830 Profitable high ticket Top paying affiliate programs for beginners

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Profitable 830 high ticket affiliate programs 2

Interested in making a full time income online through affiliate marketing, you can make a full time income promoting affiliate program and products online,

There are many best affiliate programs to promote on the internet, some of these affiliate programs are for beginners and others for experts.

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting other people’s products to earn a commission, it is a modern way of selling through the internet, and this is different from the traditional way of selling which involves direct contact with your client.

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It only takes the same time and money to promote $5 and $1000 product, so why don’t you try out these.

This list of best affiliate programs are categorised in terms of webhosting, VPN, travel, SEO, finance, betting, cryptocurrency.

Best affiliate programhttps://worldbloggersmagazine.com/5000-profitable-high-paying-affiliate-program-in-uk-us-india-canada-australia-south-africa-nigeria-china-and-the-rest-of-the-world-affiliate-programs-list-directory-for-beginners/

Join Fiverr because it is a market place for all digit products and online services, you can earn up to $150 per recommendation

Below is our top best high ticket affiliate programs:

Top Best web Hosting high ticket affiliate program 2021.

What are the best web hosting affiliate programs?

Webhosting is a lucrative and high-paying affiliate program, this works in almost all niches since people create websites in all niches.

 This is a list of all the best web hosting providers across the globe, they are cheap and provide customer support 25/7, all people who want websites need web hosting in any niche,

1.    Site ground affiliate program

This a famous hosting platform that offers web hosting to website owners, bloggers, and marketers,

 Offers $50-$125 per referral, this is a cost-friendly web hosting provider, they provide a free domain and SSL certificate, payment is done weekly after 30-40 days after the sale.

Sign up for the Siteground affiliate program here

  • Godaddy affiliate program

Dodaddy is a global leading company with domain name registration and web hosting. Offers 40% commission.

Sign up for Godaddy affiliate program here

  • Domain.com

Global domain name registration and Webhosting Company, Offers 30% commission on domain/privacy, $100 for website builder, and up to $ 110 for web hosting

Sign up for domain.com affiliate program here

  • Namecheap.

Namecheap offers both web hosting & domain name registration,

Offers 50%commission per sale

  • Constant hosting, offers up to $1000 per referral
  • Fat cow, you get $150 per sign up.
  • Fly wheel, offers up to $500 per referral

8.    Liquid web.

It is a web hosting company for web and could professionals, designers, developers, and agencies, they do product support services, and it’s all about powering your business potential.

You can earn $1000 per referral and recurring commissions. They offer cloud hosting, virtual private servers, and word press hosting. 90 days cookies. 5% recurring commission.

9.    Blue host affiliate program

This is a popular highly used web hosting platform where you can host your website or blog. They offer hosting, free domain name for one year, web hosting, and dedicated hosting,

It started in 2003. You earn $65 per referral/ qualified lead. This is one of the best web hosting platforms, they track affiliates and have great support 24/7. They have one-time pay-outs, provide banners and text links to help affiliates.

At only $2.95, you can start your own website. It is also highly recommended by WordPress as the best hosting provider.

Sign up for Bluehost web hosting here

10.                       A2 Hosting affiliate program

This a great web hosting high ticket affiliate program, provides web hosting services, you can earn $85-$140 per referral customer, the more people you send

The higher your earnings for example 1-10 sales you earn $85n per sale, 11-20 customers, you earn $100 per sale, 21-30 sales you earn $120 per sale.

 31 customers you earn $140 per sale, they focus mainly on site speed

Sign up for A2Hosting here

11.                       High ticket affiliate programs#Host gator affiliate program

This is a web hosting company, it is one of the best hosting platforms, Earn $125 per sign up and a flexible commission with up to 60% discount on web hosting, they provide a dedicated affiliate account manager, text and banners, and excellent customer care, they  provide web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting, host gator is affordable

Sign up for hostgator here

12.                       RoseHosting affiliate program

This a platform that offers VPS hosting to many customers worldwide, offers 50% commission per sale and 10% recurring commission, once you get 20 customers,

your initial commission goes to 100%, after 40 customers you initial commission increases to 150% commission.

Sign up for Rosehosting affiliate program here

13.                       WP engine affiliate program

This is one of the best WordPress web hosting high ticket affiliate programs, Provides web hosting and $2Pros and cons of WP Engine, bes commission, it’s great for dedicated hosting,

good for WordPress bloggers when you get 5 sales, you earn an extra $100. It is the highest performing WordPress website web hosting with 24/7 full support,

this is good for established websites that need fast loading speed.

Sign up for WP Engine affiliate program here

14.                       Hostinger affiliate program

This a popular best cheapest webhosting platform. Provide a pay-out of $60 and $150 per sale, provide banners and text.

Provide 90% discount on their webhosting.

Get hosting for as little as 0.99/month here

15.                       Kinsta affiliate program

This offers WordPress webhosting. This is for bloggers and word site designers who are using WordPress as content management system, they pay good commission per referral,

Performs daily backup for your website content, free website migration and offers recurring 10% commissions every month. Provided commission up to $500 per referral.

Sign up for Kinsta affiliate program here

  1. Cloudways.

This offers managed cloud hosting services, commissions range $50-$125 per sale.

Sign up for cloudways affiliate program here

  1. Dreamhost,

These are cheap hosting provider with, offer free SSL certificate and domain name for one year. Free $200 in advertising, they have over 1.5 million hosted websites, earn up to $120 per referral, payment is done via PayPal.

Sign up for dreamhost affiliate program here

  1. Hostmonster, offers $90 per sale
  2. Hostpapa, offers $56 per sale and 15% recurring commissions
  3. Active trial 15% recurring commission
  4. Thinkific best online course creation platform and offer 20% recurring commission
  5. Pabbly 30% recurring commission, they deal in email marketing, subscription, email verification, form building
  6. Buzzsprout 20% recurring commission for hosting podcast
  7. amoCRM customer management software that offers 35% recurring commission
  8. Teachable best tool for creating online courses, offers 30% recurring commission
  9. IPVanish best VPN on the market with good commissions.
  10. High ticket affiliate programs#Leadpages best landing page builder, offers 30% recurring commission
  11. High ticket affiliate programs#GetResponse best email marketing provider offering 33% recurring commission
  12. Private internet access  affiliate program

 33% recurring commission

  • High ticket affiliate programs#Morevago 50% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Benefit box $3-$5 per subscription
  • GetSiteControl 30% recurring commission
  • Talkroute 30% recurring commission
  • Strategic profits $100 recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Miracle canvas 30% recurring commission
  • SalesHandy 20% recurring commission
  • Aweber best email marketing software for generating your email list, offers 30% recurring commission
  • Pcloud $70 per new customers and 20% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Convertkit great email marketing tool for creating email automations, offers 30% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs# SEMrush best SEO tool for generating keywords and spying on your competition, offers 40% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Market hero 30% recurring commission
  • PromoRepublic best social media management tool, they offer 30% recurring commission per paying customers.
  • Giddyup
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Elegant Themes best WordPress theme for creating great looking websites, they offer 50% recurring commission.
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Murad 11% commission
  • Zen WP 8% recurring commission and $3k for every 100 referals
  • NinjaOutreach best tool for reaching out to influencers in your niche, email list and content promotion, offer 50% recurring commission
  • Benchmark 25% recurring commission
  • SpyFu best SEO tool for spying on your competitors
  • Unlock your hip flexors 78% recurring commission
  • Stencil 30% monthly recurring commission
  • ClickFunnels best landing page builder and offers 40% commission per sale,
  • Backyard revolution affiliate program 75% commission
  • Time doctor 30% recurring commission
  • SEO Clerks 10% recurring commission
  • Rescue Time 15% recurring commission
  • Right message 20% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#Samcart 40% recurring commission
  • Twitch affiliate program

Good for video game streaming, offers $100

  • Responsesuite 30% recurring commission
  • Game revenue

Great CPA network with a wide range of products, offers over $40

  • Mouse flow 10% recurring commission
  • blackBlaze 10% recurring commission
  • Viral loops 30% recurring commission
  • Pro rank tracker 20% recurring commission
  • Deadline funnels 33% recurring commission
  • Agora pulse social media 20% recurring commission
  • Social steeze 30% recurring commission
  • clickMagick link tracking 100% first month and 35% recurring commission
  • convert flow 30% recurring commission
  • shortstack 10% recurring commission

SEO tools with recurring commission

What are the best SEO tools with recurring commission high ticket affiliate programs?

  • powr site 30% recurring commission
  • SEMRush 40% recurring commission
  • High ticket affiliate programs#KW Finder 30% recurring commission
  • Long Tail Pro 30% life time commission
  • Authority Hacker course up to $500 per sale
  • Ninja outreach 50% recurring commission
  • premium coding 35%-50% recurring commission
  • Tube buddy 50% recurring commission.
  • VidIQ  20% recurring commission
  • Get site control 30% recurring commission
  • Shopio  25% recurring commission
  • Jivo chat 30% recurring commission
  • Chatrify 20% recurring commission
  • Online chat centers 20% recurring commission
  • RedTrack.io 10% commission
  • Happy self-publishing

Services they provide include book cover design, editing, formatting, audio book narration, best seller promotion and media exposure. Offers 10% commission per sale.

  • ClixTracking 10%-50% recurring commission
  • Trck.me link tracking 30% recurring commission
  • Sniplylinktracking 20% recurring commission
  • Automizy 90% first month and 40% recurring commission
  • Convert2media

Founded in 2008, high performance marketing network that supports many marketing channels across the world, they offer paid search, social media, click2call ec, they have cost per sale cost per call, cost per host.

  • AWIN

Founded in 2000, affiliate marketing network connecting publishers and advertisers,

  • ReviMedia,

Founded in 2010, dealing in lead generation for insurance, solar, mortgage, home security and home improvement.

What are the best affiliate networks?High ticket affiliate programs

  • Amazon associate program.

This is the largest store in the world. Founded in 2010, with over 270k employees, you can promote both digital and physical products on amazon. Product ranges from eBooks, camera, television screens, computers, headsets household items and many others. You can earn up to 10% commission on each sale. You can sell or buy both digital and physical products.

To start with amazon you just need to open up an account and when you are being accept, you will start promoting those products on your website or you tube channel.

Amazon has the following advantages

  • They are trusted by millions of shoppers
  • They have all products
  • They are masters at cross selling.
  • It works well in US, UK, Japan, India, Spain, Brazil, China, Germany and many other countries.

96.                       Click bank high ticket program

Click bank is a the retailer of products online, Click bank has over 500,000 members worldwide, you can make over $1000 per month promoting products online.

This deals mainly with digital products for example eBooks, software, and plugins. There are over 1000 products to promote in different niches.

All you have to do is choose a niche and open up an account with them. It can take less than two days to accept or reject your account. It focuses mainly on information products

Advantages of promoting click bank products:

  • There are many choices.
  • They have almost all digital products
  • Everything you need to track your sales are available.

97.                       JVZOO high ticket affiliate program

Jvzoo is a high ticket affiliate program that deals with only digital products. Founded in 2011 Product ranges from software, plugins, online courses and many others.

 All you have to do is to open up an account with them and if they accept you, you will start earning, pays via PayPal

98.                       AdWork media

Powerful global affiliate network with powerful publishers, founded in 2010

99.                       Rakuten high ticket affiliate program

Rakuten was founded in 1996, this is one of the oldest affiliate programs. They have a variety of products for you to promote for many publishers.

 It has been voted as the number one affiliate program across the globe.

Why Rakuten?

  • They have user friendly control panel
  • Rotating banners
  • Great educational tools available
  • CrakRevenue,

CPA advertising network with three plans, offers 5% life time commissions

  1. Clickbooth,

CPA affiliate network, founded in 2002, deals in health and beauty, finance, dating and app installs,

  1. Tradedoubler affiliate program

Founded in 1999, offers both global and tracking for publishers,

103.                 ViglinkHigh ticket affiliate programs#

This is an innovative platform that you can use to monetise your blog. They have both digital and physical products to choose from.

104.                 CPALead,

Founded in 2006 with over 36 million installs, leading mobile promotion and trusted by millions of marketers online

105.                 Share a sale high ticket affiliate program

This has a variety of products from different categories ranging from physical to digital products online.it has been in existence for over 18 years.


  • They provide to you text and ads to support your promotions
  • They tract and report your progress
  • Their support system is always there 24/7
  • Provide training materials.

106.                 EBay high ticket affiliate program.

Ebay partner network was founded in 2010, this online eCommercestore just exploded at a first speed, they have a variety of products and they pay you through PayPal.

 They are easy and first to understand. Do you want to advertise your products or buy online? This is the answer.

107.                 Affiliate futureHigh ticket affiliate programs

Connects publishers and advertisers, founded in 2002, with over 300,000 publishers

108.                 Leadbolts labs

High performance mobile advertising platform founded in 2010

  1. Mobvista

Mobvista is a global mobile value discovery platform founded in 2013

  1. bitterStrawberry.com

Global mobile traffic network

  1. Mundomedia

Founded in 2009, Online based advertising company connecting 30,000 publishers around the world, theydeal in cost per install, works in more than 140 countries

  1. myLead

Global innovative affiliate network with over 400 affiliate programs founded in 2014,

  1. peerfly, 

CPA based affiliate network, founded in 2008, has over 500 offers,

  1. 1rmorAds

Mobile adnetwork with CPA, CPL and CPS offers worldwide, founded in 2006,

  1. Profit social

Profit social affiliate program was founded in 2006, has smart link from advertisers.

116.                 CJ high ticket Affiliate program

Commission Junction was the pioneer o digital marketing, founded in 1998, This is one of the top affiliate platforms for both marketers and affiliate 

  1. TrafficShark.pro

Founded in 2017, deals in in apps, gambling and game offers across the world.

  1. Appitate

Founded in 2008, with over 4000 offers worldwide

  1. AdCombo

Founded in 2013, CPA marketing network with in built landing pages,

  1. Admitad

Founded in 2009, global network of cost per action,

  1. Top offers

Founded in 2017, CPA network, provide best offers to promote

  1. Tapgerine

Founded in 2013, affiliate Network Companyfor publishers to monetize their blog, has over 2000 good offers

17. libertex

Founded in 1997 and works in more than 110 countries, deals mainly in forex trading offers

What are the best course affiliate programs?

123.                 Capitalist exploits high ticket affiliate program.

 Earn 50% on revenue from each sale, Products range from $1575-$3499, one product is enough for you to rich per month, they pay at the end of every month, Following our successful application, you’ll get: checkbox, Access to our partner area checkbox, dedicated partner manager checkbox, Product samples checkbox, Video walkthroughs checkbox, Anything else you might need to help you promote

124.                 Money revealed High ticket affiliate programs

This is a high ticket affiliate started by Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, they offer higher commissions, and you earn $747.5 per sale,

What are the best software affiliate programs?

125.                 Shopifyhigh ticket program.

This is a high ticket affiliate ecommerce site which powers over one million businesses in 175 countries and has generated over $673 million across the globe.

They are the biggest widely online store building software across the globe, they are the best in the drop shipping business. You can promote the drop shipping suit tool.

You can earn $200 of the monthly subscription per referral. You can earn $2400 per sale.

They have high ticket products, commissions. They focus on improving e-commerce, they have promotional tools such as banners, pay via PayPal.

Pay up to $598 commission on standard plan, up to $2000 on shopify plus referrals

126.                 Proof high ticket affiliate program

This is an affiliate program bydaveRogenmoser, it’s a software that helps business owners drive more conversions through the social power of social proof.

They have a 14 day trial before anyone can sign up for a paid account. You earn 40$ commission per sale.

127.                 Socialoomph High ticket affiliate programs

This is a famous popular social media tool for boosting social media engagement, offers 40% commissions per referral, payment is done via PayPal,

128.                 Click funnels high ticket affiliate program.

Clickfunnel affiliate program has high ticket converting offers and prizes, you earn 40% recurring commission per month for a life user, a prize of a car,

it was created by Russell Brunson. You earn high end commission by joining this program, instant access to marketing training course valued $997, they pay via PayPal and wire transfer.

  1. Chris Farrell membership High ticket affiliate programs

This a training on how to start and succeed in online business stated by chris a respected affiliate marketer, Offers 40% commission per member referred.

  1. Affilorama

Founded in 2006 by affiliate marketer mark drew with over 150,000 members worldwide where they teach about affiliate marketing, offers 50% commission.

Top best Health and fitness high ticket affiliate programs 2021

What are the best health and fitness affiliate programs?

People are interested in living a healthy life so this is a huge, evergreen and profitable niche,the following are the high ticket affiliate programs in the health niche to promote

131.                 Sellhealth

Leader in health affiliate programs, founded in 2003, has over 15000 advertisers.

  1. Bowflex affiliate program

Deals in cardio and strength fitness equipment, offers 7% commission.

  1. Workout warehouse,

Leader in marketing of fitness equipment across the globe, commissions are offered as follows.

$0-$10,000= 8%

$10,001-$20,000= 9%

$20,001-$30,000= 10%

Above $ 30,000= 11% commission

  1. Life fitness affiliate program

Provide fitness solutions, offers 8% commission.

  1. Net2Fitness,

They sell fitness equipments, gym, tradmills, leg machine, etc, they offer 10% commission on first sale and 5% on second sale.

  1. Pro-Form affiliate program,

You earn commission whenever someone uses your link to buy, commissions are given as follows

$0-$10,000= 8%

$10,001-$20,000= 9%

$20,001-$30,000= 10%

Above $ 30,000= 11% commission

  1. MoreNiche

Founded in 2002 dealing in beauty, health and fitness, offers 30-80% commission

  1. Market health.

Deals in the health and beauty products online. You can purchase or promote these products online.

They offer the highest paying commission in the health niche. Products range from health, beauty, weight loss and skin care products.

139.                 Sell health high ticket affiliate program,

These are popular high ticket affiliate programs with over 100 products you can promote, they have health and fitness programs, commissions range $100-$350 per customer referred,

They pay bi weekly when you reach the minimum pay out through PayPal, Payoneer or money transfer.

140.                 Organifi

This is a food supplement subscription company that offers products for its subscribers, they have a variety of supplement products forexample complete protein,probiotic supplements and green juice,

Physical products have high commission and they have 120 day money back guarantee. They have good quality products. Their green juice has sold over $35 million.

They pay 30% monthly recurring commission and $74 per referral. You earn up to $908. Click here to join

141.                 Go Forward.

This brings to you the best doctors with the updated technology to make personalised care experience, doctors help you to create a customised plan for your health and wellbeing,

they run on a membership scheme, they pay $8 for email lead, $240 pay out for each direct sign up and $80 for tour bookings

142.                 Trachealth

They sell health product on chia seed, nutrition, calcium, antioxidant, Iron, and other food supplements, provide 45%-50% commission per sale

143.                 Affiliatti

Total Gym, this offers home fitness equipment, these helps in gaining weight loss, body building, join through CJ affiliates, offers 3%-7.5% commission per sale.

  1. Life fitness,

Provideequipment’s for both personal and commercial use, they are innovative and create high quality products, offers 8% commission.

  1. Yoga international

Online resourcefor yoga,mindful living,meditation, they have online courses and pays 5% commission per client referred.

  1. Johnson Health Tech

Marketers of gym equipment, 8% commission per sale.

  1. National Academy of Sports Medicine

This is a training affiliate program, offer $25 commission on every order,

  1. Aaptiv affiliate program

This is a fitness app, earn $30 per new sign up

  1. American Council on Exercise

Provides fitness and health coach training qualification across the globe, offers 8% commission per new client.

  1. Fitbit,

Offers creative wear to track physical equipment’s like sleep length, heart rate and health, accept only people from USA and Canada, 12% commission.

  1. Natalie jill fitness,

Natalie is a fitness and wellness life coach who has made millions of dollars, they have plenty of programs,

she offers marketing, personal development and fitness coaching, and she offers 30-50% commission per sale, join via shareashale or their website.

152.                 Moreniche.

This focusses on the health and nutrition niche with very many quality products to promote, they offer free online training.

  1. PHEN 375.

This is a weight loss product which has been on for 10 years. It is one of the top selling product in the weight loss niche, they create weight loss pills that help people reduce on fats.

They have a 60 day money back guarantee and 45% commission, $90 per sale.

  1. Simple smart science.

30% lifetime commission

  1. Jillian Micheal fitness App,

Offers up to 20% commission,

  1. Cerebral success.

30% commission on all sells

  1. Food blogger pro.

This is a training blog that teaches people how to start a profitable food blog, they offer a lot of training videos.

They run on a subscription modeland pay monthly recurring commissions, 20-40% recurring commission.

133. WorkoutAnywhere.com

This is a fitness high ticket affiliate program that pays 30% recurring commission per subscription, and 50% on eBooks and training,

158.                 Leaddyno Fitness affiliate Program

This a high paying affiliate program on the products they sell, they offer recurring commission.

159.                 Body Building Fitness Program

This is a body building high ticket high affiliate program that provide fitness and valuable supplement and provide promotional materials.

  1. BodyBuilding.com 15% new customers, 5% recurring commission
  2. Life fitness 8% commission
  3. Ace fitness 8% commission

Top best Self-help high ticket affiliate programs.

What are the best self-help affiliate programs?

This is a profitable niche to promote offers, they pay high commission on self-improvement and motivation.

They include:

  1. Intermedia,

This is a self-help affiliate program you can promote to earn good commissions, they have over 30 affiliate products to promote

  1. Mindvalley,

 this a self-help training to help you change  with high quality programs, people are interested in changing their mind set, this is a training program good for your life,

  1. Other several self-help programs can be found on click bank.
  2. Other health and fitness programs can be found after joining AWIN, CJ, ShareASale and flex offers affiliate programs.

Top best Gold high ticket affiliate programs

What are the best Gold affiliate programs?

This industry has been around for thousands of years and will be allowed forever. Instead of mining gold you can buy it through the following platforms.

 This is a booming industry due to good financial situation. Why invest in Gold:

  • High capital growth returns
  • Not affected by inflation and uncertainty
  • Portfolio diversification

167.                 Gold broker.

This is the best affiliate in the gold industry where they provide gold ownership to their customers and direct storage. They provide storage opportunities. It gives 20% commission to its affiliates. You first open an account, they pay via paypal and bankwire. Find the gold guide on their website. You earn $30 per lead, $60 commision too forover 10 minutes in bound call. A single sell you can receive $2,372. They sell gold bars.

168.                 Vantage

Earn up to $800 per referral, cost per action

  1. Regal Gold.www.regalgoldaffiliates.com

170.                 Gold direct.

This is the leading gold and silver online company in Europe, they have over 50,000 recurring customers, they dominate the market industry for silver and gold metals, they are accredited by better businessbureau, they provide excellent products, there are plenty of options to choose from, it is the largest website in Europe, its trusted by investors from different walks of life,

you earn £10 per order and 25% commission, 20% on gross premium. Earn over $200 in commissions.

171.                 American bullion inc affiliate program.

This is a leader in goldIRA accounts with a professionalteam of closers, they are ever looking for professional pro affiliates to join their team,

they pay $30 per lead, $60 per call and 3.25% per direct sales, and they are transparent with unique software. It works in US and UK, it is being used by big names

172.                 Gold hog

  1. Gold broker affiliate program.

This dominates the gold industry, they have good technology and communication to customers and clients.

They offer good storage of gold for their clients. 20% commission on customers who store gold with them.

174.                 Regal asset.

Regal asset is one of the best high paying affiliate programs, they are a financial and Investment Company in America, Deals in buying and selling of gold bullions and providing investment advice, put clients first, educate new gold investors,

You earn 3% commission, it has 5 star rating with high customer satisfaction.It’s highly recommended because they are a reputable investment organisation,

This is a high ticket program that can generate a lot of commissions, gold and silver investment is done in large number and so the commissions are very high.

Transactions range between $20,000 and above.

  1. Black cat mining.

You earn 7%ncommision from items sold costing $100-$2000.

  1. Gold and silver for life,

This is another high ticket affiliate program where you can make a lot of dollars online, they conduct webinars and provide you with promotional materials.

  1. Gold rush trading.

8% commission on high priced products.

  1. Maxbounty.

This is a new affiliate in the business niche on the web working with bigger companies, they have plenty of products and services to promote.

Gives $1000 bonus for affiliates who make $1000 a month. Payment is done weekly. Deals mainly in digital products. You earn 5% commission.

  1. Ebates,

This a high ticket program where they offer back whenever you make a purchase, they have over 2000 stores around the world, when you refer friends you earn $25 and the referred gets $10,

When you refer 3 people youget a bonus of $75 and 10% cashback on any product you purchase.

  1. Trade doubler.

Founded in 1999 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, provide good results for their clients and affiliates.

High mentorship and make money online courses affiliate program.

What are the best mentorship and make money online affiliate programs?

181.                 Six figure mentors.

This is a highly unique platform with high affiliate commission. It a digital education training that provides high value to its trainees.

It’s a training and mentorship program that train online entrepreneurship, helping to empower you with digital skills.

You can earn $8000 commission per year and $20 monthly recurring commission.

182.                 Amazing selling machine

This program provides online courses, they have been operating since 2012 and has a large number of successful graduates. You earn $2392.8 per sale.

183.                 Tai Lopez the 67 steps.

This is an online program in the make money online, you earn $638 per sale.

184.                 Magic submitter

This is for those interested in ranking on first page of google, earn up to $1457 per sale

  1. Google sniper,

Earn up to $906 per sale. This training product has been top on click bank for a long time and it has proven results

  1. The instant publisher biz partner program.

This is a high converting product in the done for youwebsite content, traffic and core training on how to use it. After a year Paul will even buy your website for 5x what it produces annually

  1. Membership method.

Earn up to $750 per sale. This method started in 2007 providing free information with membership site and has paid over 13 million in affiliates.

  1. Supper affiliate system.

This is fast growing high ticket program with Facebook, you tube adds with over 100 affiliates. Earn up to $497 per sale.

189.                 Digital marketing career blue print.

This is a training for individuals interested in digital marketing and they provide a step by step training to earning $60k per annum, there are many people testifying of success in this program.

  1. Fiverr.

This is the world’s largest market place for digital products, Earn $100 per referral customer, you can join fiverr to offer any service you have of your own choice ranging from article writing, web design, transcribing, research and many others.

191.                 Nestify

$50 bonus sign up

192.                 Liquid Web High ticket affiliate programs

Up $1500 per sale

193.                 Beyond hosting High ticket affiliate programs

Offers 40% commission to affiliates.

  1. JixHost

20% recurring commission

Top Best website builder high ticket affiliate program

195.                 Bigcommerce,

This is an ecommerce platform was founded in 2009, This is an online store builder that powers thousands of websites in over 150 countries, offers $ 1500 per paying customer,

Powers great online stores across the globe,  you earn 200% per new customers first monthly payment.

  1. Weebly.

It’s a website builder with over 40 million users. 30% recurring commission per referral, they offer a drag and drop feature that enables you to design a website faster.

  1. Wix

Great website builder with over 99 million users across the globe, they offer $100 per sale, they have drag and drop website builders

What are the best membership and course affiliate programs?

  1. Shopify

World’s best ecommerce website builder, offers 200% commission per paying customer

  1. 3dcart

Ecommerce platform which pays 300% commission per paying customers,

  • Sellfy

Ecommerce website builder for people interested in selling digital products, membership subscriptions, and physical products. They offer 25% recurring commission.

201.                 Wealthy affiliate program,

This is a platform that helps people succeed online, it was started in 2005, it has helped over 800,000 online entrepreneurs, offers $100 per sign up.

  • Leaders in heels, 

Leaders in Heels is an online community and a stationery brand created to nurture, inspire and empower women.

We design inspirational notebooks, journals and planners to help women cultivate the habits of successful leaders and to encourage them to go after their dreams and make their mark on the world. As an affiliate you will receive:

A unique affiliate link to earn commission when you sell our products to your friends and broader community,

7% commission for the first 5 customers within a calendar month

11% commission for the next 5 customers within the same calendar month

15% commission for all further customers within the same calendar month

A free journal, notebook or planner of your choice when you refer 10 customers

Website and email images to promote our products, Steps:

Register to be an affiliate on this page.

For the Payment Email enter your PayPal Email so we can pay you. We only make payments via PayPal, so you will need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one. Payment will not be made through any other methods.

You will receive an email with your affiliate dashboard login details.

In your affiliate area, you will find promotional banners and images for our products that you can use on your website or social media, along with your unique affiliate link.

203.                 Entre institute

Earn up to $20,000 commission from one referral, it sells books, membership courses, coaching and master minds in the online business,

no cost to promote as an affiliate, products range from $39-$60000. You get up 50% commission.

  • Awol academy

It’s basically an online training platform by Kaela Kanae that teaches students how to start an affiliate marketing business.

AWOL Course Overview, What you learn inside AWOL

Pro Academy – $99

Internet Income Explained – $49

Inbox Academy – $447

Conversion Academy – $1797

Traffic Academy – $2,997

Master’s Academy – $5,

The way you get eyes on your sales page is by using Facebook ads & other paid advertising such as Google Ads to drive traffic to landing pages.

From there is where the real magic happens. At this stage, you collect email addresses and promote offers to them using email marketing.

You earn 10-40% commission per customer.

205.                 Supper affiliate network.

You receive commission from $37/ month to $12000 commissions. There have over 10 income streams.

Mentorship high ticket affiliate programs

What are the best mentorship affiliate programs?

To be honest the mentorship industry is very lucrative these days, it is a profitable niche to promote,

There are many mentors and coaches across the globe, a mentor is someone who has been successful in that field, and you can learn anything from these mentors and coaches in their area of specialisation.

This a lucrative and profitable industry to promote.

  • Physio Emo Dyamics, earn up to $5000
  • Mentor master class, earn up to $1000

208.                 Peerfly,

allows affiliates worldwide, offers commissions on pay per action, pays via PayPal and pioneer with over 250,000 registered affiliates, they are user friendly with avariety of offers across the globe, provide free training to affiliates

  • Crypto agent bot. they offer 25% recurring commission.

Top Best high ticket travel affiliate program 2020.

What are the best travel affiliate programs?

People are interested in moving from one destination to another and they need assistance on the best way to travel and have fun. Below is a list of high ticket travel affiliate programs.

  • Boat booking charter yachts.

Offers 20% commission on your sale. Earnings increase as the number of leads increases

  •  Sandals Resorts Travel,

Pays 4% commission.

  • Africa point.

This provides up to 30% commissions per sale through your affiliate link

  • Tour rader adventure tours. Earn up to 50% on confirmed bookings of average sale of $12000.
  • Luxury link.  Earn 4-6% commission on the average order of $1200 and has a 60 day cookies.    www.travelgroup.luxurylink.com
  • Luxury travel team.

Provides 25% commission, it is one of the best programs to promote in the travel niche high ticket affiliate programs.

  • Travel pay outs.

80% revenue share for each sale. $9 per air ticket, $20 per hotel booking and 60-70%bper sale

  • Villiers private jet charter. Offers $244 comms1ion per booking

218.                 Orient express luxury trains

  • Hotel travel check. $250 per hotel referred to
  • Tour guate. Earn 8% commission per lead
  • Luxury travel team. Gives 24% commission on every sale/ booking

222.                 Cruise company, 

This one of the best affiliate programs in the travel niche, they pay 25% commission

223.                 Hotel.com

  • Accor hotels.

Pays up to 10% commission with a conversion rate of around 3% and average sale of £150.


What are the best debt management affiliate programs?

  • National debt relief. Offers$300 commission per sale and $27.5 for qualified leads
  • Zip debt. You earn $60-$250 in commission
  • Curadebt.  Up to $500 commission per sale

228.                 Lending club

  • Anthony credit expert. $100 per client sign up
  • America debt
  • Enders.

 Earn $10 per qualified lead, $125 per student loan

  • DMB financial. Up to $250 commission

Private jet charter.

What are the best private jet charter affiliate programs?

People are interested in travelling the world these days, luxury travel high affiliate programs are the best to promote.

  • One sky jet. $500 commission per booking

234.                 Villiers private jet charter

Earn $244 in commission per booking, www.villiersjets.com

  • Jet charter media.

$275 commission per booking, this helps customers over the world to fly to any destination, offers promotional materials and commissions are paid out 14 days after any flight. 30% commission.

  • Cruise direct,

This an online travel company that offers cruise vacations to individuals and families across the globe, 3% commission per sale.

  • Sandals resorts, this is a company that offers romantic vacations, and destination weddings, has high quality vacation, offers 4% commission
  • Green jet. $200 commission

E-commerce top best high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

  • Finest shop. Earn $ 150 per referral
  • Dropship access. $73 per subscriber or $173 for enterprise subscribers

241.                 Jvnotifypro,

This a high ticket program site, this is a site where marketers and guru’s inform affiliates new products that are going to be launched, they help affiliate marketers to get products to promote

242.                 Dropship life style. $300 per sale

  • Anves. Earn $660 per sale
  • Flex offers,

This a large platform that helps affiliates promote products online, has over 10,000 advertisers and over 20 million products.

Car rentals Top best High ticket affiliate programs

What are the best car rental affiliate programs?

The love for tour and adventure has increased on the number of people interested in hiring cars to use for their trip worldwide. We are going to look at the best car rental affiliate programs across the globe.

  • Silver car (USA). Earn $20 per rental.

246.                 Car rental 8

Hire any car of your own choice at affordable price in over 120 countries, join via CJ or shareasale, ShareASale 5% commission and CJ 6% commission.

247.                 Zipcar

Popular and famous car sharing across the globe, they offer rentable cars for you to choose from, offers 10% commission and $30 per application, join via CJ.

248.                 Exotic auto rental

249.                 Price for limo

  • Sixt Car Rental

Provides rentable cars at low prices for example BMW, they offer a variety of cars for you to choose from, join via impact radius. These are the best to promote because they offer good quality cars at affordable prices, and pay good commissions, 8% commissions per referral.

251.                 Because luxury cars

  • RentalCars

Leading car booking platform, Offers affordable cars for rent, in over 52,000 locations across the globe, join via CJ.

  • Herming ways   £100 euro per booking and £50 for just sign up
  • AirportRentalCars

Car booking website with over 24 brands with over 250 airport locations, offers 5% commission per booking.

  • Vegas luxury cars. 10% commission on huge rental fees
  • Car Rentals

Offers good car booking experience with over 8 million customers worldwide, 3% commission per referral.

  • Mph club. 20% commission per sale
  • Avis Car Rental

Great car rental platform globally recognised, offers 4% commission

Home security top best high ticket affiliate program 2020.

What are the best security affiliate programs?

Home security is a prerequisite for individuals who are in securing their homes from intruders. These include security cameras, video recordings and lightings. We are going to discuss the best home surety affiliate program.

  • Reolink

Deals in high quality security solutions, have many satisfied customers across the globe, they have do it yourself camera systems,join via CJ affiliate, offers over 8% commission

  • ADT home security.

Largest trusted company in home security powering over six million customers in USA, they sell home security solutions, $125-$165 per sale.

  • SkyBell

SkyBell a doorbell home security with a camera, they are less expensive, they have their smart phone app, and their home security helps you to see, hear and talk to visitors at your door from anywhere using your smart phone, offers 12% commission.

  • Spytechs. 15% life time commissions on every purchase
  • Armor Concepts

Provide home security for door and window security solutions, join via CJ affiliates, offers over 23% commission.

  • Lorex technology

Great producers of video surveillance solutions like cameras and video recorders, Up to 20% commission, join via impact radius.

  • Blink Home video security

Great wireless video security cameras that are easy to install and affordable, join via CJ affiliates, offers 7% commission.

  • Guardline security

Best seller of outdoor motion detector and have top quality security products, 25% commission per sale.

  • Sannance

Retailers of video security, smart door bells, cameras across the globe, offers 3.5% commission, join via ShareASale.

  • Video suivelaince monitor. 35% commission  per lead
  • Smart home

Famous and popular home automation company across the globe, Provide great home security, lighting and theatre solutions, offers 4% commission, Join via CJ affiliate

  • Front point security. $300 per customer
  • Revo America

Producers and suppliers of high quality video surveillance cameras, offers 5% commission

  • Protect America.

Great recognised company in US for security solutions since 1992, they sell security cameras and alarm systems, offers $ 300 commission on each customer

273.                 Bricks home security

Reputable and well known largest home security and Protection Company with powerful and reliable security solutions 24/7, great supply of home security equipment, join via pepperjam, $200 per lead.

  • Front point security

Offers the latest technology in home security category, you can earn $300 per sale.

  • Ismartsafe

iSmartSafe Home Security Affiliate Program

Earn commissions on sales of iSmartSafe home security systems, home security cameras, door sensors, motion sensors, and accessories! iSmartSafe are the best DIY home security systems because there are no monthly fees, no contracts, and the system is easily expandable.

All with the tap of the free iSmartSafe app, users can easily monitor, manage, and secure their home, property and family from their iPhone or Android devices.

As part of the iSmartSafe Home Security Affiliate Program, you have the opportunity to earn commission on every sale of home security cameras, home security packages and bundles, sensors and accessories. Join the iSmartSafe Home Security Affiliate Program and start earning today!

Program Details

High Payout Average Sale Conversion Rate

All 5% $299.99 18%

Travel high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

The travel industry is very lucrative and profitable as more people are interested in moving to different destinations across the globe.

  • Booking.com

This is the largest travel program across the globe where you can book hotels, flights and lodges online, good for people who are traveling to do booking, Earns up to 40% commission

  • Travel pay-outs, up to 80% revenue share
  • Boat bookings. 20% commission and 10% recurring commission
  • TripAdvisor ,

This a popular largest travel site that allows you to book hotels,accommodation and vacation packages, 50% commission, join via CJ.

  • cheap Flights,
  • Expedia,

This is a global leading travel site that helps affiliates to promote over 260,000 properties across the globe, offers 10-15% commission, with over 350,000 property worldwide. Join via CJ affiliates.

  • Priceline,

Offers cheap deals on flights and hotels booking across the globe, offers 3-5% commission per booking.

Drones affiliate programs top best affiliate programs.

What are the best drones affiliate program?

This is a lucrative industry with drones taking over jobs for photographers and journalist to capture photos and videos

  • Drone videos affiliate program

Great company in making drone videos,offers 20% commission on all sales.

  • Dronefly. 5% commission on each drone purchased
  • Aerial tech affiliate program

Leading online drone seller dealing in drones and their accessories, offers 30% commission per sale.

  • One drone. 3% on drones up to $3000 of each drone
  • Scorpion drones affiliate program

Deals in selling drones for various tasks, offer 5% commission on all sells.

  • I-Drone. 5% per sale
  • Hobbywoo

Great places for drones and accessories, offers 5% commission

  • Drone setc. Earn up to 5% commission
  • ABJ Drone Academy

Great drone training course institutions where they teach on how to use drones, offers 40% commission per sale.

Watches top best high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

What are the best watches affiliate programs?

292.                 Luxury jewellery and watches

293.                 Bob’s watches.

Founded in 1999 and is the leading online market place for buying and selling and trading used Rolex watches. 0ver 20 years’ experience in the industry, you earn $1000 per sale in commission.

  • James allenjewler.

5% commission on each watch sold, on average you can earn $275 per sale.

  • Since 1910. 5% commission on an item costing over $1000.
  • The watchery. Offers 10% commission on watches costing up to $10,000.
  • I diamonds. 12% commission
  • Time and gems. Earn 5% commission
  • Diamond USA. 7% commission on each item sold

Top best Medical tours high ticket affiliate program 2020.

What are the best medical tours affiliate programs?

As the state of medical care is poor in different countries, people have resorted to medical tourism

  • Thaimed.  Earn up to $200 in commission
  • Meditravel.   You earn $100 per referral. They have the lowestfees in the industryand their reputation is excellent. Affiliates can earn thousands of dollars every moth, in case you receive 10 referrals per month you earn $1000,they have high conversion rates.
  • Stem cell Malaysia. $3000-$5000 per successful client.
  • VIP Cars,

This company provides car rentals across the globe, they offer high commissions, offers 50-70% commission per referral, works worldwide.

Sports best high ticket paying affiliate programs 2020.

What are the best sports affiliate programs?

This is a profitable lucrative industry to provide, it accounts for over 30% of the global gambling industry.

  • Unibet

Leading betting company working in more than 120 countries, offers 25% revenue share.

  • Draft Kings, Offers 40% commission on net gaming revenue
  • Bet365

World global leading betting company, offers 25% revenue share, over 22 million customers worldwide

  • 10Bet

Betting site with best odds on the market, offers 20% revenue share.

  • Dick’s sporting Goods, offers 4% commission
  • Sports betting

World’s leading betting company, offers 30% revenue share

  • Sports memorabilia, offers 9% commission.
  • TaylorMade Golf, offers 5% commission
  • Game revenue

Game revenue provides good commission to its affiliates, they deal in casino, sports, earn up to 20%-60% commission.

  • Poker strategy

Deals in poker games with over 6 million member’s worldwide, you earn $500 per referral and 10% commission second tier.

  • Fanatics, 10% commission
  • Europartners

Global leading e gaming industry with a variety of games to play, offers 25%-40% commission.

  • FanDuel,

Deals in sports gaming betting, offers $25-35 per sign up and 35% revenue share.

  • Betfair

Trusted global betting company, offers 30% commission

  • webPartners.co

Highly recognised company in online sports betting marketing, deals in sportsbook, racebook and casino, offers 25%-35% commission to its affiliates

  • Intertops

Deals in sports beting, working in over 170 countries, affiliates get 20%-35% commission.

Top investing in binary option best high ticket affiliate programs.

What are the best binary option affiliate programs?

Investment niche has got several high ticket affiliate programs to promote, many people are interested in investing but don’t know where to invest. These are high ticket affiliate programs in the investment niche.

  • 8binary.

Help traders to manage risk and maximize profits. They are client friendly and trusted in the market, Up to $200 for each new customers

  • Binary united. $150 per customer
  • Binary 21. 30% commission on all deposits for life
  • Top trading network up to $300 per lead

324.                 Colmex pro,

These help traders to trade in US stocks, Forex, and future options, they offer the best high ticket affiliate programs, they have cost per action and revenue share program, they offer up to $1000 commission or 25% commission revenue share per trading.

325.                 One two trade

  • Forex Mentor Pro,

This is one of the top forex education services in the world, offers 50% commission on every client referred.

Spy gears best high ticket affiliate program 2020

What are the best spy gear affiliate programs?

  • Spear gear 4 u.

10% commissions on items costing up to $1000,

  • Spybase.

Varying commissions on products up to $2000

  • Mspy.

10% per sale

  • Phoggi.

70% per first tier, $300 bonus is given to you after you make 10 sales.

  • Everify.

$ 90 per customer

  • Proozy.

10% commission on each item bought


  • Pro put system.

Up to $300 in commision

  • Pure point golf.

50% commission on average instructional video

  • Pro tee indoor golf simulator.

10% commissions on items costing $30000

Eco friendlymattresses

  • Home wind.

6% commission on each sale

  • Essential eco-friendlymattresses.

$100-$400 in commission

  • Solar sphere kits. 1

10% commission per sale

339.                 Lkl ,lSleepez

340.                 Nature pedic

  • Essentia.

Earn up to $358 per sale

342.                 US mattresses

Top best Massage chairs affiliate programs 2020.

  • Elite massage chair. $200 commission on every sale
  • Massage chair deals. 7% commissions
  • Massage chairs. 5-7% on all chairs sold

Top Casino, Betting and Gambling best high ticket affiliate programs.

346.                 Game revenue

Offers 60% commission

  • Poker strategy,

Offers $500 per referral, has over 6,000,000 members, they provide training videos articles and coaching sessions on how to play.

  • Euro partners,

Offers 25%-40% profit sharing to its affiliates, they have over 70,000 affiliates.

349.                 Lottery Winners university.

This is a Lottery program that is very profitable, you earn $572 per sale.

350.                 Fortune affiliates

Offers start from 30% commission

  • 888. com.

It’s a gaming website established in the casino niche. They attract millions of players across the globe.

  • Bet fair affiliates marketing program

Deals mainly in sports betting. They offer in play betting

353.                 Star partner

  • Zcode System,

This is for individuals who want to bet using statistics, you are 60% commission per referral,

355.                 Bet online

356.                 Party porker

  • Betting Gods,

This website provides free betting tips you receive $111 per sale.

  • Draft kings 40% per paying customer
  • FanDuel over $25 per customer

360.                 Ignite bingo

361.                 Ace revenue

362.                 Casino rewards


What are the best VPN affiliate programs?

Today, majority of all internet users are interested in protecting their privacy online and using a VPN is the best way to do this

  • Torguard VPN

Provides online privacy, offers 30% commissions

  • IPVanish

Best VPN on the market that offers 30% recurring commission

  • VirMarch

15% recurring commission

Grasshopper phone system.

This is for businesses interested in getting toll free numbers that works worldwide. $100 per order.

  • Cyber ghost VPN.

5% life time commission

367.                 Overplay VPN

  • PureVPN ,

Global leader in VPN industry, works in more than 170 countries, offers 35% recurring commission.

  • IPVANISH,        

Offers 100% first month, 35% recurring commission.

  • Express VPN,

 Provides privacy protection to online users, they offer high time payouts based on the plan purchased.

  • Surfshark

Award winning VPN for protecting online privacy, offers 40%commission

  • StrongVPN, 

offers up to 200% payouts per sale

  • NordVPN.

Offers subscription based plan, gives 100% commission at the end of first months and 40% for 6 months.

  • PureVPN, Offers 100% first month and 40% for longer plans.

Other VPN available

  • RusVPN
  • VeePN
  • Virtual shield

Global VPN

  • Panda security

Leading provider of security solutions, Offers 15-35% commission

  • Ivacy
  • Nord VPN
  • Hide me VPN

Great VPN, 25% commission.

  • Sureasy
  • Ovpn 30%-50% commission

Best live chat affiliate program

A live chat is a tool that helps website owners and visitors interact live on their website.

These include:

  • Live chat

Offers 20% recurring commission

  • pureChat

over 25% commission

  • JivoChat

30% commission

  • Chatrify

20% recurring commission

  • CallHippo

25% commission

  • Talkroute

30% recurring commission.

Bitcoin high ticket affiliate program 2020.

  • Bitcoin millionaire.

This is the highest paying affiliate program which offers up to $440 per deposit

  • Binance, 20% commission per referral,


  • Zcode system.

This for users who like to bet on football using statistics, you earn 60% monthly recurring commission. They pay $673 per sale

  • Lottery Winners University.

Promote this program with a high conversion rate and earn $572 per sale

  • Betting Gods.

You earn $ 111 per sale. They provide free betting tips from top experts. They provide betting advice and tips.


395.                 Can capital

  • Excel credit,

This is a leading boat financing industry offers $50 per closed loan. They charge low interest rate.

397.                 Fundia capital,

The main goa of this is tomeet funding needs of their customers, they offer $1000 on deals above $50000 and $500 commission on deals below $50,000.


Are you interested in owning your own house in any part of the world? Purchasing houses and apartment is on the rise and most people are using online information to get their houses, the following are the best real estate affiliate programs

398.                 Foreclosure search

This is a leader in the real estate listings in US, they are the largest provider of real estate closures, offers 25% commission, and they have the highest conversion rate, offers monthly recurring commissions, they have houses and properties at low prices.

399.                 Real estate express.

Offers 25% commission, this is the leader in real estate training, they have helped thousands of people to start their real estate career, 20 years of existence, and they have courses and provide certificates after completion.

  • All things real estate.

Earn 20% commission,help people interested in real estate to purchase their own houses, they track sales through affiliates 24/7, provide marketing materials,

401.                 Zillow

402.                 Home reference network.

Commission range from $100-$325


403.                 Pro ears

404.                 Hear pod


People are interested in learning new things, others want to improve on their skills and make career advancements. The online teaching platform is developing at a high speed and many people are interested in studying at their own time, there are a number of best course affiliate programs and they include:

  • Kajabi,

This is an online platform that allows users create courses, launch campaign, you earn 30% commission per referral

  • Teachable.

This is a great online teaching and course creation software where you can sell courses, you earn up to $1800 per referral per annum. 30% recurring commission on customers with a monthly subscription.it has experts online entrepreneurs teaching online with over 4 million students worldwide,

407.                 Udemy.

This is the world’s number one online teaching and learning platform, Earn 10% commission per course cost, once you refer someone to this training website you earn 10% on the amount paid by the student. They have thousands of courses to promote on your website, the ecourse library contains over 100,000 online courses on very many topics, can learn any skills you want, join their program via rakuten link share. They offer discounts and 20% commission per sale, they pay via PayPal.

  • Skill share.

This is an online leaning community platform with over 1,000 courses with a free 2 months sign up trial. You earn 10% commission. Courses include filming, data webdesign, etc. it’s being used by over 3 million people, everything you want to study can be found here, $10 per new referral

  • Academy of mine.

This is an e-learning platform, you earn 10-20% in commission for every customer you refer. Has different audio and video format

  • Coursera.

This is a leading online teaching and learning platform, you can learn any course of your own choice,you earn 45% commission on every customer you refer. They have over 1,000 different courses online. You can study online in a course of your own choice. Courses are of high quality mixed with lectures, course works and quizzes, offers promotional materials, join via rakuten link share.

411.                 Grammarly,

This is a the best grammer checker used by millions of people across the world, pays $20 per sale,once you make $2000 per month, you receive $200 bonus, $4000 you get $400 bonus and if you generate $8000 in sales you get $800 bonus,

412.                 Simplilearn.

Offers courses in digital training economy, courses include project management, data science, programing, and softwareetc., 10% commission.These courses are in high demand

  • Rosetta store,

This is language learning affiliate program where you promote teaching different languages to those people interested in learning a second language.

  • Elearners,

This is a famous college affiliate program for people interested in further studies to get the best schools and courses,

  • edX,

this is a library founded by Harvard university and MIT that provides best online courses by world’s prestigious university, they offer affiliate  10% commission, join their affiliate via Awin.

  • Treehouse, 

This is an e learning platform teaching coding, offers 50% per sale

  • Amazon associate,

This is an online store where you can purchase text books, software and other educational materials,

  • 8 figure dream life style.

It offers the highest commission, 100% commission up to $21000 per sale. This is a high ticket program.

  • Really successful webinars.

Offers 10% per referral. It was created by barry and roggers. Products range from $497-$1997. They provide social media lead generation. Viral marketing, ecommerce and make money from home.

  • Phlean, online photography teaching, offers 20% commission
  • Life pixel offers 5-20% commission
  • Ultimate photography course, 50% commission
  • Better photos academy, offers 50% commission
  • Digital photography success 50% commission
  • Zenfolio offers 30% commission
  • Photoseller
  • Photography jobs, teaches how to make money from your photos, offers 55% commission
  • Adobe photoshop 85% first month
  • Adorama 2% commission
  • Canon 2.5% on camera
  • Past book 20% commission
  • Keh camera,  4% commission
  • Photo lemur affiliate program, 35% commission
  • Fotor affiliate program 35% commission
  • picMonkey affiliate program 30% commission
  • legacy learning, 20% commission
  • photography master class 40% commission from clickbank
  • SmugMug affiliate program 15% commission
  • Partnership to success.

This is a high ticket affiliate program, you can earn $ 2997 and $297*12 price points. You can earn $1000 per sale promoting a live coaching program.

  • EssayEdge,

This affiliate program offers people interested in college tips, editing service, scholarship and offers 20% commission

  • Microsoft Education affiliate programs,

This is a high ticket program where you promote PCs, Office and software, they deal mainly in teaching and learning.

  • Academic Superstore,

This is a famous website to purchase software and electronics, 5% commission per sale

  • Clickbank university, 

This a clickbank own product, one of the best training programs, Open to people interested in affiliate marketing and vendors to learn all the basics so as to find success, provide 75% commission on front end, 50% commission on first upsell and 25% recurring commission, they provide great tools and customer support.

  • NewEducationJobs.com,

This is an online website for people interested in education industry jobs, offers $25for every employer and $1.5

  • Scholarstic store online,

These are online publishers of children books and education materials, they have great reputation, great customer satisfaction and good for education institutions and parents, offers 7% commission, join via CJ affiliates.

  • Membership mouse.

This is a WordPress plugin that provides an option for you to sell your products, membership subscription, setup password protected membership area, customer retention and many others.

  • Lead pages.

Helps to easily build your website, landing pages, and popup alerts. Has membership starting from $39/ month-$3816 for 2 years. You earn 30% commission on every sale.

  • Pay hip.

Get 50%recurring commission on every purchase.

  • Improvely.

Earn up to $1400      in commission per referral. Test, track, andoptimise online marketing and detect fraud. Earn 50% on first payment and $10 recurring commission

450.                 Genius webinars

  • Click webinar offers 30% recurring commission

452.                 Elevated entrepreneurship

  • Worrier plus.

This a website that deals in advertising online courses, pays via PayPal, they look for experienced marketers to join their programs. Deals with mainly digital products. It’s easy to approve affiliates


  • Mailerlite, 

It’s an email marketing software that helps to build landing pages with a drag and drop email builders, landing pages and email automation, offers 30% recurring commission

  • Convert kit.

It is the leading email marketing platform across the globe. Helps you get emails for your marketing campaigns, 30% recurring commission. This an email marketing software for all business involved in email marketing, its being widely used by bloggers and

  • Active campaign.

This is an easy email marketing software for both beginners and experts, you can create, send and tract your campaigns Provides you with 30% recurring commission

  • Active Trail, offers 15% recurring.
  • Aweber.

Up to $300 per account referred, it is a popular email marketing software by used by millions of people online, they offer 30% recurring commissions and pay via PayPal.

459.                 Ninja outreach.

This tool helps marketers to create and manage inbound email campaigns. They offer 20% recurring commission

  • Active contacts.

Offers $105 flat rate per account sign up, $5 for individuals that signs up for a free trial.

  • Icontact,

This is an affordable email marketing software for building auto responders, $2 per lead and $150 per paid account.

  • Get response.

This is a powerful all in one email marketing software for making emails, landing pages, auto response.Offers 33% commission, offers landing pages, webinar hosting and other marketing automation tools. You earn up to $396 per month.

463.                 Constant contact.

This is the most powerful email marketing platform in the world, you earn $5 for each person who signs up for a free trial and $105 for each person who signs up for a full account.

464.                 Drip,

This is an email marketing software for bloggers and marketers which helps to create email auto responders, offers 30% recurring commission

465.                 Benchmark

Offers 25% recurring commission

  • Sendlane

30% recurring commission

  • Sendloop

Offers 10% commission

468.                 Landingi

15%-30% recurring commission.

469.                 Long Tail Pro, 

This is a powerful keyword tool that helps online business, bloggers, content writers and SEO experts to get the best keywords to use in their content,when you enter a key word phrase, the soft where gives you a suggestion of the best researched keywords alternatives, 30 % recurring commissions,, payments are done once a month via PayPal with a 30 days refund date.

470.                 SEOPresser,

BestWordPress SEO plugin which helps to increase traffic to your site through content optimization, provides 50% recurring commission on every successful customer,payment is done via PayPal.

471.                 SEMrush.

This a marketing tool for digital professionals. It started in 2008, as a small group of SEO and IT specialist, they offer a wide range of services fromSEO audit to rank tracking and competitive analysis. It is a great tool for spying on your competitors, you can make $160a month per each referral. You can make $160 a month per each referral. It has 40% recurring commission. I do recommend that you use this software because it has the best SEO tools, used by over 1 million users,once you reach $50 you can make withdraws via PayPal or wire transfer.

472.                 The Hoth,

This is the leading white label SEO that offers great SEO campaigns and link building, they offer high commissions, 25% commission on orders referred within 60 days and 5% commission.

473.                 Hub spot.

This is a platform for automation used by entrepreneurs in marketing and sales. These are the best in content marketing to scale your businesses. There blog receives over 5million visitors per month, they offer a variety of powerful tools that can be used in marketing and customer retention. They offer $50 for the first tier. You earn $1000 per sale. Their software is designed to fuel growth by transforming business attract, engage and delight customers.

The hub spot CRM is a free tool that helps business organise, track and nature their leads and customers.

Hub spot marketing hub has everything you need to launch effective marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business

474.                 Instapage.

This is the leading landing page builder platform that business use to increase conversion rate. They offer 30% recurring commission. Their pricing starts at $149 a month and business tier $199 per month. 50$ revenue share for the first payment and 30% recurring commission.

  • SEOCLERKS, This is a market place of SEO related projects, earn 10% recurring commissions,
  • Ontraport. This offers CRM and automation tools, promotional tools, dedicated support team and 25% recurring commissions.
  • Lander, 

This is a landing page builder website having best converting landing page templates, promotional materials, dedicated affiliate manager and 60% every sale.

  • RankPay,

This is a great performance SEO used by many businesses, they offer 10% recurring commission and pay via PayPal.

  • SEO power suite,

This is a great all in one SEO software that can help you achieve top positions in the search engine. 30% commissions.

  • Traffic Travis

Great keyword research tool, offers $44.35 per sale.

  • Linkody

Great backlink monitoring tool, offers 30% commission

  • Advanced web ranking,

This is an advanced web rank tracker being used by many marketers and SEO experts, offers 50% commission per sale.

  • 180 fusion

SEO tool

  • Affiliate SEO mastery

Great course for learning SEO, 50% commission.

  • Ahrefs SEO tool

Great SEO keyword tool, I recommend,

  • Link able

Great tool for content marketers, you earn $300 per sale, and recurring commissions.

  • SEO  affiliate domination

Great SEO course teaching earning income using SEO affiliate marketing.

  • TwinWorld Ideas ,

Offers 30% recurring commission, this is a smart keyword tool for SEO and pay per click marketing,

  • Backlink beast

Great tool for building back links, offers 30% recurring commission.

  • SEO Reseller,

These provide digital marketing solutions to businesses worldwide, offers 6% recurring commission per successful customers, payment is done via PayPal.


Great SEO software, Offers up to $199.6 and $60 per cloud based one year subscription.

  • SEO pressor

Great powerful SEO tool, offers 50% commission

  • Authority labs

15%-50% commission per sale

  • Rank pay

Great SEO tool offers 10% recurring commission

  • Lead pages,

This is a landing page builder that gives drag and drop pages, Facebook and Instagram ad creators, 30% recurringcommissions.

Software affiliate programs

  • Stellar data recovery,
  • Netsuite, offers 10% commission
  • Maigen, offers $50 per sign up.
  • Autodesk, 9% commission
  • Builderall, $49 per sale
  • Spotamu, 30% commission
  • Bill4Time, helps you to track your time, offers 40% commission
  • Wrike, work management and collaboration platform you earn $100-$200 persale
  • Backlog.com trusted project management software, $150 per sale

Marketing automation software.

  • Active Trail

25% commission

  • Wishpond

30% commission

  • Builderall SEO

30% recurring commission

  • Hubstaff

30% recurring commission

Best social media management affiliate program

These social media tools help you to manage your social media content.

  • SocialPilot

30% recurring commission

  • Tailwind

15% recurring commission

  • AgoraPulse

20% commission


512.                 Plus 500

Offers worldwide trading, traders can trade in stocks, forex, commodities and many others, allows $100 minimum deposit, when you refer a customer and he pays $100 you earn $800 in commission.

513.                 Etoro.

This is the top social investment network where you can invest and trade in stocks, they have strategies that can allow you to copy strategies for successful investors. They pay you once a customer completes depositing money on their accounts. It has paid over 80 million in commission. They offer $160 per customer referral. 25% revenue share.

514.                 Personal capital.

This offers wealth management in the digital world. They help investors to grow and manage their income, they currently manage over $6 million in financial assets, they pay per qualified lead, and you get paid more basing on the quality of leads earn up to $100 per sign up who aggregates $100,000.

515.                 Credible.

This helps students to find loans for their studies. They pay commissions when a loan offer is accepted. $240 per qualified lead

516.                 Regal assets.

They offer high payouts in the market, pay per lead, per call and revenue share for the life of a customer you refer.

517.                 Capitalist exploit.

They provide edge cutting investment advice for investors and managers and those interested in investment. It is being used by top investors across the globe. You earn 50% commission per lead. $1750 per sale

518.                 500 Plus.

This is a worldwide trading platform listed on the main market of London stock exchange, users can trade stocks, forex, commodities and indices. You start with $100 as minimum deposit, earn up to $800 in commission per referral. Doesn’t allow customers from US but you can be an affiliate,

519.                 1q broker

You earn $1200 per referral

  • Flex.

This is a forex trading across the globe and offer 50$ commission on every member referred for the life time.

521.                 M1 finance

Earn $100 per referral

522.                 Avant link

523.                 Beat the market analyser.

It pays 75$ commission on every sale and recurring commission. The average sale is $1300 to affiliates.

524.                 Bots live trading room.

Earn up to $1431.48 per sale, it has existed for over seven years and deals in forex trading.

525.                 Internet profits partners.

This the best product, you will earn $3000 per sale, it was created by dean Holland. Itspurpose is to provide to you with the online tools, training and support so as to make profits. The only thing to do is to drive traffic to their site.

  • Master mind:  knowledge business blue print.

This was created by 3 marketing legends that is tony Robbins, dean graziosi and resell Brunson, it is then best course and software that teaches people how to run high mastermind groups, seminars and workshops. $900 per sale and awesome prizes.

527.                 NAB Edge (North American Bancard)

It provides credit card processor and merchant service provider, they are trustworthy to their partners and clients. You earn $200 per qualifying lead and $50 for 2 tier lead.

528.                 Digital Agency Builder.

It is a business model designed to assist starters make money online with their websites, they provide memberships. You can earn $1000 per referral.

529.                 Physio Emo dynamics

Up to $5000

530.                 Mentor master class

Earn $1000 pay out.


  • Webinar jam.

Earn up to $100 per sale. Customers will pay $479 for every year subscription. 40% commission.

  • GoToWebinar,

Offers up to $100 per sale.

  • Ever webinar.

$479 yearly subscription and 40% commission for affiliates

  • webinarJam,

You receive 40% commission, offers $192 per sale.

  • Genius webinars.

Earn 40% commission. This course teaches webinars.Thecourse is taught by Jason who claims to have produced 100 million in sales using webinars

  • Go meeting affiliates.

Earn $100 per order, makes professional online training meetings.

Website themes top best affiliate programs 2020.

Themes and plugins are needed by all website creators and by promoting these you can earn good money day. Every website needs a theme and so you can recommend the best high ticket affiliate programs, these are the common ones you can promote.

Best affiliate marketing WordPress themes 2020

Are interested in making money from creating WordPress affiliate sites? In this post you will learn the best affiliate marketing WordPress themes

  • Elegant themes.

Elegant themes is a WordPress theme library with over 87 easy to use themes and over 500,000 customers, Earn up to $125 per sale. 50% commission and annual commissions.

  • Envato market
  • My themeshop

Great developers of themes and offers 55% commission via PayPal.

  • SteadyIncome

Great theme for affiliate marketers to design and promote products online, helps you to have your content is a good manner.

  • Atheme

Offers 50% commission and owns over 32 themes, pays via PayPal.

20% commission on new customers and 10% on existing customers

  • Off the shelf

Popular WordPress theme for affiliate marketers helping you to have a nice looking website, drag and drop website building features, I do recommend this theme for affiliate marketers.

  • Expert

Great theme for bloggers and affiliate marketers interested in promoting products.

  • Divi theme

Popular WordPress theme that works well with WooCommerce, flexible and allows for easy customization, great features to use, this is a great theme to have.

  • CouponHut

Good design theme for affiliate marketers with a drag and drop features.

Best WordPress plugins affiliate programs

These are the best wordpress plugins to promote in 2020.

  • AffiliateWP

Great plugin for affiliate management, easy to set up and manage your affiliate commissions, it works easy download and WooCommerce, helps you track affiliate performance.

  • Affiliates plugin

Great tool for managing and tracking your affiliates, easy to customize, works with many ecommerce websites across the globe.

  • Ultimate affiliate pro

Provides affiliate management system, affiliate rankings, custom commission, provides friendly affiliate links and many others, it’s a great plugin I do recommend

  • WordPress affiliates and referral

Great plugin for managing your affiliates and referrals,

  • YITH WooCommerce

Great free WordPress plugin, helps you to create affiliate profile and mange affiliate commission.

  • Pretty links

Popular affiliate link management that allows you to easily add links to your blog post.

  • monsterInsights

Great google analytics plugin to help you know your traffic, track your affiliate links,

  • Thirsty affiliates

Allows you to manage your affiliate links, great tool which can even allow you to auto insert affiliate links, offers reports about your affiliate link clicks,

  • WP RSS Aggregator
  • AdSanity

Great Ad management tool for WordPress with powerful display options for your Ads, helps you to easily place ad codes

  • Affiliate Royale

Great plugin for building affiliate programs, user friendly, with great customization.

  • Affiliate Manager

This is a free plugin for affiliate websites interested in making money through referrals, allows users to sign up and find products to promote, link tracking and creating an affiliate portal

  • WP forms

Graphics, logo and phography top best affiliate programs.

  • Istock photo offers 20% commission
  • Deposit photo

Offers 20% commission

Affiliate programs for graphics images

  • PicMonkey

50% commission

  • Design Pickle

15% recurring commission

  • Stencil

30% commission

  • Snappa

30% recurring commission


  • Link-able, offers $300 per customer plus a recurring commission, they connect content marketers with elite authors.
  • Affiliate SEO mastery.

 Offers 50% commission per client you refer to this course, they provide training course in SEO. Training cost is $97.

  • LoveClient

$50-$75 per new client.

  • Linkody,

This is a backlink monitoring software that provides service 24/7 to its users, offers 30% commission.

  • Linkredible

Up to 20%-30% commission

  • SEO affiliate domination,

Offers 50% on SEO course fees.

  • SerpStat

Up to 30% recurring commission


This is the leading SEO software for internet marketers across the globe, offers $157 per sale.

  • Infusion soft referral program
  • Affilorama,

This is the largest affiliate training site with quality products and online courses about affiliate marketing, Offers 50% commission on each new member


  • Cura Debt,

This is a debt relief program for assisting individuals with IRS and tax solutions, offers 10% commission, you can make $350-$500 per sale or $25 per debt lead, $40-$50 per call and 10% from affiliates you refer, join via CJ.

  • Saving.com,

This the leading coupon website you can promote finance related products, offers 50%-65% commission per sale, they pay via PayPal

  • TurboTax,

This is a trustable tax product solution, offers 15% revenue share

  • SPYFU,

This an SEO software that helps you to spy on the key words and competition of your competitors, using this tool you can get your competitor’s keywords, they offer 40% recurring commission



These are tools that are used to schedule your content on multiple social media platforms.

  • Social report, 20% recurring commissions.
  • AgoraPulse,

This software helps you to manage multiple social media accounts using one simple tool, you just schedule your content, get report and engage followers on Facebook, you tube, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter, offers up to $575 per referral and 12% recurring commission.

  • Drum up,

 $5 per pro sign up, $25 for business plan and 25% commission for monthly subscription.

  • Mouseflow,

This is a website analytics tool that shows you visitors experience on your website, so as to boost conversion and site optimization. Offers 30% recurring commissions

  • Hootsuite, 15% commission
  • Social pilot,

This is a social media marketing and scheduling tool helping website owners and social media experts to schedule their post,30% recurring commission via PayPal.

  • PromoRepublic, 

Helps you manage multiple social media accounts in one place, offers 30% commission per sale

  • Pure chat, 20% recurring commission
  • Chatrify,  20% recurring commission
  • Live agent, 20%  recurring commission
  • Crisp,

20 % recurring commission.

Other software high ticket affiliate program

  • Lemonstand.

This is a cloud based ecommerce platform that offers shopping carts, payment gateways, track shipping, SEO and marketing support. 200% commission

  • Volusion,

This offers response themes, site builder, payment gateways, in built SEO, 200% onetime commission per sale.

  • Bigcommerce,

This is a superior platform, offers 200% one-time commission per sale.

Best high ticket WordPress themes and template affiliate programs.

Choosing a website theme is quite difficult to people who are starting up websites and these are the factors to look at:

  • Page speed
  • Site security
  • User friendliness


WordPress template high ticket affiliate programs:

  • Elegant, earns 50% commission per sale.
  • Devi theme
  • CSSIgniter

50% commission

  • Premium coding theme


  • MemberPress Membership software

25% commission.

  • Thrive theme, offers 35% commission and 25% recurring commissions.
  • MemberMouse Membership plugin

20% recurring commission

  • Studiopress,

 these offer more than 40 best themes to choose for free, offers 35% commission per sale and 5% sub affiliates, they do have other promotions,

  • Template monster,

They offer many best WordPress themes to choose from, 365 day cookies, 30% -50% commission depending on sales and 10% recurring commissions, has over 50,000 products available.

  • Grammarly,

 This a popular tool that’s web content writers to edit anything they write online, it automatically checks your writings. Upon sign up, you receive $25, $20 per premium plan referral customers.

  • iTunesstore,

There are many apple products on the market such as iphones, ipads and macbooks. By promoting itunes you earn 7% on music, TV and paid apps, you earn 50% commission on the first subscription.

Make money from home high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

There are a number of high ticket affiliate programs you can promote online in this niche and they include.

  • Amazing Selling Machine,

These provide online courses, they started in 2012 and have many successful trainees, offers up to $2392.8 per sale.

  • Tai Lopez The 67 Steps,

They have several make money online products, offers $ 638 per sale.

  • Google Sniper,

Offers up to $906 per sale, it’s sold on click bank.

Top gaming high ticket affiliate programs

This is an opportunity for gamers and affiliates to promote gaming websites online, this is a profitable niche to choose if you have an interest in gaming industry. You can make money on this niche through affiliate marketing, you tube and google ads or sponsorships.

  • Astra Gaming. Earn up to 5% per referral
  • Epic Games

They have the following games gears of war, shadow compels, unreal, and fortnite, offers 5% commission

  • Twitch, offers 50% per subscription and 5$ on revenue obtained.
  • G2A

Providers of games, electronic accessories,software and online courses, offers 3% commission per sale.

  • G2Deal, earn 10-20% per referral on software and 3% on other products.
  • World winner

$25 per referal

  • GameGate

Online gamings selling, offers 5% commission per sale.

  • Gamefly,

Leader in online video game selling service$15 per trial sign up and 10% on revenue obtained.

  • Fanatical

Global seller of online games from over 750 developers, offers 5% commission.

  • Alienware Gaming affiliate

Developers of gaming PC and laptops, offers 6% commission per sale.

  • Amazon

Global online retail of almost anything, you earn up to 10% commission per sale

  • Razer affiliate program

Developers of PC games, gaming laptop, and over products,  offers 1%-20% in commission

  • Zygor Guides

Offers 50% commission on purchase of their gaming guides for world of Warcraft and others

  • Best Buy

Sells computers, electronics, etc, offers 6% commission.

Music high ticket affiliate programs 2020

The music industry is profitable to composers, producers, promoters, artists, sound engineers, and teachers, voice over artist, with all these categories involved, you can benefit from this niche, in this post we will look at the best high ticket affiliate programs in the music industry and they include:

  • Sam Ash, offers 7-10% commission per sale
  • Sam Ash
  • Singorama, offers 70% on downloads, 40% on courses.
  • Guitar centre, offers 6% commission
  • Musician’s friend, 4% commission.

Pay per lead affiliate programs.

  • Born to sell, 

Born To Sell helps investors and traders across the world to earn income from investing and trading calls, $45 per customer subscription, 54% of their free trials, 10% from refered affiliates ,  $5 per lead, $40 per paid subscriber,

  • Leadnetwork,

Largest online platform where buyers and sellers deal in clicks, calls and leads in the finance industry, deals in business loans, financial loans and auto loans, earn up to $230 per lead in commissions. Pays via PayPal.

Highticket paying dating sites affiliate programs to promote.

  • Match.com  75% commission
  • Cupid.com $135 per sale
  • Eharmony
  • Funnylove dating 75%commission
  • Dating factory 65% commission
  • Affiliate2Day between $150-$250 per order
  • David wygant for men 50% commission
  • Pull your ex back up to $165
  • Idate
  • Sex confidence
  • Be irresistible  90% commission
  • Commitment connection
  • Funny love dating 75% commission
  • Elite singles
  • Cupid media
  • Silver singles
  • Catholic match
  • Christian café
  • Sugardadie
  • The tao of badass $123
  • Adult friend finder 75% commission
  • Single parent meet 50% commission
  • Military cupid 75% per sale
  • Our time 50% commission
  • The devotion system $47 per sale
  • Victoria milan
  • Rich meet beautiful
  • Love revenue
  • Next love

What are the Best paying crypocurrency affiliate programs?

  • Coinbase $10 per customer
  • Binance 20% commission

Which of these high ticket program do you promote? Is this list exhaustive? No

  • Bluesnap affiliate network
  • Essential affiliate program , you can earn over $300
  • Linkconnector affiliate network
  • Revenue wire
  • Thrive theme, 35% commission on first sale and 25% recurring commission.
  • Spocket partner program, leader in dropshipping and offers 30% commission,
  • United affiliates network, deals in finance and gambling,
  • Arabclicks,
  • Pioneer
  • Payolee
  • CPAmatica
  • Revimedia
  • Aliexpress
  • Internet profit partners, up to $3,000 per sale
  • Skimlinks
  • Thirsty affiliates 30% commission
  • Bigmarker affiliate program 50% commission
  • Printful  10% commission
  • Ali express
  • Omio and Eurail, tour in Europe, there are many people interested in travelling to europe
  • Walks of Italy, offers 10% commission, this
  • Commission factory
  • Zanox
  • Global wide media
  • Viglinks
  • Tiger direct
  • 3dcart   $300 commission
  • Murad
  • Fly wheel    $500 per referal
  • Cheap flight

Great selling tech website, offers 3% commission on all sales

  • Microsoft

Great global company with avariety of products you can promote , 5%-10% commission on sales

Physical products Affiliate program.

  • Target.com

Has a variety of physical products, offers 1%-8% commission

  • Jet.com

Sell physical products, offers 2.5% commission

  • Walmat affiliate program

Deals in physical products, offers 1%-4% commission

  • Viglink

Deals in both digital and physical products

  • Skimlinks

Both physical and digital products, 25% commission.

  • A vant link

Many merchants to choose from, commissions depend on vendors

  • PepperJam

Many products to promote

  • Impactradius

Music instrument affiliate programs 2020.

  • Singing Machine

Great leader in selling music machine equipment, have reasonable price for their products, offer 5% commission.

  • American Music Supply

Seller of musical equipment worldwide, has free shipping, 6% commission, they provide free shipping, and good warranty, DJ gears, recording equipment, and live sounds

  • Guitar centre

Founded in1959, dealing in music appliance, store and music/ video recording studio in Hollywood California, great supplier of guitars, drums, keyboards at low prices, offers 6% commission.

  • Thalia Capos

Great producer of guitars nd their accessories, offers 15% per sle

  • Woodwind and Brasswind

Over 40 years in existence with over 50,000 products in more than 100 countries, offers 6% commission per sale.

  • Legacy learning system

Provide high quality training course, courses include drums, piano, and guitar, offers 20% commission.

  • Zzounds

Leader in the music industry, Dealers in music products, offers 6% commission, ranging from $125-$300.

  • Piano for all

Teaches people how to pla piano all over the world, the program has 10 ebooks, 200 videos and more than 500 audio lessons, offers $22 per sale.

  • Sam ash

Musical equipment retailer with over 50,000 products, offers 7%-10% commission per sale, join via link share.

  • Rocket piano

Teaches how to play a piano, offers 25% commission per sale

  • Fiddlershop

Provide high quality accessories, offers 5% commission per sale

  • Master Class

Founded in 2012, teaches you music skills, guitar playing, offers $25% commissions.

  • Virtual sheet Music

Great music download site with over 30,000 unique visitors a day, offers 30% commission to its affiliates.

  • Lookmasters

Great music library, offers 20% commission on products sold

  • Jam play

Provide guitar lessons online, Offers 40% per sale.

  • Ear master

Founded in 1994, great software for ear training developed by great musicians, offers 20% commission per sale.

  • Musician’s Friend

Have over 85,000 products to sell, deals mainly in music equipment, 4% commission.

  • Prime loops

Great collection of audio samples, presetsand synths for music producers, offers 20% commission.

  • Music business institute

Helps artist and musicians become successful in the music industry, they offer training and coaching, 50% commission per sale

  • Reverb

Founded in 2013, sells music equipment, earn 10% on all digital products.

  • Music teachers helper

Program which helps music teachers manage their students, offers 20% commission.

Top best music high ticket affiliate programs

  • eMedia   10% commission
  • teaching children music 50% commission
  • jim Oliver Music 10% commission
  • artist works 8% commission
  • Fender play
  • producer choices 50% commission
  • Gear 4 Music  over 3% commission
  • sound hooks gives 70% commission to artist
  • Music notes 5% commission
  • Soundcloud
  • iTunes
  • Premium beats 30% commission
  • emusic
  • Pretty green 7% commissin
  • Rock America 11% commission
  • world music supply   5% commission
  • same day music 5% commission
  • SkullCandy
  • Sound bridge academy  20% commission
  • audimute  5% commission
  • master class 25% commission
  • magix over 20% commission
  • Guitar Pedal Shoppe  20% commission
  • Mike Mix and Master 10% commission
  • modern producers  25% commission
  • beat brokerz  50% commission
  • apple affiliate program for iTunes, Apps, Movies
  • link connector
  • Neverblue
  • Domcop, helps you buy expired domain names

Video animation

  • Powton
  • sparkolvideoscribe
  • animator

Top best ecommerce software high ticket affiliate programs.

  • Shopify

20% recurring commission

  • Payhip

50% recurring commission

  • EasyStore

100% first month and 20% recurring commission.

  • Shopio

25% recurring commission

Best affiliate programs for content marketing platforms

  • Ninja outreach

50% recurring commission

  • Sumo

30% recurring commission

  • TubeBuddy

50% commission

  • Repixel

Offers over 15% recurring commission

  • Online CEO’s Instagram course

This is an Instagram master class by Josue, offers 30% commission.

  • Convert kit 30% commission
  • Grants Magic 40% revenue share

Top best WordPress theme high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

  • Genesis theme  35% commission
  • Atheme offers 50% commission
  • MyTheme shop 55% commission
  • Theme forest 30% commission

WordPress plugin high ticket affiliate programs 2020.

  • Wp forms 20% commission
  • Beaver Builder  25% commission
  • Envira Gallery 20% commission
  • Fly wheel
  • Game revenue
  • Wayfair affiliate program

Top Best app high ticket affiliate program 2020.

  • Lead Scrape  40% commission
  • Microsoft   10% commission
  • Google apps $15 per new user
  • Apple itunes
  • Envato studio
  • App themes 30% commission
  • Swiftic $150 per new customer
  • designEvo
  • fotojet
  • impact radius
  • referral candy
  • my commerce
  • spoket partner program
  • Revolut for business
  • Global wide media
  • BlueSnap

Top best Video editing high ticket affiliate program in 2020.

The following video editing software are reliable and being used by many video editors and professionals

  • Adobe affiliate program

Join the Adobe Affiliate Program and earn attractive commissions. Promote Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock and Adobe Document Cloud on your website, blog or social media channel. It’s free, it’s easy, and it pays.
Creative Cloud gives you the latest versions of the world’s best creative apps — including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC — Plus, millions of Adobe Stock assets and new premium images that are built right in.

Your benefits as a partner
Earn money on all qualifying sales* made through your site. We offer excellent commission rates. Cookie durations are 30 days for click life time.
Access to a comprehensive selection of ready-to-publish marketing banners and text links for Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe Stock.
Regular and exclusive promotions with encouraging publisher incentives.
Up-to-date information on new releases and product launches.
Product level, daily reporting to help you learn quickly and enhance your marketing efforts.   

Commission for Creative Cloud & Document Cloud
Monthly plan:
85.00% of one month subscription fee
Annual plan (paid monthly):
85.00% of one month subscription fee
Annual plan (prepaid):
8.33% of one year subscription fee
Commission for Adobe Stock
Monthly plan: US$72
Annual plan: (paid monthly): US$72
Single Purchase: (one-time payment):
3 standard assets a month (paid monthly): 85% of one month subscription fee

  • Movavi

Deals in multimedia software for computers, offers 30% commission,

  • WeVideo

Video editing software for computers, offers over 20% commission

  • Render forest

Video editing software and offers over 30% commission

  • Screencast-O-Matic

Good for screen recording and offers 50% commission.

  • Wideo

Good for creating animated videos.

  • Vidchops

Good you tube video editing software, offers 50% commission.

  • Filmora

Over 30% commission.

  • TechSmith

Offers 15% commission

  • Nero

Offers 45% commission

  • Magix

50% commission

  • Pinnacle Studio

14% commission

  • Animoto

Offers 20% commission

  • Muvee

Offers 45% commission

  • Video soft

85% commission.

Top best Crowd fundraising affiliate program 2020.

  • Kickbooster
  • Patronony
  • Honey fund
  • Easyship
  • Gogetfunding
  • customInk
  • Udemy
  • Future college fund

Top best beauty and make up affiliate programs 2020.

People are interested in looking nice so they are willing to purchase make up, as a makeup affiliate you can in to present them the best opportunities available in the market

  • Barbasol

Leading producer of male shaving cream and accessories, join via flex offers, offers 8% commission.

  • Xlash

Founded in 2011 serving customers worldwide, producers of good quality cosmetics products, offers 15% commission.

  • Sun Daily

Offers 50% commission, producers of products which helps to protect your inside skin, $50 per sale.

  • Stila Cosmetics

Great producer of makeup products, offers 6% commission

  • Gillette on demand

Brings to you the latest shaving technology for men, offers 40% commission, and join via CJ.

  • Olive young

Famous Korean producer of cosmetics and skin care products, offers 5% commission per sale.

  • 100% PURE

Great skin food supplement made from organic nutrients, offers 8% commission per sale, join via ShareASale.

  • Avon

5% commission, join via CJ

  • Clarins

10% commission, join via flexOffers

  • Clinique

Producers of skin care and cosmetics products, offers 8% commission, join via flex offers

  • Colorescience

Great producers of makeup products, 5% commission, join via CJ

  • Dorco

Great producer of disposable razors and many other products, offers 5% commission, join via CJ.

  • Murad

Leading in skin care industry for anti-aging, age spots and many others, offers 11% commission, join via CJ affiliate.

Best Air Lines affiliate program

  • Emirates

Founded in 1985 working across the globe, they offer 1.25%-2.5% commission.

  • Air France

Founded in 1933 with over 500 destinations across the globe, offers 1.25% commission

  • Air Malta

Works in Libya, France, Italy and UK, offers 2.5% commission

  • Points.com

Offers 1.25%-10% commission

  • Kiwi

Offers 3% commission per sale

Best Golf affiliate program

  • Proozy Golf Affiliate program

Offers 6.75% commission, join via Shareasale.

  • Callaway Golf Affiliate program

Great seller of Golf clubs, offers 6%-9% commission

  • Sweet spot shot videos

Offers 75% commission, via clickbank

  • Nike Affiliate Program

Offers 11% commission

  • Swing Man Golf affiliate program

Great golf speed training and offers 50% commission per sale.

  • Fairway Golf Affiliate Program

Great seller of Golf clubs, offers 4%-10% commission

  • TaylorMade

North American leading producer of golf clubs, bags and golf accessories, balls, clothing and gloves, offers 5% commission, join via linkconnector.

What you need to join affiliate programs?

You need a functional website, paypal account or bank account.

What are the best affiliate networks?

My top picks of the best high ticket affiliate programs

  1. Bluehost
  2. WP Engine
  3. Kinsta
  4. Cloudways
  5. Shopify
  6. Bigcommerce
  7. volusion

How to get accepted in any affiliate program?

  1. Your website should be live
  2. Your website should have related content
  3. Your website should follow the terms and conditions of the affiliate program

Best affiliate program promotional methods

  1. Creating content and embedding affiliate links in your content
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Paid traffic through ads
  4. Email marketing
  5. Writing product reviews
  6. Including product link in the resources page.

All you need is to choose the best promotion method that suits the affiliate program you’re interested in promoting.


 Is there anything you would like to know about affiliate programs?

Comment with your opinion and always check our website for updates about affiliate programs, webhosting, online business tools, and blogging and make money online.

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