How to increase traffic to your Blog or website 2021? 30 best proven ways explained.

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How to increase traffic to your Blog or website 2021? 30 best proven ways explained.

Do you have a blog and still thinking of how you will increase traffic to your blog/website? Here I present the proven methods to get traffic to your blog.

If you haven’t started your blog, we have a step by step guide that will teach you whatever you want to learn to start your blog in 10 minutes

Why is blog and website traffic important?

A blog is a website that is regularly updated with new content in a chronological order

A blog without traffic is meaningless; you need to have people who are reading your content on a daily basis

In this article we will look at how we can bring this traffic to your website

Without traffic your blog or website is useless, no one is reading your content, you should set a goal to get targeted traffic that converts into customers and viewers.

It discourages to create great content and checking your analytics and find out no views that you have registered already, views don’t just come, you have to work hard and start building it

When you put these ways into practice your traffic will increase.

Types of traffic

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Social media traffic
  3. Referral traffic
  4. Paid traffic

Organic traffic is one where your content appears in the search engine results page, visitors land to your website via the search engine like without you paying any money

This is far the best type of traffic you need for your site because people will land on your site to find a solution to their problems

If you content solves that problem, they will stick on your site and if it doesn’t they will bounce back

How do you get organic traffic?

You get organic traffic through search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your site so as it appears in the search engine results

How do you do SEO?

You do keyword research to see what your audience is interested in, create content that solves their problems, you put your keywords in the title, headers, Meta descriptions and tags

The downside with organic traffic is that it takes time for your articles to reach in the first pages of the search engine results

But once your articles gains traction, your traffic will increase organically

Social media traffic

Social media traffic is the one that is got as a result of sharing your content on social media

Social media platforms to share your content include Facebook, pinterest, linkedin etc

The best social media platform I recommend is Pinterest because it will help drive the most traffic

Pinterest works well for bloggers and it has a population of over 400 million active users

It works as a visual search engine

Pinterest drives much traffic to many bloggers compared to other social media platform

All you need is to learn how pinterest works and figure out what value it will create to you.

I highly recommend pinterest if you interested in getting traffic fast

3. Referral traffic

Referral traffic is the traffic one gets as a result of other websites linking to your site

This can be built by building backlinks through guest posting or creating content that people love to link to

  • Paid traffic

Paid traffic is where you pay search engines to place your content on the first page results or you pay so that people can view your website

This type of traffic works well if you’re sending people to a high converting offer otherwise you will be paying for traffic that results into no sale

Do not use this if your sending people to your blog post articles that are not intended to make a sale

Send people to a high converting offer or sales page

You can pay, or yahoo, to promote

How do you bring traffic to your blog?

Let’s now start with the basics of starting a website

  1. Choose the right topic/ Niche

Topics are very important if you’re interested in generating traffic to your blog or website, choose topics people are interested in, this can be done to using keyword researchtools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo these will help you know the monthly search volumes, relevant keywords and the search difficulty.

You should write about topics your passionate about and those which your audience are interested in reading

If you write about topics people are not interested in, no one will read your posts

  • Write content that drives lots of traffic

Research has shown that different content bring traffic differently, content that brings in lots of traffic include how to guides, info graphics and list posts

Your content should have an enticing title, heading and sub headers to separate your work

Remember people will scan your content to see whether it solves their problems and if not, they will leave immediately

  • Value addition

Whenever you write content ask yourself what value is it adding to your audience, people are interested in solving their problems, provide solutions and your content will get lots of traffic

People are not interested in reading about you; they are interested in what is there for them

Always create content that adds value to your audience

  • Create large content

Creating large content compared to existing one will help you get more traffic since it will provide a lot of value compared to small posts, this is referred to skyscraper technique by Brian Dean of Backlinko.

Content is king, you need to create long form content that answers all your audience questions fully

It should be able to solve their problems

These days search engines have tried to penalise thin content, I recommend creating content that is at least 1,000 words

  • Write great and attention grabbing headlines

Headlines give the first impression whether someone will read your blog post or not, the headline should grab the attention of the reader,

Proven headlines that bring in good traffic to blogs include

  1. Number

“800 best affiliate programs in 2020”

  • Use words like best, great, fascinating , incredible

“Incredible best WordPress plugins “

  • Include names of influencers in your post

Influencers will help you to increase your outreach to your audience, this is by linking to your content or sharing it to their audience, this in turn increases your traffic.

You can use blog outreach tools to get emails and connect to influencers. You can also invite influencers to contribute to your blog content creation

  • Start an  email list

An email list is very important because it will keep people coming back to your blog, money is in the email list, get people’s email list from the beginning,

Make your viewers to sign to your email list, whenever you send emails containing content, always link to your blog posts which are relevant to your audience.

Use HelloBar to collect emails from your viewers and Thriveleads for lead generation

  • Include visuals in your content

Visuals encourage viewers to spend more time on your blog posts, these may include images, tables and graphs

  • Use a good looking theme

A theme is very important to your site since it will also determine whether someone should stay on your blog or leave, here are the best WordPress themes that are mobile and desktop friendly to use.

Use themes are supper fast with good loading time, use tools like google mobile friendly test.

  1. Don’t use many ads on your post

Ads distract viewers from staying on your website, this increases the bounce rate

  1. Comment on blogs with high traffic

Comment on blogs with articles related to your niche, by commenting, add value to other blogs and this will bring traffic to your blog,

  1. Comment on you tube video

By commenting on other videos can help bring traffic to your site, all you have to do is to add value to the video your commenting,

This will help bring referral

  1. Do backlink

Link to related content on your blog, this will help to keep your audience on your blog and also link to other blog posts on different sites with related content.

  1. Guest post on websites with higher traffic

Write articles and put them on other people’s blog, write great guest posts and add value to other blog

  1. Always post unique content from your post while guest posting
  2. Do SEO for best keywords

SEO is very important because it increases the visibility of your site in the search engines, use the keywords people are searching for and optimize for the search engines.

Learn SEO

SEO is very important, it will help you to rank well in the organic search engines, you should include your relevant keyword phrases in the title, Meta descriptions, alt tags, headlines, and optimize your images.

  1. Do video marketing on You Tube

Start a you tube channel, this will keep bringing visitors to your site, create good engaging content and put a link to your website,

YouTube is the second visited website in the world, posting your videos on You Tube will increase your rankings and also increase on the traffic sources

Create content that is engaging, sharable, and interesting

  1. Be active in Facebook groups,

JoinFacebook groups and offer value to people, share posts that answer people’s questions, add social share buttons to your blog to allow people to share your content on social media

  1. Become active on social media,

Join social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, and Instagram, share your posts and content on the social media and encourage other people to share your posts.

  • Build backlinks

Links are very important, you need both internal and external links, google use this as a measure of the quality of your website

You need to build links in the best way possible to that you don’t get any penalty from in the best way possible

  • Write about trending topics

Trending topics can help you bring traffic to your website, write about these topics related to your niche

  •,  after creating an account, go to match app and click yes on everybody, all these people will request to be your friends

What is the best way to bring traffic to your website/blog?

We have looked at organic traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic and social media traffic

But now our question is, which is the best way to bring traffic to your website?

The best way to bring traffic to your website is to create more content, it doesn’t make sense to promote a blog with few articles, you need to have many articles which your audience will read before promoting them

The traffic a site with 50 good quality articles cannot be the same as the traffic of a site with 10 articles

Content is king, by creating more content you have many fish in the pond compared with someone with few articles

If you cannot create the content by yourself, you can hire content creators from Fiverr, Flexjobs or textbroker

The more content you create, the more traffic you will get, more content is like diversifying your possibilities of being visible in the search engine results

What next after you have created your content?

Start a Pinterest business account corresponding to your blog name and start creating pins for your website

Create at least three to 3-4 pins for each article you have,

Schedule your pins using Tailwind the best pinterest scheduling tool

Join boards and tailwind tribes to help you bring eye balls to your new site

Continue pinning your articles and also sharing your pins to your followers

As the traffic will increase


The best 2 ways to bring traffic fast to you’re by creating more content and making use of pinterest

Now it is your turn

What is your opinion of our best ways to get traffic to your website?

Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments bellow

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