how to start a blog website for writers, freelancers and Arthurs?

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How to start a blog or website for writers & freelancersin 2021?

Are you a writer or a freelancer? Discover the best way to start a writer’s website or blog in just one day.

It is extremely hard to become successful as a writer or freelancer without a website

If you tell people am a writer, they will ask for your portfolio or your past samples of your work

Where do you refer them to? Other people’s website, this can partially help you but reduces your portfolio

As a writer, you need your personal writing website which will act as a shop to market your skills online

Like me now:

If I tell people that am a freelance writer, blogger & digital marketing consultant, it is easy for them to believe


My website or company answers it, am the guy behind this website, am a non tech person but I run this successful website, you too can do it

Why not create or start your writing website today?

This is a step by step guide to help you set up a blog on Bluehost& show case you’re writing portfolio to enable you make money from it.

You don’t need to be technical to set up you blog on Bluehostbecause with the introduction of software like WordPress, there is no need of coding knowledge.

You can just get started today

This is a great way to make your name known in the world that you’re a freelance writer for hire

Bluehost offers you services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller hosting

All you need is a shared hosting plan that starts at  $2.95/month, offers the fastest web hosting service, they have a fast loading speed and performance,

Beside the above, you get a free domain name & SSL certificate for one year

No More stress, Start your writing portfolio today

Bluehost is one of the best Web hosting companies with great customer care, fast loading speed and great features to help you succeed online

Note: offers free domain name for one year, majority of the web hosting companies make you incur a cost of buying a domain name but with bluehost you get it freely

A domain name registration can cost you over $10, with buehost it is free for one year.

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

Why did I choose Bluehost for hosting your blog?

•        Good customer service 24/7

•        Recommended by WordPress as a best web hosting provider

•        99.9% uptime

•        Fast loading speed

•        Free domain name

•        Good performance

•        Free SSL certificate

Getting freelance writing is easier if you possess you own website better than keeping contributing & developing other people’s website

Besides earning money as a freelancer, you website opens up opportunities to earn money through blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online and all you need to know is how to start a blog on Bluehost, blog monetization and how to bring traffic to your site.

What do you need to start a blog on Bluehost?

•        Domain name

•        Web hosting

How to pick your domain name?

Your domain name is the address people will use to reach your site

Choose a domain that is:

  • Easy to remember
  • Short & precise maximum 3 words
  • Keyword focussed
  • Use a .com extension

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

You can also choose to use your name as your domain name

For example there are success include, &

All those freelance writer’s websites & blogs use their personal names & they are successful

Bluehosthosting price starts at $2.95/month& you get a domain name for free

Domain name is the URL (name) of your website while web hosting is purchasing the server space where your files are stored

What is the best blogging platform?

There are many platforms you can use to start a blog and they include:

Weebly, blogger, WordPress etc

I highly recommend that you use because it offers the best features to increase your search engine visibility offers the best content management system for your writer’s website.

Over 34.5% of all websites in the world use WordPress so it is trusted by top brands in the industry.

Best way to start a blog on Bluehost for writers & freelancers

Let’s dive deep into starting a blog on Bluehost

How to start a blog on Bluehost in 10 minutes

We need to have a domain name and web hosting

Step1: Go to > go to new domain

Follow the instructions & pay for hosting

Step: Choose a hosting plan

I do recommend that you choose basic plan if you’re just starting your new website and if you’re interested in creating several websites choose the other plans

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

Click on get plan;

Step 2: Choose your domain name

A domain name is an address for your website, it should be unique, simple to remember and should tell what your blog is about.

Enter your blog domain name and click on proceed or enter your existing domain name and proceed

Step 3: Enter your hosting information and billing/ payment details

Fill in the account details and make payments

You can choose to pay for 12, 24 and 36 months, the more you pay upfront, the greater the discount you get.

Note: Always choose the data centre where you expect to receive most of your visitors.

To benefit from the discount offered by Bluehost, pay upfront for 36 months and you will get the highest discount

Remember that renewal prices go up after expiry of your first online payment.

Step 4: Uncheck addition services you don’t need at the start like sitelock, site backup, positive SSL and SEO tools to reduce on extra costs.

Step 5: Review your account details and checkout.

After you have created an account proceed and install WordPress on Bluehost

How to install WordPress Bluehost?


Step 1: Login into bluehost account, go to my accounts and then cpane

Step 3: Click the install WordPress and your site will be created.

Congratulations: you have started a blog on Bluehost

To go to your WordPress dashboard

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

Go to to login and enter your user name and password.

Go to your site settings & make sure that the perma links are on checked on “post name”


Because it is good for SEO

How to customize and make you blog successful?

  1. You can install a new theme

A theme determine the look of your website, professionally looking websites use a premium theme

What are the best WordPress theme to use on your Bluehost blog?

•        Divi theme, the best theme I recommend from Elegant themes

•        Astra theme, the best freemium theme

I advise you if you’re interested in your blog being professional you use a premium theme

You have already started a blog on Bluehost

What pages should a writer or freelancer website have?

What pages do you need to have on your writer’s blog?

Now it is time to start creating our pages

These are the essential pages you need on a freelance or writer website

•        About us

This pages tells your visitors what your writer or freelance website is about, it should have a small bio of yourself & your company & should hook our audience

•        Portfolio

As a freelancer or writer, this is where you disclose your previous samples of your work to your clients so that they can look at it

Make sure to include quality articles you created

•        Privacy policy

On this page you need to disclose that your collecting data about the behaviour of your visitors & you will keep their data private

•        Disclaimer

If you decide to earn money through selling products online, you must disclosure your relationship with the products by saying that you will earn a commission whenever someone makes a purchase visa your affiliate link

•        Blog

This is a page that will show your latest or popular blog posts to your audience

•        Contact us

This is the page people will use to contact you in case they want to hire or consult you, it is advisable you use a contact plugin to help you with this

But don’t display your email address here because you will get a lot of spammers in your email

•        Resources page

This is where you put resources to your useful tools that you usually use and recommend to your audience

•        Hire me/Work with me

This is the time to make people hire you as a writer or freelancer

Tell them you’re available for hire or work.

This is the time to sell your services to their, you can combine this page together with the services page

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

2.      Install plugins

Plugins add functionalities to your WordPress website or blog.

What plugins do I recommend you to install?

•        Yoast: Best SEO plugin to help you rank high in search engines

•        Redirection

•        Akismetanti spam to protect you from spams

•        Jetpack

  • Google analytics: to help you monitor behaviour of your site visitors

•        W3 Total cache: to help remove caches so that your site loads faster

  • Contact form 7: best plugin to help you create a contact me/us page without having to show your email

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

How do write your first blog post on your writer or freelance website?

I advise you to write long form content to increase your search engine rankings on the web

As a writer & freelancer, you need to show case to your audience which will help editors to hire you to do work for them

How to promote your blog or website our writing on your website, you need to create 7 publish quality content

Use your website or blog to market yourself & I can promise you if done well

The returns to your investment are great

I advise you to write with an SEO in mind so that your content ranks well in the search engines

What should you do after creating content?

After you have created your posts you need to start promoting your blog to make it visible

This can be done by leveraging social media or your email list.

Send the blog post to your email list in case you have

It is advisable that you create an email list from day one of your blog

You can start with a free email provider like mailchimp that offers its services to clients up to 2,000 subscribers

Start to do guest posting so as to make your name visible in the search engines, this will help you create backlinks to your website/

How to monetize your blog and start making money?

As a freelance writer, you can add on your writing income by using other techniques to help you increase your revenue in many ways as your traffic increases

There are very many ways you can make money from your blog and they include:

•        Affiliate marketing

•        Google adsense

•        Sponsored posts

•        Etc

How to start a blog for writers & freelancers in 2021?

Thanks for reading our guide on how to start a blog on Bluehost for writers & freelancers.

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