Marcia Harvey Biography net worth, How rich is Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife?

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In this post you will discover Marcia Harvey net worth, date of birth, career, wife, siblings

Marcia Harvey Net worth summary

Original names:                   

Nick name:                             Marcia Harvey




Net worth:                             

Source of wealth:                 

Date of birth:                        

Nationality:                            American

Career/ occupation:             

Girlfriend/wife:                      Steve Harvey Ex-wife



Marcia Harvey Background and bio

Who is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey is the former Ex-wife of Steve Harvey, she is an Africa-American woman, author who was born on 22 January 1955 in Cleveland, Ohia, United States

Marcia Harvey was Steve Harvey first wife

She rose to fame after she her got married to a comedian, actor and Television host Steve Harvey in 1980-1994, which is 14 years of marriage, they divorced after they had given birth to three children, Broderick Harvey jr in 1991, among the three children they had two twins Karli Harvey Raymond and Brandi Harvey  on 20 August 1982 and a son

Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey stayed in their marriage for 14 years and time came, they divorced and the reasons for their divorce where kept secret to them

Immediately after their divorce, Steve Harvey left the children with their mother and he left to continue with his dream career and the children were left with their single mother in 1994

Marcia Harvey got married to Larry Greene

Marcia Harvey early life, age, hardships, parents,

Marcia Harvey early life is unknown, there is no information pertaining to who was her father and mother

All we know is that Marcia Harvey was born 22 January 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Marcia Harvey is mainly known as the first wife of Steve Harvey

How old is Marcia Harvey? Marcia Harvey age

Marcia Harvey is currently 67 years old, she was born in 1944

How tall is Marcia Harvey? Height, weight

Marcia Harvey has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and she weighs 63 kg

Relationship, family, girlfriend, wife, and children

Marcia Harvey produced three children with her Ex-husband        Steve Harvey, They had twins and one son

Broderick Harvey jr in 1991, among the three children they had two twins Karli Harvey Raymond and Brandi Harvey  on 20 August 1982 and a son

Marcia Harvey was married to Steve Harvey for 14 years from 1980-1994, during this time Steve was working as a salesman and he had interest and passion to become a comedian, this resulted the divorce between the two, his wife never wanted Steve to become a comedian

Currently Marcia Harvey is married to Larry Greene

Marcia Harvey Education and career

Marcia Harvey education, she completed high school and joined university  where she studied business administration and management

Where does Marcia Harvey  live? Where is Marcia Harvey now?

Marcia Harvey lives in Cleveland heights, Ohio, United States with her new husband

Daily routine

Awards/ accolarades and achievements

Marcia Harvey Net worth

Marcia Harvey has estimated net worth of $1 million

How Marcia Harvey make her money?

Marcia Harvey made her money through the sale of her books and the jobs she worked on, she receives $6,630 per month from her Ex-Husband which was agreed on in their divorce agreements

Source of his wealth: income streams

What is       monthly and weekly salary? How much money does      earn?

How does     spend his money?


Why is Marcia Harvey famous?

Marcia Harvey became famous after getting married to a comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey

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