How much does it cost to start a blog in Uganda, India, China, Nigeria, USA, South Africa & UK? Blogging cost checklist

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How much does it cost to start a blog in Uganda, India, China, Nigeria, USA, South Africa & UK? Blogging cost checklist

web hosting cost
web hosting cost

How much does designing, developing & hosting a website or blog in Uganda cost?

In this guide, you will discover all the likely costs you will encounter when you decide to start a website or blog in 2021, this is a breakdown of all the costs involved

web hosting costs from $0.99-$100/month depending on the plan you choose to pay for

Bluehost start at $2.95/month while Hostgator starts at $2.75/month

Discover how much it will cost you to design, develop & host your website or blog in 2021,

What is a website or a blog? How are they different?

A website is a collection of web pages that are static while a blog is a collection of web pages & posts that are updated regularly

Reasons for starting a website or blog in 2021?

There are over 4.2 billion internet users in the world & over 500 million blogs & websites

This is a huge population which provided you with a globe market for your goods or services

There are over 31.7 million bloggers in USA alone

Why do people go to websites or blog?

  • To find solutions to their problems
  • To be entertained
  • To be educated
  • To be engaged
  • To buy products
  • To make research about a product

What are the common types of websites or blog?

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Personal websites
  • Product review websites
  • Authors websites
  • Business websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Celebrity or gossip websites

How much does it cost to start a website or blog in Uganda, Kenya, India, China & Nigeria?

The costs involved in designing your blog or website in 2021 will depend on the complexity of your website.

In my own experience designing & hosting website in 2021, I have passed through all these expenses & now I have decided to share with you what your likely to spend in the website design process so that you don’t get cheated

The cost depends on whether you decide to hire a developer or designer or design a website/blog by yourself

What expenses will you encounter while designing & developing your website or blog in 2021?

  1. Purchasing Web hosting
  2. Purchasing a domain name
  3. Getting Free or premium theme
  4. Plugins
  5. SEO tools
  6. Content creators
  7. Cost of the web designer

How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting will range from $35.4 (shs. 127,000) to $64.5 (shs.232,000) per annum

What are the major stages in web development?

  • Getting a domain name
  • Purchasing web hosting
  • Web site design & development
  • Website maintenance

Now let’s look at the above in details

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name of your website people will search to get to your site

It is an address of your site, it uniquely identifies your site from other websites

Qualities of good domain name

  • Unique
  • Easy to remember
  • Talk about what your site is about

How much does it cost to get a domain name?

Domain names costs $8-$16 per annum

This will depend on the domain extension you choose to move with, domain extensions include .com, .org, .uk, .ug, .biz etc

There are many domain extensions but we highly recommend that you go with extension if you’re in commercial business or .org if you’re an organisation

Country specific domain name extensions like .ug, .uk, .au etc are more expensive compred to a .com extensions

The best domain name registrars in the world include:

  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy

Fortunately most web hosting providers like Bluehost, Dreamhost offers you with a free domain name for one year, this is an advantage for you to take

How much does it take to host a website in Uganda, Kenya, India, China & Nigeria?

Web hosting refers to purchasing or getting a server space where your website files will be stored & retrieved whenever someone searches for them online

A server is a computer that is connected to the internet 27/7 where website files are stored

You web host you choose will affect the loading speed of your site, uptime & functionalities of your website

Web hosting will cost you between $34.5- $74.5 per year when you choose to go with a shared web hosting plan.

Shared web hosting plan is where your website files are sharing the same server resources with other websites

Your website shares the same server space with others, this is cheaper compared to other types of web hosting

What are the best web hosting service providers for new bloggers?

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • Siteground
  • Hostinger

From the 4 above, I recommend that you start a blog on Bluehost because it is affordable, has good customer service, free SSL & domain for one year etc,

What are the types of web hosting?

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Cloud web hosting
  • VPS hosting

I recommend that if you’re just starting, go for shared web hosting because it is cheap & affordable compared to others

What costs will you incur in web development process?

The costs involved will depend on how hard or simple you want your website to be

What are the factors to consider while choosing a web host?

  • Site speed
  • Uptime
  • Amount of storage space available
  • backup
  • Customer support
  • Initial & renewal price
  • Security
  • Money back guarantee

What are the mistakes to avoid while purchasing a web host?

  • Going for a free web host
  • Not reading reviews
  • Going for cheap offers
  • Buying wrong hosting plan
  • Purchasing addons that you don’t require
  • Hosting your site with a new web host
  • Purchasing hosting for longer periods
  • Choosing a web host with no refund policy

What should be included on your website?

  • Dynamic pages i.e home page, contact page, privacy policy, services page, disclaimer etc
  • Logo
  • Content management system
  • Graphics/ images
  • Social media integration

The website with all the above features will cost you more than $416 (shs.1,500,000) to design it

This is the minimum you can ever get from an expert designer & the expenses may go up to $2778 for a more complex website

Let’s look at the total expenses you will encounter in the process of designing & developing your website in 2021.

  • Domain name $15
  • Web hosting $63.6
  • Free or premium theme $0-$49/month
  • Web design & development $417
  • Total expenses $495=shs1,782,000

How to reduce the website/ blog design expenses?

Go with a web hosting provider that offers you with a free domain name for one year like Bluehost or dreamhost

Here you will save $15 on domain name registration, use our affiliate link, you will get web hosting at over 63% discount

Web hosting & domain name registration are renewed every year so you should be willing to incur these expenses for your online business to continue shriving

Other costs you are likely to enter?

  1. Content creation

A website is nothing or useless without the content, so you should be willing to put in effort to create your content

If you can’t create content, you can hire content creators like me to do it for you.

I charge $100 for 1,500 word article I create so if you’re in need of my service contact me at

In case you need more content creators, you can hire someone from:

  • Fiverr
  • Flexjobs
  • Contena
  • SEO

SEO is all about increasing your web pages or posts rankings in the search engine

Hoping that this article has been of value to you?

This is a summary of what we have looked at:

  • Cost of starting a blog in Uganda, Kenya, USA, UK, China &  Nigeria
  • Cost of web hosting in Uganda, Kenya, USA, UK, China &  Nigeria
  • Cost of getting a domain name in Uganda, Kenya, USA, UK, China &  Nigeria

Note: This guide also applies to the following?

How much does it cost to start a blog, design & development in anguilla, algeria, americansamoa, angola, andorra, albania, antigua and barbuda, aruba, argentina, armenia, australia, austria, azerbaijan, azores, bhutan,

bahamas, benin, brazil, belarus, bosnia and herzegovina, bangladesh, belgium, bruneidarussalam, bahrain, british virgin islands, burkinafaso, botswana, barbados, burundi, belize, bolivia, bulgaria, chile,

canary islands, cambodia, cameroon, central african republic, cayman islands, comoros, czech republic, cote d’ivoire, cook islands, cape verde, china, costa rica, congo, colombia, canada, cyprus, croatia,

chad, denmark, djibouti, dominica, dominican republic, equatorial guinea, el salvador, estonia, , egypt, ecuador, eritrea, east timor, ethiopia, frenchguiana, faroe islands, falkland islands (malvinas), france, fiji, frenchpolynesia, federated states of micronesia, finland,

guernsey, germany, georgia, guam, gibraltar, grenada, gabon, ghana, greece, guinea-bissau, guyana, guatemala, greenland, guinea, hongkong, haiti, honduras, hungary, iceland, isle of man, ireland, india,

italy, , indonesia, israel, japan, jamaica, jersey, jordan, kenya, kazakhstan, kiribati, kyrgyzstan, kuwait, latvia, liberia, lesotho, lebanon, liechtenstein, lao people’s democratic republic, lithuania,

luxembourg, martinique, namibia, mozambique, malawi, mali, madagascar, morocco, montserrat, macedonia, mauritius, mongolia, moldova, mexico, montenegro, mauritania, maldives, monaco, macau, mayotte, malta, niger, nepal, northern mariana islands, norway,

netherlands, new caledonia, netherlandsantilles, nicaragua, nigeria, new zealand, oman, paraguay, panama, pakistan, portugal, peru, papua new guinea, puertorico, philippines, poland, qatar, russian federation, reunion, romania, rwanda, switzerland, san marino, saint kitts and nevis, sierra leone, saint lucia, srilanka, suriname, swaziland, south africa, somalia, , saint vincent and the grenadines, serbia, senegal, seychelles, solomon islands, saint pierre and miquelon, south korea, sweden, samoa, saudiarabia, sao tome and principe, slovenia, slovakia, spain, singapore, turks and caicos islands, turkmenistan, togo, tanzania, tajikistan, thailand, turkey, tonga, trinidad and tobago, the gambia, taiwan, tunisia, tuvalu, united states,

ukraine, uganda, uzbekistan, uruguay, united arab emirates, united kingdom, vanuatu, vietnam, virgin islands (u.s.), vatican, venezuela, zambia, yemen, zimbabwe.?

How much will it cost you to start a blog or website in 2021?

  • $64.5-$496

What are the pages your website/blog needs?

•        Home page

•        About page

•        Contact page

•        Privacy policy

•        Disclaimer

•        Services page

•        Blog page

In case you have any question, feel free to ask us or comment with your opinion about his post

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