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Earning free money has been simple in 2021, there are many individuals who are earning a good income by making use of these free offers

What is free money?

Free money is that money you earn with minimal effort, it can be through signing up for a service or recommending people to a product

So what are people doing to earn free money?

These are the best ways people are using to earn free money without putting much of their work and time

  1. Taking online surveys
  2. Max out your 401(k)
  3. Earning cash back on shopping
  4. Signing up for a product
  5. Earning free stock
  6. Make use of credit card rewards
  7. Making use of bank bonus offers
  8. Joining writing competition
  9. Getting grants, bursaries or sponsorship

Taking online surveys to earn over $140

There are many companies that are willing to pay you to participate in online market surveys, watch videos and also perform some small tasks for a pay

These survey sites include:

  1. User interviews

User interviews pays you from $40-$100/hour of your time to participate in market surveys


Respondent has the best survey offers for people in USA, they will offer you free money to participate in their market research surveys

They pay up to $140/hour for your time

  • Survey junkie

Survey junkie offers you an opportunity to participate in online surveys and pays you via PayPal

They offer gift cards and cash offers via PayPal

Inboxdollars pays you to participate in their online surveys, you will get free $5 for just signing up to receive those online surveys directly to your email address

Swagbucks offers you $35 per survey and a $10 bonus for just signing up to receive their emails

Pinecone research offers $3 for 15-20 minute surveys, and a free $3 check after completion of your first survey

  • Match your 401(1)

Some companies offer a match towards the salary of their employees 401(k) so to earn free money from this program you need to make sure that your max out your 401(k)

For example if companies contribute 15% match to the amount you contribute, you need to make sure that you also contribute large amount of money to that fund

By doing this your will find yourself earning free money


Assuming you earn $50,000/year and you contribute 6% that is $3000 and your employer will contribute $1,500 free to your account

So the more money you contribute, the more free money your employer will contribute

  • Earn free stock up to $1,000

Sign up for online brokerage and earn free stocks

Examples of best online stock brokerage that offers free money or stocks include

  • Robinhood up to $200 of free stocks
  • Make use credit card rewards

There are many credit cards that offer rewards to their new customers for signing up or spending a given amount of money on their services

  • Chase freedom unlimited card offers up to 40% cash back and $200 when you spend $500 in your first 3 month
  • Install Nielsen computer and mobile panel

By installing this app on your phone for a year, this is app will pay $50 per year

This app rewards you for sharing the internet


This app pays $30 for sharing your unused data and offers $5 bonus for signing to their email list

Make use of bank bonuses

There are many banks that will offer bonuses to their new customers who have just signed up for their service

  1. Discover savings account
  2. CIT Bank

Best online saving bank that offers good interest on your saving

Worthy bonds

Pays you up to 5% on the initial amount you have invested


Credible offers you great resources about student loans

  1. Trim

This treat app will help save more money and connecting it to your accounts

This app will help save the balance which remains after you have purchased a product online

This company will help to negotiate for your bills and it will charge you 30% of the amount they have negotiated on your behalf

Earning free money using cash back

The following companies will give you money back for your online shopping

  1. Rakuten

Rakuten pays you money back for online shopping on over 1,000 grocery stores like ebay, walmat and amazon

All you need to do is to purchase a product via their app and you will earn up to 5% money back

Sign up here and get free $10 bonus

Other money back sites include:

  • Paribus
  • Seated: up to 30% cash back
  • Pei

Pie will offer you 1-10% cash back for all their online shopping you do via the retail stores

By signing up you will get a free $5 bonus, the minimum payout is $25 via PayPal

  1. Ibotta

This is an online shopping app that will offer you cash, for all you’re online shopping, you need to use this app

The minimum payment is $20 via PayPal and you can make over $100 per year

Get paid up to $10,000 to get in shape

Healthywage allows you to win up to 10,0000for matched betting on your weight loss missions

  • Achievement

Achievement pays you to become healthy by tracking your steps, sleeping, logging meals and completing surveys

  • Donate plasma

You can make up to $300 per month for donating plasma

  • Invest online and earn bonuses from sites like
  • Acorns
  • Stash  $5 bonus
  • Robinhood free stock bonus

Get free money with your car

Do you have and willing to offer it for a ride or hire

  • Allow companies to advertise on your car, companies like wrapify will pay you up to $100/week
  • Lyft
  • Usertesting

Usertesting pays you $60 to test websites and $10 for 20-minute video you complete

  • Start an online side hustle

Starting an online side hustle is the best thing you will ever start, it will help you earn passive income by investing in little time and earning great revenue

Examples of best online side hustle

  • Start a blog
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • freelancing
  • develop software

How do you start a blog?

  • Choose your niche
  • Choose your domain name and web hosting
  • Pay for web hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Customize your site
  • Create content
  • Bring traffic to your content
  • Convert traffic into money
  • Earn your free money

Making free money question and answers

  1. Does free money exist?

Most of the times money that is free 100% does not exist, free money involves you performing small tasks or signing up for a certain service

  • How can I make money right now?

Making money right now is very possible by taking surveys, creating content for other websites, blogging, online rewards, etc

You can get free money by installing some apps, selling products online, conducting online surveys, creating content

In summary we have answered the following questions

  1. How do I earn free money?
  2. How do I make free money
  3. Free money ideas
  4. Free money hacks
  5. How to get free money now?

Do you have any questions concerning earning free money? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below


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