24 years of your time to make a million dollars

This is not after we have deducted your taxes, inflation and expenses, by following the above formulae, it can take you the whole of your life time to earn $1,000,000

Your chances of becoming a millionaire by getting a job is almost tending to zero

Now how is it that there are people who are becoming millionaires at a young age?

Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at 25 years and there are many people who have become millionaires and billionaires before reaching 25 years, how do they do it? How are they different?

What if I told you that by following the formulae am about to tell you, you can achieve the $1,000,000 in the shortest time possible

Now the real truth about people who are becoming millionaires and billionaires at a young age is that they have a better equation, they perceive the world in a different angle; they don’t trade time for money

  • Money cannot bring happiness

This is a lie you have been told, have you ever seen rich people robbing banks, rich people killing people for small amounts of money,

The truth is that for you to be happy, you need money, you need money to solve your day today problems, you need money to cover rent, buy a house, a car or travel

We have been fed a lie that money does not bring happiness

But I can tell you that for you to be happy, you need money in your pocket

Money should your servant not a master; you should use your money to build relationship and wealth not to use your money to harm other people

  • Stop chasing money

If you’re interested in becoming rich, you need to stop chasing money, let money chase you

You will be paid according to your perceive value you offer in the market

If the people perceive your value, they will pay your highly for your service,

You need to find your value which you can offer on the market, what are your skills that you have that are on high demand in the job market?

 It is not all about how much hard work you put into the business, sports men are paid huge amounts of money, accountants, engineers and lawyers are paid high amount of money compared to cleaners


The society perceives their value to be high compared to cleaners  who put in a lot of hard work because he can easily be replaced

Once the society perceives your value to be high, it will reward you highly

How can we increase our perceived value?

To increase your perceived value solve problems, the more problem you solve the more money you will make

If you solve a billion dollar problem, you will earn a billion dollar problem

The only way to succeed is to identify what problems they are facing and start a business around that problem, solve problems

Money falls in solving problems

All the self made millionaires and billionaires solve problems

By solving problems you will become rich

More money will be obtained from solving problems

Find the solutions to the problem that affects a large magnitude of people

After you have build a solution, you can choose to either sell or continue staying with your business

Your business can sell from 20-60 times the amount of money it is now

Most of us dream of attaining freedom to do what I want and also afford whatever I want in life

So the most important resource you have in life is time, think about this, will you devote all your time towards building someone’s business? You spend time building your own business?

We only have limited time and resources to do whatever we want in the shortest life span we have on earth

Will you continue working on a day job you hate for the rest of your life time? How are you going to change your situation?

The only path to getting rich is solve problems that affect your society

All people who became millionaires and billionaires solved problems

What is the magnitude of the problem you want to solve? Are you being limited by a geographical area? How scalable is the problem?

In order for to become rich, solve problems that affects a large volume of people

For example starting a shop or restaurant, your limited by a geographical area, start a blog or online course or software, this is scalable because it can be accessed 24/7 globally,

That is where money is, money is in solving problems

The most important lesson is stop chasing money and finds the solutions to those problems

Money and riches will come

The equation to wealth is solve problems stop chasing money

I know most people will not succeed but if you can start something that is scalable

In 1923, eight of the world’s wealth financiers met, these were the people who controlled more money than the United States, and they were:

  • The president of the largest gas company
  • The president of the largest steel company
  • The president of New York stock exchange
  • The greatest bear on the Wall Street
  • The president of bank of international settlement.

This was a group of the world’s successful business men just what happened to them 20 years later.

  • The president of the largest steel company lived on borrowed money for five years before he died bankrupt.
  • The president of the largest gas company went insane.
  • The greatest wheat speculator died abroad insolvent
  • The greatest bear on Wall Street died of suicide
  • The head of the greatest monopoly firm killed himself

Most of these men learned the art of earning money but never knew how to maintain a rich life. Because of these stories many ignorant people have said it is bad to have money, money isn’t everything.


Money is very important, everything we do involve money so you cannot live without money. If you don’t care about money, your retail will care, every transaction takes place with money.

Money is a servant but not a master; you’re the master of your money. What you do with you money depends on you as an individual.

Money doesn’t come as a result of luck, nothing comes for free,

Money keeps in circulation; it changes hands from one person to another,

 Keeping money under your bed or another place without circulation is extremely bad

It is impossible to live a happy life when you’re poor though we say that money doesn’t bring happiness.

You cannot do what you want to accomplish without money, to live you need money, to marry, politics and to be recognised in public requires money, so money is essential in our lives.

To purchase food and other essential basic needs of life like shelter, medical care and education, you need money.

We are born rich, all of have 24 hours in a day but what makes others poor while others become rich. All comes to how we manage our time.

So you are born with the potential to acquire wealth.

Becoming rich is a necessity and a right; we have unrestricted capacity to achieve our dreams of becoming rich. We are destined to be rich but there are a number of fake reasons that have kept us poor.

To be rich doesn’t mean that you become contented with what you have, rich people keep finding new ways of increasing on their wealth but poor people stay in their comfort zone.

So if you have the capacity of achieving more, you should keep working so as to achieve your dream.

You should struggle to leave a legacy that your children will find. Work hard until you reach at a point of saying now I have all that is necessary for me to succeed for over a decade.

In order to live you need significant amount of wealth because the cost of living is ever increasing from year to year.

Becoming successful isn’t all about working hard, there are many people who have worked hard but failed to achieve riches or becoming wealth.

You can become what you want to be by using resources that you have and those who don’t have in life.

You can turn other people’s idle resources into use and create wealth. Once your desire for becoming rich increases you can struggle hard and work smart towards growing your wealth.

Someone who lives in his comfort zone doesn’t want to be rich; you should always struggle to achieve more in your life. Who doesn’t want to own a Mercedes Benz or an apartment?

Use the power of your brain to be rich

Being a live means that you use your brain, body and soul to help you live a happy life, you cannot be happy in your life unless you have attained what you are capable of.

Every time we have desires that we have failed to achieve, you cannot live without food, shelter, clothing and medical care, all these requires money and so we must train ourselves to become rich.

Failing in love with your spouse requires money, to be respected needs money; there is nothing you can do without money so money is very important in our lives,

So what does it take to be rich, there are things to put into consideration if you are interested in becoming rich. If you learn what makes people rich, you will also be one of them.

You should do things different from other people in your community, you should be extra ordinary different, and sometimes it requires you to neglect the values of your society.

Becoming rich does rely on places where you live, all people in United States who be rich but there also exist poor people. All places have people who rich and those who are poor.

We are going to see what keeps other people poor while others become rich.

So if you are interested in becoming rich, you should do things differently from the norms of your society or family. Becoming rich doesn’t mean that you are talented or gifted, becoming rich is as a result of doing things differently.

If you do things differently, you will become rich

If you can read this book and understand you are capable of becoming rich, you cannot become rich without involving other people so we need other so as to achieve wealth.

You can become rich if anyone in your locality is rich. What matter is working with a belief that becoming rich is a necessity not luck? Learn to do things in a different way.

Sometimes we argue that we have no capital, we are struggling to become rich if we were already rich we would not be crying of capital. So not having capital is essential for you to be.

You should find ways of getting capital to remove that barrier. Once you rise the required capital you will be capable of running your business.

Not having capital teaches that rising capital is hard so after achieving it you work toward maintaining you capital and even its growth.

Sometimes we blame our parents for not giving us capital and we say that opportunities are for different people in certain family, race and tribe but this is not the case.

There are many things that are not controlled by other people, if you fail to get a job start your own business or start a consulting firm. Clients will come to you.

Being interested in being employed all the time makes you become an employee for life but starting your own business gives you skills and freedom to manage your time and skills.

You will not stay out of poverty by reading and putting what is in this book poor. There are many opportunities for us to pick from and become rich, choose your path.

First step to becoming rich is the desire to be rich, desiring is different from wishing, desire can be manipulated into action while wish is the past, have a goal in your mind that you want to achieve and work towards achieving it.

Stick to your desire until it manifests with you.

Have a goal in mind, establish the amount of money you want to be rich, put a date when you want to have that money, make a plan with your desire at hand,

write clear amount of money you need to have, read you’re statement aloud, believe in yourself that you have already achieved your goal.

You are poor because your head is poor. Once you tune you mind to becoming rich, you will achieve success. Learn the habits of people who are rich, watch their speeding,

all you will find is these people are very mean, they are interested in accumulating wealth not struggling to speed the little they have. 

These people negotiate and bargain a lot but for poor people, they just pay. 

Poor people should change the way they look at negotiating and bargaining, those two are very important, if you ignore them, you will find yourself over spending money you would have invested.

If you cannot turn the little resources available to you means that even if you have much, they will still be redundant. So find ways of utilizing the available sources

Principles of getting rich.

Your thoughts play a significant role in what you do and what you become, they produce tangible riches, all rich people we see began with their thoughts, then thoughts turn into ideas,

If you have ever read of a story of henry ford when he was starting to make a car, he failed many times but he had a good thought that one time his idea will be viable on earn.

So what do you think in your daily life. The power of our thoughts determines what we will be in future.

Your thoughts usually turn into action, so it is advisable to have positive thoughts if you are to become successful in life.

Whatever we do is as a result of our thoughts. Once you think that you cannot achieve your dream, it will come to reality. So work hard to achieve it.

If you don’t think you are a non-living thing. There is nothing that will come on a silver plate, so working is vital. Education has nothing to do with becoming rich,

there are many educated poor but living a poor life. Most rich people have little education, all need to master is the skill of getting rich.

All men face the same challenges of struggling to earn a living, gain hope, peace and contentment, accumulation of wealth and financial freedom.

When you begin to think and grow rich, wealth begins with a state of mind, purpose with little or no hard work.

The major weakness mankind has is getting used to word ‘ impossible’  knowing that all things will not work, once you believe like that it transmits into your brain and you will start to look at things being impossible so change your attitude towards the way how you look at issues and challenges affecting your life.

‘’Failure comes those who indifferently allow to become failure conscious’’ Napoleon hill Think and grow rich

Your mind plays a vital role in keeping you poor, stop measuring people according to your beliefs, think in terms of riches. We have the power to control our thoughts.

We should develop too much desire for riches in order for us to be. We should stop living in our comfort zones.

In your spare time what do you think, money, sex, relationship? Enmity, wealth, violence etc. you become what you think, once you develop a mentality of I can’t afford it,

you will not achieve your dream. Thought brings new creation. Your thoughts should be aimed at creating new ideas into the market/ adding substance those existing now.

Your thoughts should lead to creation of new positive ideas in the market, innovation and inventions all come as a result of someone’s thoughts,it’s through our thoughts business ideas come from.

All business people you admire began with a thought in their mind.

You have to fail many times, feel disappointed but you need not to give up towards achieving your dream.

Once you look at yourself as being poor it will create different forms of poverty in your mind until you say that there is no poverty.

When you say that you are think, that develops in your mind that you think so think positively about your life.

Change the way how you think. Have believed that poverty is temporary situation but once you give up, it will become the reality.

You should think positively about your life,

Once you develop this, you will look at obstacles into opportunities, put away all your fears and move forward towards achieving your dream, poverty should not be your family song.

You can overcome it and live a rich life after changing your beliefs.

Get lead of the previous thoughts, ideas that are keeping you in poverty, take away the saying that you are destined to be poor, you should always seek for enlargement of your life.

How riches come?

Riches don’t come for free unless you inherit it or steal from others, we are concentrating on crating your own wealth, you cannot get anything for nothing so you must do something to be rich,

nothing comes for free, use skills and talent you have to create value to people and get paid by doing that.

Many people inherit riches but fail to maintain this riches because they have no financial knowledge to manage that money.

Money creates more money, leave your money to work for you to create more wealth, let your money multiply and create more.

Rich people work towards adding money to what they already have but poor people work towards making the money they have get over.

Change your thinking towards achieving riches. Think positively towards achieving your dream, having desire for riches is not enough,  putting your desires into action is the best to do,

Everybody desires to be well but the difference comes in implementation, you should be determined to make your thoughts into reality.

 Believe that you can afford. Have vision in your mind that you can regardless of the obstacles that exist, if you keep your mind you can achieve more compared to others.

Have faith and believe in yourself that you are destined to win regardless of the obstacles in your life.

Keep moving don’t give up.

 Put your thoughts into action. Action speaks louder than words, putting your thoughts into action makes you create you substance, if great thinkers had not turned their thoughts into action there would not be technology and innovation,

learn from your failures, keep  moving, failures teach you what works best, they are not there to discourage you.

Once you put your thoughts into action, you only have two options, failure or success, failing doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success, learn from your failure and keep on moving,

You have the power to create and destroy so choose to create, success is as a result of repetitive trials so never fail to try.

Rich people are financially literate, they know how to manage money, and they make sure that the inflow in higher than the outflow. Learn how to spend your money,

They don’t spend all they earn, saving and investment is a must for all people interested in becoming rich. Learn skills to make money.

Rich people run their own business,

There is a difference between our profession and business, use your salary earned to start your own business.

Understand the difference between an asset and a liability.

Rich people invest in assets while poor people invest in liabilities. Assets bring in returns while liabilities take money from our pockets. Learn to make money,

Learn to multiply the little money you have. Acquire assets and you will be rich

The rich waste no time, they understand that time wasted is money, always make your time productive.

Summary of what you ought to do if you’re to become rich.

Be a positive thinker.

Have clear thoughts

Have good desire for money

Have a goal to achieve

Waste no time/ program your self

Take away your old belief about money

You can achieve your dream, take away” I can’t mentality”

7 Ways to become rich

  1. Marry it
  2. Work for the company
  3. Invest for it
  4. Break the law, steal, deal or con
  5. Lucky or rotary winning
  6. Entrepreneur/ work for yourself
  7. Inherit

Number 6 is the best for all.

8  skills that will make you rich

Are you interested in becoming rich? Do you have all the skills that will help you become rich?

Do you have enough money to help you attain whatever you want in life? Or you ever complain because of lacking money all the time

By the end of this you will know all the skills you need to become rich, if you develop these skills I promise you that you will be rich

Your poor because you have no skills if you have the skills, they are not being used to make you rich

Turn those skills into money, get paying clients and you will be rich, clients have the money and you have the skills

We need money to keep coming to our pocket

The rich have the skills to keep good cash flow of their money, they know the difference between assets and liabilities, they can read financial statements, they know the profit and loss accounts and they take calculated risks

Let’s look at the 9 skills you need to become rich

  1. Financial literacy skills

Rich people how to manage the inflow and outflows, they know how much money they earn and how much money they spend

Rich people know how to read financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss account

They know the difference between an asset and liabilities, they take calculated risks,

They know which investments are the best; they don’t invest in investments where the probability of losing is very high

How well are you managing your money? You need to learn how money works, how to keep your money

Rich people focus more on the inflow, the know words related to cash flow, return on investment, capital gains, appreciation, depreciation, inflation and credit score

So if you’re interested in becoming rich you need to learn financial management

  • Persuasive skills

Persuasive skills is the number one skill that you need if your interested in becoming rich, you need to learn how to convince people to buy or hire you

Persuassision skills are very vital even in managing you employees, you need to persuade them to work for you

You should be willing to negotiate deals in your favour and earn money

People have the money we need so you should be willing to convince people to give you the money

Having good persuasion wills will help you get rich people who can trust you with their money

You need to convince people to hire you or to offer services to them

If you cannot persuade people you will be rich, people have the money we need

  • Public speaking skills

Public speaking is the art of presenting to a large group of people

Most people fear to speak in public, if you’re interested in becoming rich, you need to master public speaking

You should be confident while speaking to the large group of people; you should be able to convince a large audience to listen to you

It is from this large group of people you will get the money from, people will pay you to listen to your advice, people will watch your videos or listen to your podcast because of having good public speaking skills

Most people fear public speaking; they become nervous whenever they are called to speak in public

So you need to practice public speaking so that you can develop that skill

You can start by giving presentations to small groups of people and go on progressing to large groups

By the time you reach 100 presentations you will have gained the confidence

You should practice and fear nothing about what people will say about your presentations

Public speaking will help you develop confidence and trust from your audience

  • Copywriting skills

Copywriting is all about writing a copy that sells, it is all about writing a copy with an intention of convincing people to buy a product or service

This is a skill you need if you’re interested in selling products via emails, ads, newsletters etc a

Copywriting is all about communication with the written words, how do you communicate while sending out emails, messages or newsletters

How do people react to your message? Do they open to read it or they just neglect your message?

Do they buy products your promoting or they just bounce back? How do you write your titles or subject lines? How do you communicate on your social media?

How do you write your content on your blog? Copywriting skill will change your life

All these determine whether people will click and open your message or not

All these determine whether people will click and open your message or not

  • Mindset skills

Managing your mind is extremely very important if you’re interested in becoming rich, we become what we are because of what we think in our mind,

To become rich you need to have a change in your mindset, how do you react when you see rich people? How do you react when problems come on your way? How do you deal with stress? How do you manage negativity? How do you react to criticisms, depression?

All these affect our mind

The way how we solve our problems and perceive the world determines whether we will become rich or poor

To become rich you need to manage what you feed your mind

You need to stop having self limitation skills,

I do recommend that you read a book called think and grow rich by Napolean Hill, it will help you change your mindset

  • Leadership skills

How do you communicate with your team members? How do you manage teams? What type of leader are you? Can you convince your team members to stay track of your vision? How do you achieve your set goals

Leadership skills are very important if you’re interested in becoming rich

Rich work get rich because they work with talented people, they have committed employees who are working towards achieving company goals, missions and objective

What is your leadership culture? You will attain your goals if all your team members are motivated to bring in results

  • Time management skills

How do you manage your time? How do you perform different tasks? Which criteria do you follow to set priorities? How do you manage teams?

We all have the same amount of time so we need to focus on tasks that are more important and leave out those that are not

Setting priorities is very essential if you’re interested in becoming rich

You need to know which tasks to perform fast? Which task to delegate? Which non essential tasks take most of your time?

How do you communicate to them? Do you delegate work? Or you’re a guy who does every work by yourself

How do we manage our time or priorities?’

This is the skill you need to learn if you’re interested in becoming rich

Learn and understand the value of your time

If a task does not equate to the value of your time, delegate it to your team member

Your time is more valuable

  • Rich people buy time for others

Have you ever seen a sole rich person? Rich people hire others to work for them

We only have 24 hours in a day, to make more money without being limited by time, rich people hire/ buy time for others

Assuming you have 10 employees and each employees devotes 10 hours a day to work on your projects, you will have 100 hours in a day that is being productive in giving you results

Learn how to manage the time of other people to make good money from them

It is from the money you pay to employees that you make more money, to become rich you need others

  • Investing skills

The rich not only save their money but also invest it, there is no essence of saving money which will bring no positive return from you

So the rich know how much return on investment they are going to get by investing their money

Investing is essential if you’re interested in becoming rich, you need to learn the power of compound interest

The more money you invest, the more interest you’re likely going to get

So investing is very critical if you’re interested in becoming rich

Saving alone is not enough

13 Things to avoid if you want to become rich

The following are the things you need to avoid if you’re interested in becoming rich

Many people continue to give excuses for being poor and others say that they are poor because their parents were poor

“Being born in poverty is not your problem but dying in poverty is your problem” so you need to get on table and find a way of removing you ash out of poverty

Now without further ado let’s get started with the 13n things to avoid if you want to be rich

What keeps you out of poverty is what you perceive to be your great limitations and the only way to become rich is taking away all your limitations and focus on building wealth

  1. Blaming others

Most people blame others for being in poverty; they give several excuses that am poor because my parents were poor, they are poor because of the government,

All these are blanket excuses,

No one will change the financial situation you’re in, it is all about you and no one cares

Stop blaming others blame yourself, no one cares
wake you up your ash and find out what is keeping you in poverty

Stop blaming others for your failure, stop blaming your government, economy or you parents

Stop pointing fingers to others for your poverty, point them to yourself

Do you always blame others for your poverty? Stop it

It is now your time to remove yourself, if you die poor, your children will blame you too

The inter generational blaming will stop at you if you decide to take action

  • Pretending to know it all

Rich people are willing to learn new skills; they read valuable books, attend conferences and seminars, they ask for advice and surround themselves with a team of talented individuals

To become rich you should be willing to learn new skills that are marketable

Examples of these skills include:

  • Copywriting
  • Financial literacy
  • Selling skills
  • Leadership
  • Time management

Stop pretending that you know everything, accept that you don’t know

  • Giving Excuses

Most people give excuses for being in poverty, am poor because my parents are poor, am poor because the society does not want me to be poor, am poor because my relatives want me to be poor, am poor because no one is interested in supporting me

Stop giving excuses

Put you ash to work, stop giving those fake excuses, you need to know that no one cares about you

You being in poverty is not a problem of others, in fact no one cares, it is all about you not them

If you’re suffering, know that it is about you, no one cares

We even don’t care for your being in poverty

Put your buttocks to work and i promise you that you situation will change

Stop lying yourself, get to work

Stop saying that I can’t afford it, accept that you can get whatever you want in life

  • Being fearful

This is one of the problems that has kept people out of poverty, people fear to take risk, they are not willing to invest,

When I was getting started, I used to have fear that what if I lose all my money

Most people fear to lose, there is nothing you will get free of change

If you need an investment where there is no risk, that investment is not profitable

The more the risk, the more the profitability of the investment

To become rich, you should take calculated risk, you should you know the return on investment

The fear of success and failure, the fear of losing money, the fear of people laughing at you, the fear of society refusing you, the fear of it failing to work, what if I make mistake

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

So take away that fear and take action

  • Accepting to stay in your comfort zone

Many poor people are content with what they have; they say money is not a source of happiness, while others say they need no alot of money to live on

Accepting that you have it all will just keep you in poverty

You need to wake up your ash and change your mind, move out of your comfort zone and get to work

Stop being comfortable, work hard, develop an ambitious mindset

Grow your income, if you’re comfortable with your income your are not growing

  • Judging others

Have you ever been in a scenario where people are ever blaming others for being rich?

People say rich people go to the lake, rich people steal, and rich people are greedy, rich people

Admire those you have, get inspiration from them,

Stop judging people about their source of wealth, judge yourself for being poor

Change your mindset, stop judging people, concentrate at what matters to you

Stop judging people negatively

To become rich you need to love and learn from people who have what you want

Stop coming to your own judgment

Thanks for reading up to this point. Reading isn’t enough, turn your actions into ideas, Nothing can stop you, keep moving, a bright future lies ahead

You will become rich because of your skills; I began from zero and now am on my path to riches because of my skills

The laws of money

The topic of money is neither taught in school nor talked about, it is something which people don’t want to discuss

Money is a good servant but a poor master, money should be used s a servant

Money is a medium of exchange, 99% of people are born and never taught how money is earned until their death, they don’t know how to attract wealth, 99% of people who don’t know how to earn money pass it to their generations

They children are being born in poverty, grow up in poverty and die in poverty but the 1% of those who know how to earn money pass it to their generations

This is why most of the rich families continue to become rich from generation to generation but poor families continue to live in poverty from generation to generation

It is time for the 99% to wake up and learn how to earn money so as to remove themselves from the viscous circles of poverty

You need to learn how to accumulate wealth,

“It is the duty of every person to be rich; it is a sin for every person to be poor”

You can either be poor or rich, everything on earth is moving, you can either move forward or backward,  you repeat what you saw

You can either grow or die, you can either earn money or not earn it

Money is a reward for a service you offer on the market, you can either earn money or steal it,

Biblically, Mathew said that for he that has shall be given but for he that does not have shall be even removed the little he has and be given to that that has

This meant that those people who are rich will become richer and those who are poor shall become poorer

Whatever you think of in your mind, it will be what you will become in your life

If you think of abundance, you will attract money but if you think of limitations, you will have less

Why is money not taught?

Money is not taught because money is a result of what value you offer on the market,

What poor people don’t know about money?

Are you interested in making a lot of money? Becoming successful and attaining whatever you want in life?

How can you get from the financial situation you’re in now and reach where you want to be? How can you move from being poor to rich?

How do you attain your dream of getting rich? How much money do you need to move from one status to another

The path to riches is knowing what financial literacy, you need to move from on financial status to another

Nobody will pay you for nothing, you need to find something which your good at and concentrate at offering value around that product

It is easy to become an entrepreneur when you have customers that are coming to you but in a scenario where there is none, it becomes difficult to continue with your entrepreneurship spirit

Being a great entrepreneur is the ability to stay motivated when their is failure around your business, the ability to fail forward and continue with your business during hard times,  it is the ability to learn from  your failure and get up to move forward in the same direction

To become a successful entrepreneur needs determination, you will need to accept to be lonely because of the large amount of targets you want to achieve’

You need to learn from people you have been in a situation you want to go too

You need the courage to keep moving forward in order for you to become successful in your life

You need that courage to do things which the society perceive useless, stop complaining, take action,

You need to solve problems that the society is facing and riches will come along

Accept the competition and keep moving forward, accept failure and learn from your failures and keep moving, never accept failure keep moving, success is a just a few steps forward

What the school failed to teach you about money?

What did the school teach you about money?

Schools don’t teach you about money in school? Why doesn’t the government want you to learn about money?

The difference between the rich and the poor is how they understand about money

The school system teaches you to search for a job and live your life time working for someone’s business

There is nothing wrong with working for someone, but i can assure you that by giving someone of your valuable time to someone, you will not achieve all your dreams

Your trading time for money

Stop trading time for money, let your money work for you,

 To become rich, you need to start your own business and learn financial literacy that will help you overcome thw challenges of poverty

The rich can understand what financial statements, cash flow, profit and loss accounts

They know the difference between assets and liabilities

Entrepreneurship will offer you an opportunity to become rich and the only way to become rich is to solve a problem that affects a large number of people

Learn how to read and interprete financial statement

You need to in your inflow and outflows

What brings money to you? And what takes money from you?

The rich invest in assets while the poor invest in liabilities

The best assets for the rich include starting a business, real estate, but the poor and middle class invest in a house, car and credit card loans

Learning financial literacy does not require you to have a diploma or a college degree, after all there are many economics professors who have Ph.ds but still moving from job to job thinking that by getting a high paying job, their financial status will change, at the end these people retire poor

Because they devoted their lifetime towards working for the 9 to 5 job which comes with extra costs like taxes, car mortgage, students loans etc

The truth is that no matter how much you earn if you don’t understand what financial literacy is, you will end poor

You need to learn how to make money work for you, the ability to earn money while sleeping, learn how to have multiple streams of income

In the coming future we are going to have many people lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence, with technology, most of the hard jobs will be replaced with technology and automations

So what should you do?

You just need to make a transition from skills that can easily be replaced to skills that are irreplaceable

The idea of go to school, get a good job is not sustainable, it is a wrong advise and the best advice would be to go to school, get skills and start your own business or company

With technology the rich will get richer and the poor will become poorer

So with technology over 50 million jobs will be replaced with technology but 2030

So you need to prepare and tap into this thriving industry

You need to ask yourself, what problems are people having? What solution can I offer to solve their problems?

It is from solving problems lies the secret to wealth and riches, to become a millionaire, solve a million dollar problem and to become a billionaire, solve a billion dollar problem

Why is saving money a worst financial decision?

Most financial planners and advisors advise their clients to save money but why would you save money when the government is printing more money

The truth is that every time you save your money, the government will continue to print

Your saved money will be affected by inflation, there is a positive relationship between printing more money and inflation

When the government prints more money, the value of money in circulation depreciates


Because of the increase in the amount of money in circulation, in return inflation comes in

But what is inflation?

Inflation is the persistent increase in the general price lever of goods and services

Every time there is a lot of money in circulation, the prices of goods and services go high

So what should you do instead?

Instead of saving money, you need to develop a habit of investing money

Investing is all about putting your money into a productive asset that will generate profits in return

The best investment portfolios include real estate, stocks, mutual funds, etc

You should invest in interest generating assets, you need to learn the power of compound interest rate where your money will be used to generate more money


Now let’s study the cash flow quadrant and taxes

Investors pay 0% taxes, employee, self employed people pay the highest tax and civil servants

Which side do you want to be on? The investor’s side or the self employed or civil servant that pays the highest tax

The only way to survive is to become an investor

You need to know that the rules of money keep changing from situation to situation.

So what did school teach you about money? All you were taught in school was a lie

These poor professors working for pay checks had nothing to offer you regarding to financial literacy

You need to change your mindset towards wealth and riches

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