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Privacy policy

Who we are:

Our company is World Bloggers Magazine and our website is

We help online entrepreneurs get the best online tools and resources to help them make more money and gain financial independence

Our contact information

We can be reached at or contact our director

What type of data we collect?

We collect information pertaining the behavior of our audience when they arrive at our website

This information includes the comments from our audience, bounce rate, country of origin, nature of gadget they are using to reach at our site

We moderate comments to prevent ourselves from spams or a comment that does not put the lives of other people into consideration unapproved


For individuals that comment on our site, we collect information pertaining their name, email address and the comments, this helps us to keep in touch with our audience

These comments helps us serve you better

External content from other sites

We link to other website articles that we feel are of great value to our audience, we are not reliable for the actions you take when you go to those website

We are not the one reliable for the accuracy of information on external websites we link to so you need to make research before taking any action

All these external websites will collect information about your behavior when you arrive at their site

Why do we collect this data?

We collect this data in order to serve our audience better, we don’t have any intention to harm or send spam messages to our audience

Content sharing

In case you feel that our content is good to be shared to a friend, feel free to share, comment or bookmark the content for your future reference

Affiliate disclosure

World Bloggers Magazine earns money from many programs and tools which we are affiliated too, so you should know that we will receive a small commission at no any extra cost to you when you make purchases via our affiliate links

Our mission is to help our audience get the best advice and tools to help them skyrocket their online businesses

Advertising and sponsorships

On this site, we may allow other people or companies to advertise their products,

We rarely offer sponsored posts but if we get one, we inform our audience that the content is a sponsored post

We aim to deliver great value to our audience

Data security

We make sure that the information pertaining our audience is kept confidential and secure from loss, theft or misuse

What type of information do we collect?

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Ip address
  • Nationality
  • Etc

We collect all this information in order to serve you better

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