Difference between “it is worth it” or “it is worthy” mean the same?

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When should you use it is worth it or it is worthy in your sentences? How are these two words different from each other? What do these words mean?

The words “it is worth it or it is worthy” have different meanings and they are used at different times

Both “it is worth it and it is worthy it” are used to show value in something, if something is more valuable we say it “is worth it” if it is not valuable we say “it is not worth it”

But if we are inquiring about the value of something we many say “is it worth it?”

So “it is worth it” is in present tense, it is used to show or inquire about the value of something at that particular time (present time)

What does “it is worth it mean”?

It is worth it means that something you own, bought or have it is worth the price you’re asking, someone can also say it is worth doing, purchasing, your time, something you bought or acquired is greater than the money or time you spent to get it

It means that something or an item is worth the price or the time it took you to get it,  e.g I spent $100 on web hosting for my blog but it was worth it, meaning that web hosting was equivalent to $100 I spent on it

So it is worth it mainly works well when you’re talking about the money you spent or the time it took you to acquire something

Examples of sentences using it is worth it

  1. I have bought this laptop today but it is worth it, meaning it is worth the money I spent to acquire it
  2. I going to pay $4,000 tuition but it is worth it, meaning that the knowledge and the skills I will get after will be worth the money I spent
  3. You spent $1,000 on a pen, is it worth it? Here someone is wondering whether the value you will get from a pen is worth $1,000

So the word “it is worth it” is used to show the value you will get from something, it means that something is good enough, it is used to show that something is really good enough to buy or acquire

“It is worthy” is an abstract term that is being used to show abstract value, it is mainly not used with money, it is used in honor of something, so it is mainly used on things that can’t quantified, it is more of being qualitative

These two phrases can also be used when trying to inquire about the value of something

Examples of using it is worthy

  1. It is worthy being in the presence of the lord, this meanings that the time you spend in presence of the lord is good enough
  2. This essay is worthy an “A” This sentence means that the essay is good enough

Which is the correct way to say it “worth to do” or worth doing”?

Both words are grammatically correct but what makes them wrong is the way you use them in a sentence


  1. You have thrown your rubbish in the compound, is it worth doing?
  2. You have thrown the rubbish in the dustbin, it is worth to do

What is the difference between “worth to do and worth doing”?

Worth to do is used when you have done something right, but worth doing is used when you’re inquiring to see whether something you have done is right or wrong

Can we say “it doesn’t worth it, it isn’t worth it or it’s not worth it? Which one is grammatically correct?

“It doesn’t worth it is grammatically wrong, we can’t say that but now we have two options remaining “it isn’t worth it” and it’s not worth it” these two almost mean the same thing


  1. You bought your laptop at $5,000, it isn’t worth it, meaning that the value of that laptop is not equal to $5,000
  2. I will travel to United States by road, it isn’t worth it

Comparing these two sentences, you will see that the correct term to use is “it isn’t worth it,

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Common questions related to it is worth or it is worthy

  1. Is it worth or worthy?

The correct statement is “is it worth?” here someone is inquiring about the value that will be derived from something,  for example, you bought a laptop at $1,000, is it worth, is the value that will be obtained from the laptop equal or greater than the amount you spent to get it

  • Is worthy to do?

 This sentence sounds grammatically correct for example going to school is worthy to do, meaning that it is right to go to school

  • Is it worth doing, is it worthy or worth it, worth to have it, both are grammatically correct but what makes them wrong is the way you use those phrases
  • How do you use worthy in a sentence?

Worthy is used when you interested in discovering or showing the value derived from doing or purchasing something,

For example

This article is worthy 5 star rating

Your essay is worthy an A

  • Is it worth the price meaning?

In this question someone is inquiring to see whether the value he will get from something is equal or greater than the price or time he will spent to acquire it

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