How can I calculate my GPA? [Cumulative Grade point average the quickest method with examples]

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Calculating your own cumulative grade point average/ CGPA is what almost any student is interested in learning but the methods being taught are not giving you the quickest way

Having been a university student for 3 years, this is the article I wish I had read when I got started calculating my cumulative grade point average

Grade point average is the mean of all your grade scores divided by total number of credit hours/ credit units obtained within that single semester or term

Cumulative Grade Point Average refers to the sum of all the grade scores obtained divided by the number of credit units/credit hours

Grade point average refers to the average of the student grade obtained within a study period. It is determined by the number of credit hours allocated to every course unit

Why calculate GPA?

GPA is a better reflection of how the student performed academically within that study period 

GPA is mainly used while applying for a scholarship, financial support, post graduate studies, job search and also in leadership positions; they look at your past performance

GPA is obtained by multiplying the final grade obtained in a course unit by the credit hours allocated to that module or subject and then divided by the sum of credit hours [cu]


What is the formula to calculate your GPA in college?

GPA = ∑[Grade score x CU]/ ∑CU

Where CU represents number of hours allocated to that course unit or modules in a semester

GPA= Total number of grade scores/ credit units or hours

Every course unit has a number credits assigned to it,

To calculate you CGPA [cumulative grade point average] you need

  1. Grade in the course units
  2. Number of credit hours of the course unit in a week

Steps to take while calculating your CGPA

  1. Multiply the grade obtained in a course unit by its credit hours
  2. Sum up all the above [grade x Cu] obtained in every course unit in a semester
  3. Divide the results by the sum of all the credit hours


The formulae for calculating the CGPA is:

GPA = Sum of all grade score  x credit hours divided by the sum of credit hours obtained within that semester

1.e GPA =∑Grade score x credit hours/ ∑credit hours

CGPA  =∑Grade score x credit hours/ ∑credit units within all the semesters you have attended

How to calculate GPA of a semester?

GPA of a semester = ∑grade score obtained within a semester x number of credit hours/ ∑credit hours within that semester


Below is a table of all the marks I obtained in my first semester as a bachelor of science in quantitative economics at Makerere university, Calculate my GPA of that semester?

Course unitgradeCredit hours[CU]Grade scores value 
Elements of sociology and anthropology’’’’’’’’’’‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’    B*3A*=5D=2
Computer literacyB4A=5E=1.5
Introduction to micro economicsA*3B*=4.5E-=1
Calculus IB3B=4 
Linear AlgebraC*3C*=3.5 
Descriptive statistics IB*3C=3 
Probability theory IA3D*=2.5 

From the table above, calculate my Grade point Average GPA for my first semester?

From above

GPA of a semester = Sum of grade score x Credit hours [CU]/

GPA in a semester =[4.6 x 3 plus 4 x 4 plus 5 x 3 plus 4 x 3 plus 3.5 x3 plus 4.5 x 3 plus 5 x 3] divided by [3 plus 4 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3]

If you add well

My GPA for the semester = 4.34


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