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3 SEO categories. 2

These are the steps to do in order to increase your web presence online SEO. 2

How to rank your website  SEO on page one? Best tips to increase your google rankings?. 5

WP News Ranker software. 5

WP Backlink Machine. 6

WP SEO Gold upgrade. 7

Examples of keyword research tools. 8


In conclusion SEO needs you to: 9


Search engine optimisation(SEO) is very important for all individuals who are interested in ranking their websites on the first page of google, individuals have two options when it comes to ranking on the first page of google.

  1. SEO (getting organic traffic), this involves the use of relevant keywords people are searching, it is competitive but involves less cost.

This you don’t pay anything except in requires time, education and resources. Organic search makes over 86% of clicks on google.

The more you are on top of google searches the higher your earnings will be. If your company is not doing SEO you’re missing out money so start it now.

  • Paid traffic. Here you pay google to rank your website on the first page, the more you pay, the higher your ad will be placed on top.

You should target your keywords to what people are looking for, if you target wrong keywords your efforts will be wasted. Keywords that are relevant to your business.

There are many application software you can use to obtain these keywords and also spy on your competitors, we will also look at them in this post.

3 SEO categories

  • On page SEO. This one where the publisher has control over what is with his post, have great content on your website so that google can craw your website.
  • Off page SEO. These factors are not in control of the publisher
  • Violations. Don’t spam or use black hat techniques to increase your google rankings, google might penalise your website.

Have good quality content for your website, content is king for your website, users should come to your website to solve their problems. Use keywords in your content, have good titles in your blog posts

These are the steps to do in order to increase your web presence online SEO.

  1. Keyword research.

This is very important people go to the internet to search for specific terms, so you need to understand what words or phrases people are searching for so that you can target your post. The best tools you can use to get keywords are google keyword planner and ubersuggest.

You can also use spyfu to spy on the keywords that are being used by your competitors, you need to use keywords that people are searching for, use long tail keywords.

  • Put those keywords in your post.

Put keywords in your title, Meta description, heading, images and your content, Make sure that keywords appear in those areas.

Your title tags will help readers know what your post is all about and they should contain the keywords you want to rank for.

Meta description contains keywords being searched, they should be eye catching and well crafted,

Use header tags within your blog post. Search engine use them to see what your post is all about, they represent how your words are structured.

  • Backlinks

Include links to your posts both inbound and outbound links are very important if you are to rank on the first page of google, linking to your other blog post will help to show search engine that your content is relevant, internal links will take viewers to other relevant posts on your website.

  • Optimise google my business.

This will help to show address where your business is located, it should include phone number, address, logo, map. This helps to create credibility to your website.

  • Track your progress.

Once you have fully optimized your site, you need to monitor your progressand see how those pages are performing in google search, know the processing/ loading speed of your website, use google analytics and google search console to track your data.

Establish your website as an authority in your niche, sites with much authority are ranked high more often to those without.

Your site should create engagement with your audience, people should be able to comment and share your post. Google uses social shares as a way of ranking your post.

You should have quality backlinks, these show authority to your website when people are linking to it so often

When you do all things discussed here in their order I believe you will increase your google rankings.

To increase on your rankings you can install the follow premium plugins that will help you to increase your rankings.

How to rank your website SEO on page one? Best tips to increase your google rankings?

Ranking your website on page 1 of google involves many activities which include writing great content, using relevant keyword, audience engagements, backlinks and many other factors, search engine optimization is a very vital factor in your rankings, so you should target keywords people are searching.

Today I introduce to you the following software / plugins that will help rank your website on page one.

WP News Ranker software.

This is the best fully automated WordPress plugin that will help rank your page for the best articles in your niche. This plugin scans the top websites for the latest trending news related to any key word you choose. It uniquely posts new content from different websites that are different and original that are ranked by google.

Get your websites on google for all the trending news within your niche without you hiring content writers. This software does all the necessary work for you. It searches every day for articles and news that is trending within your niche so you don’t have to do the search on your own.

The content created by this website is unique and no individual will ever think that it wasn’t created by humans. It creates 100% new content automatically from top trending news with original images too. It works on any site. Massively increase your google rankings. Get daily new content for your site

Benefits of this plugin

  • Gets daily unique content for your website
  • Massively increase your google ranking
  • Unlimited licence
  • Scan through chosen content sources into totally unique posts.


  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Choose your content sources from the library of sites available
  • Click post to get 100% free articles posted on your site.

Click here to install on page one

WP Backlink Machine.

This will help you get over a thousand relevant backlinks to your website and get higher rankings in google. This helps your get backlinks from the chosen websites of your choice. Helps you get targeted leads of your choice.

Remember the more the backlinks the more the rankings in google. When you get a new post you can automatically get over 100 backlinks from targeted websites within your niche. This is the power of automation that this plugin provides to you. You can just add the backlinks in just one click.

Benefits of this plugin

  • Get higher ranking easily. All top 10 websites that rank well google, Yahoo and Bing have one thing in common which the number of backlinks. Having over 1000 backlinks gives you the highest chances of being ranked on page one of google
  • Fully autopilot. No doing it automatically. The plugin does most of the work for you.
  • Add any number of anchor text for your links in just simple step

For all those interested in having over 100 articles ranking on page one of google. This is the answer. Adding backlinks will increase your google rankings on page one.

This plugin is a must for all people with WordPress websites if you are interested in ranking on page one. Click here to get it

WP SEO Gold upgrade.

This a fully automated a SEO plugin, the perfect fit for WP News Ranker. This is the best way to work on your site SEO automatically without doing it manually. There is no prior experience or technical work required to use this plugin. This plugin will help your site to rank on page one of google in your niche, help you get instant traffic for your site. It helps you to get the best keywords for your post and also insert them inside your post. You can just install and activate the plugin. Your site will be already optimized and ready for traffic.


  • Click SEO Optimization.

Simply install and activate the plugin and your site will be optimized automatically.  This will increase your rankings on page one of google. It analyses your pages and auto insert your keyword into your post. This plugin is for those who are interested in free traffic.

  • Change a few settings to fit your website and let he plugin completely optimise your site.
  • Sit and relax. You will see your website from optimised.

Click to get it

Disclaimer. This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase a commodity via my link, I will get a commission which will have no impact on you.

Examples of keyword research tools

  1. Ubbersuggest
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Google trends
  4. Google suggest
  5. Etc


  1. Your site should be fully indexed
  2. Make your pages visible
  3. Build backlinks both internal and external
  4. Know your page rankings
  5. Encourage people to click through/ comment or take action
  6. Do web analytics
  7. Follow best procedures

In conclusion SEO needs you to:

  • Do keyword research whenever you write you blog posts
  • Include keywords in your content
  • Build backlinks
  • Update your posts regularly
  • Measure your progress and monitor stats

Best tips for SEO 2021.

  1. Do research about the relevant keywords related to your blog which are highly searched and then use them in your content. Use keywords that have low competition.
  2. Have keywords in your Meta description and tags.
  3. Build backlinks by linking to the relevant related posts on your blog. Also link to websites with higher ranks.

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