How to start a WordPress blog that makes money in 2021?

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How to start a WordPress blog that makes money in 2021?

Learn how to start a blog, reasons for blogging, how to write a great blog post, choosing your domain name and web hosting, best theme, plugin, and how to make money from a blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that is regularly updated with new content frequently in order to achieve a given goal or objective.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog is updated regularly with new content while a website is not, a website can have a blog where new content is published

Creating a blog in our days is extremely easy but the challenge comes in maintaining it with content all the time. Before creating a blog you should first ask yourself what I am going to blog about.

You should blog on topics that have people searching for them and willing to purchase from you.  Blogging is a way of communicating and transferring information from one person to another,

It is a way of expression, making money online, and a way of expressing your skills.

A website or a blog which one is better?

If your goal is to bring more people to your business and increase your audience, it is better to have a blog.

6 Reasons why you should start a blog?

There are many reasons you should start a blog and here are my few reasons for blogging.

Is there anything you want to write about? If yes why don’t you start a blog, a blog is a way of showcasing what you’re passionate about. You can write about anything you love.

Have you ever thought of starting an online business? Starting a blog is one of the best ways of establishing an online business, a blog will help you market your products, establish an online business, etc

Starting an online business is a great way of building you’re following online, starting a blog will help you become an influencer in your niche and influence other people who are following you.

Starting a blog will help you influence other people who are following you, you can teach and impart knowledge and skills to others using your blog, starting a blog is vital.

No one who does not like to make money, starting a blog can help you achieve this in a long run, why not start your own blog that can generate good money in your pocket.

Starting a blog will help you improve your writing skills, negotiation, and persuasion skills, starting a blog will help you learn new skills.

Among the skills, you will learn to include how to work with WordPress content management systems, Search Engine Optimization, and content creation.

Terms used in this post.

How to start a successful blog?

There are 5 basic steps in starting a blog and they include:

Step 1. How to choose your niche?

To become a successful blogger you need to choose what you what to blog about, you should choose a niche that has a great opportunity for monetization,

Know what you’re passionate about, your skills and capabilities

Here are the best niche ideas:





Affiliate marketing


Real estates




Health and fitness


Step2. Choose a great name for your blog,

Blog name should show the mission of your blog, this will be your brand name so choose it wisely. It is what people will use to search for your website,

For example, for Facebook and for google, choose the right domain name, choose a name that is unique, easy to type and remember,

Step 3. Choose your web host and domain name

There are many different web hosts but I recommend you use Bluehost since it is beginner-friendly, you get a free SSL certificate and domain name, one click WordPress installation, and 24/7 customer support.

How to choose your domain name?

This is the address of your website. There are a number of factors to consider while choosing your domain name, it should be attractive and easy to remember.

 It’s advisable to use the .com extension You need to have your own domain, there are also free domain platforms that exist outside there like blogger, Wix, WordPress,

but I advise you to choose a paid domain because you will have control over your website. A paid domain name is trusted by many people compared to a free domain.

There are 3 ways to choose your domain name and they include:

This helps you to position yourself as an expert in that niche or building your brand.

Use keywords in the niche you want to blog about, this will help to show people directly what your blog is all about,

 Choose a domain name that can easily be memorable for your viewers. Choose your domain name wisely because you will stay with it forever, you won’t change it.

Though some companies provide a free domain name for free, your web hosting will provide you with a free domain for one year and then you register it,

You can register with hosting is bad because you don’t own that blog, you cannot fully monetize it and your domain name will look unprofessional,

They can crack it down anytime they want so it is better you use self-hosting, choose your own domain name, it’s advisable to use the .com extension.

NOTE: if you use the web hosting providers I recommend, you will get a free domain name and SSL Certificate for one year.

I do recommend Bluehost and siteground, web hosting will cost you between $2-$50/month after you have paid for web hosting with your hosting provider,

How to start a blog on Bluehost?

Go >bluehost>get started>choose plan>fill in your details, choose your domain name and pay, the blue host will send you a confirmation message to your email and you confirm your account.

WordPress is the best blogging platform and almost all top bloggers use it, WordPress is the best content management system, it has many functionalities and offers you good chances for google rankings.

Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installation which makes setting your site easy.

 WordPress has over 82 million users across the globe with many plugins and functionalities that help to speed up your website.

There are other blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumblr but WordPress has more functionalities like free themes, plugins to choose from, a good support forum,

Why choose WordPress instead of blogger or Tumblr or Squarespace?

Step 5. Customize your blog


You can install a premium theme or use the free theme of your choice so as to look professional, make your blog navigation easy,

Divi or Magtheme is the best premium theme I recommend, if you cannot use the Astra theme, it is the best free theme

These themes require no coding skills, you can customize your site, and its looks the way you want it to be.

A theme helps to add functionality to your website, you can either choose a free or a paid theme. Choose a theme that focuses on your content, photo or text-based, and one you can easily change your logo. You can also install your new theme.

Why do you need a premium theme?

I do recommend the Divi theme


Plugins add different functionalities to your blog and here are the best plugins to install

Elementor  best page builder

Rank math best SEO plugin

Wordfence best security plugin

WP Super cache  best cache removal plugin

Akismet best Anti-spam plugin

What are the best blog settings you need?

These are the necessary settings you need for your site which you need to change immediately:

Permalink-go to settings-permalinks-post name

Site title –go to settings-general setting-site title and tagline

Comments-go to settings-discussion

Other best blogging advice

Your niche should have good traffic and less competition, you can use tools like ubersuggest and google keyword planner to see the keywords and spy on the competition. Think of all the niches you want to blog about, use the above tools to look at the keywords and the competition.

These are just phrases of words people are searching, short tail keywords can be like “money online” while the long tail can be “how to make money online?” you use keywords that people are searching about.

If you don’t love blogging you will give up early but it is important to know that you benefit in the long run, not in the short run, write posts on topics that you love in your mind.

Check blogs of top sites and see what they are doing, see what they are posting, the way they write their titles, how they share their work on social media, check how they write blog posts, examine the keywords they use.

You can start selling your product or skill to the market using your blog in order to make money.

3. Choosing a webhosting platform.

It is advisable to get your own hosting provider where your content will be hosted, use WordPress as a content management system and get a cheap hosting provider. Use a self-hosted WordPress website.

WordPress almost is being used by all bloggers because it is user-friendly.

Plan your posts ahead of time,

You should have many blog posts on your website that will engage your audience, at least have 10 posts on your blog before publishing

What are the key pages you need on your blog?

What are the reasons why every website needs a blog?

How to write the best Web content?

After you have completed setting up your blog, it is time to start creating content for your website.

Getting traffic is very important if you’re to succeed online, take time and create great content, your title should be well structured, a title gets people’s attention.

Add a lot of spaces, headings, and dot points to your post. People just scan through your post so they should be able to see what they want, use good headings, paragraphs in your post.

Write enough content about your topic, have a post that explains your idea to your viewers, the content should be on the topic under your study.

Always cite and reference your work to show credibility and source of your information, always link to other posts on related topics, this will help create backlinks to your website.

Tips for writing great content.

Great content is key for your website, your content should be able to solve the needs of your audience, and here are the tips to writing great content:

Qualities of successful bloggers.

Patience, earning money from a blog takes time and requires you to be patient and work hard for some time before it brings in returns.

Passion, successful bloggers love what they are doing, without love you can give up easily, they always love writing and updating their posts.

Self-starters, Successful bloggers learn from their mistakes, research, read books, watch videos, and also put into practice what they learn.

Creative, successful bloggers exhibit a high degree of creativity, they create ideas which their audience love to see and solve audience problems

Consistent.  Successful bloggers regularly update their content, they ensure that updated content is uploaded to their audience.

What are the best Ways to increase your blog readership and blog traffic?

How to make money from a blog?

There are many ways in which you can make money from you blog and they include:

Lastly make the world know that you exist.

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