Can a website make you rich? 10 best ways a website will make you rich

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Can a website make you rich? 10 best ways a website will make you rich

Have you ever asked yourself can a website make you rich? So today am giving 10 best ways a website can make you rich

To become rich with a website you need to be solving problems which are affecting a large multitude of people

So before you start a website you need to know which problems are you solving?

Does the problem affect a large audience? Does your audience have the capacity to buy products which you will recommend? Are you passionate about what you’re going to blog about? Can you create content about your niche without hesitation or getting tired?

If the answer to the above question is yes, now you’re on your path to becoming rich from a website

So why do you make money from a website? How do you get rich from a website anyway?

To become rich from a website, you need to be providing value, and people will be paying you because of the value you create to them

You will get paid according to the problems you solve on your website

So if you’re interested in becoming rich online, solve problems

The more problems you solve, the more money you will get

So before starting a website ask yourself what is that problem am I going to solve?

If you solve a million dollar problem, you will become a millionaire, if it is a billion dollar problem you will become a billionaire and if it is 5 figure problem, you will earn 5 figure income

So what should you do to become rich from a website?

Solve problems, money will come

You should create content that is geared towards solving the problems which your audience is facing

All your content should be focused about your audience, not you


You have got it, if you want to be rich from a website, solve problems

Once you have solved problems, you will now apply the following ways to become rich from your website

Become rich from a website through advertising

Once your website has got enough traffic companies in your niche will come to you to allow them advertise their products to your audience

So you will charge brands which are interested in solving the problems which your audience is facing

In this you can charge from $50-$5,000 per advert, this is a great way to earn income from your website in order to become rich

Become rich from a website through ads

Once your site is established, you can allow to place adverts on the content on your website

In this google will pay you per 1,000 views or impression

So you will be paid from $0-$100 per 1,000 views, the amount you earn will depend on your niche and the location of your audience

If your audience is from US, the cost per thousand views is high compared when views are from third world countries

So google ads is just the starting point, once you website reaches  10,000 views per month you can advance to a premium ad network

Become rich online from premium ad network

Premium ad networks pays high CPM (cost per a thousand views) compared to how much google ads will pay you

The down side to premium ad network is that they have minimum requirements when it comes to traffic level and number of sessions

They can pay you from $0-$100 per a thousand impression depending on your niche and audience

So what are the best ad networks to join?

  1. Ezoic: Once your traffic is less than 10,000 monthly views
  2. Monumetrics: Join once you reach 10,000 monthly views
  3. Mediavine: join once you reach 50,000 monthly sessions
  4. Adthrive: Join once you reach 100,000 monthly views

Those are my top 4 premium ad networks I recommend for you to join once you meet their minimum requirements

Can you become rich from a website using ad networks?

Yes but it depends on the number of views and the rate of conversion

Some website owners make from $0-$50,000 monthly from ads

Become rich from a website through sponsorships

Sponsorship is where brands come to you requesting you to write or speak about their product for a pay

You will charge companies depending on the amount of traffic you have

Some website owners charge from $50-$10,000 per sponsored post

So can you become rich from a website through sponsored post?

The answer is yes

Become rich from a website by creating online courses

Is there any skill you have that you can teach it online to other people? If yes why not turn your website into a learning centre

There are platforms like thinkific or teachable which will help to create and sell online courses directly on your website

You can charge anyway from $10-$5,000 per student


Adam enfroy from made over $190,000 just from an online course in just one month

That is how much you can make from selling courses

Alex and Lauren from makes over $1 million from just selling courses

Jim and Rick from makes millions of dollars from their project24 course

By creating an online course on your website, your life can change because people are interested in learning new skills

Become rich from your website through Memberships

Do you have content that is hard to get freely online? If yes why not turn your website into a membership site so that people can pay you to get access to that content

You can charge anyway from $5-$100 per person who becomes a member to your website

Assuming you get 1,000 people to become members and each pays $5/month, you will have $5,000 monthly

Become rich from a website by selling your own products

Once you have an established audience, you can decide to create and sell products to your audience

Your audience will be willing to purchase products from you, you can create and sell ebooks, crafts, templates and software

Become rich from a website through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to selling other people’s products to earn a commission whenever a sale is made

There is almost affiliate programs in every niche, to become successful at affiliate marketing you need to promote products that you have used and fully trust

All you need is to search for affiliate programs within your niche, join them and you will be given an affiliate link which you can use to promote the product

Once someone buys a product via your link, you will earn a commission

Commission will range from 0%-100% while other affiliate programs have a fixed rate which they pay to their affiliates

So we have compiled a list of over 2,000 affiliate programs for you to choose from

Become rich from a website via flipping

Flipping is the process selling and buying domain names

Once your site is established with a good traffic and earnings, you can decide to sell it

Websites sell from 20-60 times the monthly income it is incurring now

For example if your site makes $10,000/month and you decide to sell it

You can sell it for $200,000-$600,000

What if your site was earning $100,000/month

This site can be sold for $2M-$6M

So are you still complaining that you cannot become rich from a website?

What are you waiting for to start a website?

You can start your site from $2.97/month from Bluehost

We have a complete guide to help you start and launch your website in the most efficient way without any hustle


Can you become rich from a website?

The best answer yes, it is possible

How can you become rich from a website?

You can become rich from a website through affiliate marketing, selling courses, advertising, offering services, selling products and selling your website