Kelly Mi Li net worth net worth, age, salary, bio, family, children, career, early life

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Kelly Mi Li Net worth summary

Original names:                    Kelly Mi Li

Nick name:                            




Net worth:                              $5 million

Source of wealth:                  Entrepreneur

Date of birth:                         13 November 1985

Nationality:                     Chinese-American

Career/ occupation:             




Kelly Mi Li Background and bio

Who is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi Li is a chinese –american entrepreneur and business magnate who was born on 13 November 1985 in china, she rose to fame when she featured in the series “Bling Expire on Netflix, a serie that features the life of rich Asian-American, she is a famous educator and business executive who has accumulated large sums of money from her career

Kelly Mi Liearly life, age, hardships, parents,

Kelly Mi Li early life is not public but what we know is that she was born in China on 13 November 1985 but she migrated to America to work at the University of Illinois with her mother and father, she is 37 years old, but her father failed to get a job in United States and moved back to china

The names of her parents, childhood life are still confidential

How old is Kelly Mi Le?

Kelly Mi Le is 37 years old, she was born on 13 November 1985 in china but migrated to United States

How tall is  Kelly Mi Le? Height, weight

Relationship, family, girlfriend, wife, and children

We have no information pertaining to her husband and children

Kelly Mi Le Education and career

Kelly began her career at the age of 18 for the insurance company , joined the real estate business, she is a philanthropist, she worked as  the international ambassador for prince harry charity

Where does Kelly Mi Le live?

Daily routine

Awards/ accolarades and achievements

Kelly Mi Le Net worth

Kelly Mi Li net worth is estimated to be $5 million

How Kelly Mi Le made her wealth?

Kelly Mi Le made her money working in the real estate business, became a managing partner for Greyscale lab in 2015, she founded wet paws media, she has investments in many tech companies such as Nature Box and MeUndies,

Source of his wealth: income streams

Business, investments, real estate,

What is   Kelly Mi Le monthly and weekly salary? How much money does she earn?

How does Kelly Mi Le spend his money?


Why is   Kelly Mi Le famous?

Kelly Mi Le became famous when she started starring in the Netflix series called “ Bling Empire” and starring in several films and Television shows

Life Lessons and quotes to get inspire you

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