99 Blogging Mistakes for Beginners and How to Fix Them That Cost Over $10,000/Month in Revenue

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99 Blogging Mistakes for Beginners and How to Fix Them That Cost Over $10,000/Month in Revenue

Do you have a blog? Have you ever committed any of these blogging mistakes? Or you’re just interested in starting your own blog? And you want to escape making these blogging mistakes

You’re not alone, we committed these problems and learnt from a hard way, this made us to waste time and money

I do not want you to make any of these blogging mistakes, I want you to begin from the ground and make your blog successful in a minimum time

So make use of this blogging mistake guide

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that is regularly updated with new content in chronological order

Blogging is a process of creating content for your blog

If you have not yet started your blog, I have a complete guide that will walk you a step by step on how to start and launch your successful blog in 2021.

By choosing to start a blog, you will never regret, the time you have invested

I can assure you that you will never regret, I blog can help you begin your business side hustle and turn it into a full time income within a short time

Most new bloggers fail because they commit any of these blogging mistakes

if your interested in starting a blog, here is our guide

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Choosing a profitable blogging niche: 800 money making niches discovered

How much does web hosting cost? 2021 top Web Host Pricing Guide

Here is our complete list of the 99 main blogging mistakes for beginners and experts

Blogging mistake #0 not taking action

This is the number one blogging mistake which people make including myself, it took me almost two years to start a blog, I would give several excuses for not starting a blog, if I had taken action to start a blog at that time I would have been a millionaire already

So the best time to start a blog was yesterday and the best time no is today

What is limiting you from starting a blog? I can promise you that all people who start a blog and commit it for over 2 years end up replacing it with a full time income

No one regrets and they will tell you that the best $100, they have ever invested was purchasing web hosting for their blog

You only need to invest less that $100 and create quality content by the time a year ends, you will have earned 100 times the money you invested in paying for a web host

No what are you waiting for, start your blog on Bluehost at only $2.95/month and follow us who are making over $1,000/month by just putting our writing skills

Blogging mistake #1 Quit too soon

Most new bloggers quit their blogging career too soon, they don’t give the blogs time to grow, for blog traffic to grow, it takes roughly 8 weeks for an article to rank high in the search engines

But most people are interested in getting results immediately and this does not happen this way

You need to give your blog time, you should be willing to create content for a year without expecting results

You should be committed to creating high quality content that answers the problems that your audience are facing

It is not about you but your audience, we will talk about that in details

All you have to do is to continue with your work, create over 300 good quality blog posts and I promise you that the results will be positive and you will never regret

Blogging mistake #2creating content around yourself

Creating content is vital in blogging, you should create content that answer the questions for your audience

You should create content around keywords which people are searching not what you’re interested in

You should write content like as if you’re talking to an individual

Provide solutions to what problems your audience is facing and create content in the same way you talk to an individual

What type of content should you create?

  • How to post
  • Tutorials
  • Best of
  • Ways to

Ensure that you answer questions that your audience is facing

Blogging mistake #3 using a free web host

Web hosting refers to purchasing a server space on someone computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 where your website files are stored

Web hosting costs you $3/month but if you decide to go with a free web host

It comes with limitations

Limitations of a free web host

  • You don’t own your domain name
  • You have no control over your website
  • You cannot monetize your website
  • Limited customization
  • Free web hosts will display ads on your website without your  consent
  • Limited storage and traffic

I will guarantee you that the blog you create on a free web host will fail, no any successful blog is hosted on a free web host

All you need to do is to invest in $3/month to obtain the best web hosting service and good customer service 24/7

So if you’re interested in blogging as a business, shy away from free web hosts

I recommend Bluehost to all beginners since it is affordable, you can get started at $2.95/month

Or Hostagor at $2.75/month

Blogging mistake #4 not choosing your niche

A niche is a specific topic which your blog is all about, there are many topics one can blog about but you need to choose the one that you’re passionate about

You can be passionate about many things in life but this does not mean that you can blog about them all

For example I have passion for travel and personal finance, I love creating content about personal finance but not travel

If you blog about everything I promise you that you will fail to build an audience of people interested in your content

Create content that resonates about a specific topic and build authority in that niche

Choose a niche where you can create content without running of ideas to write about

Blogging mistake #5 not considering opportunity for monetization

There are many things you can blog about but you need to ask yourself are there people who are willing to purchase products within your niche, are there companies that are willing to advertise on your site

How will you make money from your blog?

You need to put this into consideration

Is there an audience of people interested in your content or your just writing for yourself?

To make money from your audience, you need traffic,

Traffic refer to the visitors that will come to your site

You need to choose a niche where you feel that there is money

Examples of those niches include:

  • Personal finance
  • Travel
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Food and recipes
  • Sports
  • Etc

Is Blogging Dead? Is It Profitable To Start A Blog In 2021?

Remember the more profitable your niche is, the more competition to rank for your post it will be

For example all niches in your money your life niches are very competitive, but if you can join those niches and grow an audience of followers, I guarantee you that you will earn pretty of money

In summary to this blogging mistake, choose a niche that is profitable

Blogging mistake #7 not minding about your audience

In blogging, you don’t create content for yourself, you create content for your audience

Your audience are those people who are interested in reading your work,

You need to know what are the interested in? What problems are they facing? What solutions do they need etc

It is not about you and about them, they don’t care about you but they care about the problems they are facing

How do you get to know what they are interested in?

You can use keyword tools to know what your audience is interested in, you can also use Google auto complete or people also search for this option that this itself whenever you search for ant related query for your article

Your audience should be the number one priority

Blogging mistake #7 not clearly formatting your title

The title of every blog post you create should be enticing, short and engaging

Your title should be well written and less that 60 characters, it should contain keywords which you’re interested in that post ranking

Your topic or headline should be about what people are search for not what you’re interested in writing

You need to consider your readers first and know what they are searching

Blogging mistake #8 not editing your work

No one wants to read content that is full of spelling mistakes and errors so you should ensure that your content is well edited and formatted

There are tools that can prevent you from committing these spelling and grammatical errors

Use tools like grammarly or prowritingaid to help reduce on those errors

Blogging mistake #9 Inconsistency

In blogging you need to be consisted and committed to producing content and also editing your content

You should make sure that at least you produce content once a week and stick to that publishing schedule

You should make sure that your audience has something read, they should come back to your site to find fresh content

Most bloggers fail because they lose track and stop creating content, if your interested in becoming successful blog, you should be willing to create more content without even expecting to earn anything from that content

You need to keep yourself motivated towards creating content

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, you should be willing to put in work before you leap the benefits

It can take you less than a year or more than a year to start earning money, all you need is hardwork to continue pumping content on a regular basis and the benefits will come

Blogging mistake #10 not treating your blog as a business

If you’re interested in becoming a blog, you need to treat it as a business not a hobby, we are blogging to make money, not to pass time

All you need to do is to work towards building a blog as a business

By taking your blog as a business, you will be willing to invest in your time and money towards it

What is involved in blogging?

You should be willing to perform the following tasks:

  • Content creation
  • Image editing
  • Video creation
  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • Outreaches
  • Guest posting
  • Etc

All these requires you to learn all the above skills, though the learning curve is stiff, you need to learn one by one

You can even choose to outsource most of those tasks and bring in revenue to your business

I promise you that if you stick to it, a blog will change your life, I was in the same situation you’re in now but I can assure you that by treating my blog as a business, my life has changed

Blogging mistake #11 not building an email list

Majority of new bloggers want to start building their email list when they have started earning money from their blog

This is wrong, the only way you can keep people coming back to your website is through your email list

You should capture that email list from day one, this will help you to keep in touch with those visitors

Money is in the email list

All successful bloggers have built an email list of their royal subscribers

You have no control over the traffic that comes from google or social media

The only traffic you have control is the one from your email list, so why not build one

There are email like providers that are free up to 1000 subscribers so make use of that free offer

I recommend convertkit to all bloggers since it was made specifically for bloggers

It is affordable and will offer you with all the services you need to get started, it is free of charge up to 1000 subscribers

Blogging mistake #12 not including a call to action

As a blogger what do you want audience to do after reading your work? Do you want them to subscriber to your newsletter, comment or share your work? You need to tell

Your audience doesn’t know what to do next after reading your content so you should include a call to action statement on your content

You can do by writing a statement like this at the end

“Thanks for reading this article, please remember to share your comments in below or share it on your social media”

By doing that your audience will share your post and help bring new traffic to your website

So a call to action is very important

Blogging mistake #13 not having a lead magnet

A lead magnet is that offer that will make people subscribe to your email list

It can be a free eBook, software or bonus

No one will give you his email for free so you need to persuade them to join your email list

You need to create a good quality offer that will entice your audience to subscribe to your newsletter

This will help to increase traffic to your site

Blogging mistake #14 inpatient

Most new bloggers want to make money within just days of starting their blog

There is nothing with that but for you to earn good money from your blog, you need to have invested hours of work in terms of creating content, promoting it, building backlinks and also guest posting

So you should be willing to put in some time without expecting anything from it in your first three month

Commit yourself to creating content and money will come in a long run

It takes time to earn a living from blogging but once money starts to flow within your pocket, I guarantee you that it will come and exceed your expectations

Like me, my only target was earning $1,000/month and can easily be achieved

At how many blog post should you expect to start earning?

At 100 good quality blog posts that have been given time to grow (atleast 8 month) will help you earn some descend income

Blogging mistake #14 over niching down

You need to start a blog that offers you an opportunity to grow, narrowing down your niche too much can limit you adding content in other niches of your own choices

Remember passions change, today, you may be passionate about one topic and tomorrow you become passionate about another topic

So in naming your website, you need to make sure that your website name offers an opportunity for expansion

For example you can use keywords that don’t strict you to a certain niche, it should give you room to add other categories

Blogging mistake #15 Not using WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the best content management system that powers over 40% of all websites in the world

It is easy to use and it does not require any tech skills to get started

By using other content management systems, I guarantee you that your blog has over 95% chance of failing

There are other content management systems like Wix, squarespace, weebly etc

Among all those ones, self-hosted WordPress.org is the best content management system you will never regret to work with

When I learnt WordPress.org, I became successful because wordpress.org does not require you to have any coding skills

Even if you’re not a tech savvy guy, you can use it

Blogging mistake #17.  Choosing a non-reliable web hosting

Web hosting is extremely important, it determines how your website will perform in the search engines

Choosing your web host, you should consider:

  • How much storage you get?
  • How much is the bandwidth?
  • Loading time
  • Speed
  • Good customer service 24/7

What is the best web host do I recommend?

For beginners, I recommend that you choose Bluehost, since they will offer you with a free domain name for one year, $2.95/month and also you get good customer service 24/7

Bluehost will offer you all you need to get started with starting your blog

Blogging mistake #18, using a non-responsive theme

While choosing your theme, you need to choose a theme that is both responsive to mobile and desktop version

Your theme should work on both android, iphone, tablets and desktop computers

Search engines love content that is both responsive to both mobile and websites with responsive themes will rank well in the search engines

Blogging mistakes #19, Having a hard domain name

Your domain name is very important, it is what your audience will use to find your website in the search engines

It should be short, precise and memorable

Your audience should be able to know what your blog is all about without evening clicking on it

Choose a short name like facebook.com, google.com, snapchat.cometc.

Blogging mistake # 20. Not doing keyword research

Keyword research is very important, you need to do keyword research to know what your audience is interested in reading

You need to know what your audience, what problems your audience are facing and be the solution to their problems

You can know what your audience is interested in by doing Google auto complete or by using the search section of Google results that says “people also search this”

Blogging mistake #21 creating thin content

Google penalize thin content and put more attention on large content that provide detailed answers to the questions your audience has typed in

So you need to create content that has over 1,500 words

Brian Dean of backlinko.com recommends that you create skyscraper content, content that answers all the questions which your audience has in a much easier and detailed post

Good quality and long pieces of content over 1,000 words outcompete the thin ones

Blogging mistake #22 not building a community

As a blogger, building a community is very important because you need loyal followers, people who are interested in reading and sharing your content

You can start a community by starting a membership site, Facebook group or Pinterest board

Building a community will help you to increase on your sales directly from them

Blogging mistake #23, Not thinking on how to monetize your blog

Blog monetization is very important because we all need money, you need money to cover your monthly expenses and also maintain your blog

Why not make money from it

There are many ways you can make money from your blog and the three main ones include:

  • Google adsence
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Services
  • Premium ads

Google adsence is where you allow google to put ads on your website, it has no any minimum requirements for you to get started

For you to get approved you just need quality content

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products for a commission

There are many products you can choose from, all you need to do is to promote products that you have used and love

Don’t promote poor quality products to your audience because you will lose their trust

Hopping that, you will never commit any of the above blogging mistakes, we promise to add more as we continue

Is there any blogging mistake we have left out? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below