23 Best web hosting high ticket affiliate programs

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23 Best web Hosting high ticket affiliate program

Web hosting is a lucrative and high-paying affiliate program niche, this works in almost all niches since people create websites in all niches.

In this post we will look at:

Here are my picks for the top 7 high-paying web hosting affiliate programs.

Which hosting is best for affiliate marketing?

  • Here are top web hosting affiliate programs for:
  • Bluehost Affiliate Program
  • HostGator Affiliate Program
  • WPEngine affiliate program.
  • SiteGround Affiliate Program.
  • Kinsta affiliate program
  • HostWinds Affiliate Program.
  • Cloudways Affiliate.
  • WPX Affiliate Program.

Promoting web hosting service providers to your audience is a great way to cover the cost of maintaining your website online, these affiliate programs pay good commissions to their affiliates

This is a list of all the best web hosting providers across the globe, they are cheap and provide customer support 25/7, all people who want websites need web hosting in any niche,

  1. Liquid web affiliate program

Liquid web offers the best-managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting & cloud hosting

They are affordable, fast and reliable

It is a web hosting company for web and could professionals, designers, developers, and agencies, they do product support services, and it’s all about powering your business potential. You can earn $1000 per referral and recurring commissions. They offer cloud hosting, virtual private servers and word press hosting. 90 days cookies. 5% recurring commission.

Affiliates receive 150% of the monthly cost of hosting, commissions range from $150-$2000 per referral

Join Liquid web affiliate program here

This is one of the best WordPress web hosting high ticket affiliate programs, Provide web hosting and $200 commission, it’s great for dedicated hosting, good for WordPress bloggers,

WP Engine is the best web hosting service provider for established websites & blogs

When you get 5 sales, you earn an extra $100. It is the highest performing WordPress website web hosting with 24/7 full support, this is good for an established website that needs fast loading speed.

WP Engine affiliate program is offered via ShareASale,

Join WP Engine affiliate program here

  • Dream host affiliate programs

Dreamhost provides web hosting for websites and blogs. Offers $97 per referral.

  • Site ground affiliate program

Siteground offers shared, VPS, managed, woocommerce&wordpress hosting

Siteground offers the best customer service to their customers

Affiliates are paid $50-$125 commission per new customer they refer to their website.

This a famous hosting platform that offers web hosting to website owners, bloggers, and marketers, Offers $50-$125 per referral, this is a cost-friendly web hosting provider, they provide a free domain and SSL certificate, payment is done weekly after 30-40 days after the sale.

Siteground has no minimum amount to withdraw your commission, you can withdraw your money anytime without any limitation

Commissions are based on performance, the more customers you refer the more you earn, you will earn $50 for the first 5 sales you make, $75 for 6-10 customers you send. $100 for 11-20 customers you refer, $125 above 20 referrals.

Siteground offers good commission, no minimum amount required to withdraw your payment, good affiliate managers, and support

Join Siteground affiliate program here

This offers fully managed WordPress web hosting. This is for bloggers and word site designers who are using WordPress as a content management system,

They pay a good commission per referral, perform daily backup for your website content, free website migration, and offer recurring 10% commissions every month.

Kinsta offers $50-$500 commission per referral & a 60-day cookie duration

Your commission depends on what plan the customer you refer chooses

  • Starter plan $50 per referral
  • Pro Plan $100 per referral
  • Business plan $150 per referral
  • Enterprise $500 per referral

Besides that above commission, you’re entitled to a 10% monthly recurring commission,

Join the Kinsta Affiliate program here

  • Cloudways affiliate program

This offers best-managed cloud hosting services, they have good affiliate managers, resources for learning,

Affiliate commissions range $50-$200 per referral+ 7% recurring commission

They have good security for your website

Join cloudways affiliate programs here

  • Go daddy. Offers 40% commission  on webhosting
  • Namecheap. Offers 50% per sale
  • Constant hosting, offers up to $1000 per referral
  • Fat cow, you get $150 per sign up.
  • Flywheel, you earn up to $500 per referral,
  • Blue host

This is a popular highly used web hosting platform where you can host your website or blog. They offer to host, free domain name for one year,

Webhosting, and dedicated hosting, started in 2003. You earn $65 per referral/ qualified lead. This is one of the best web hosting platforms, they track affiliates and have great support 24/7.

They have one-time pay-outs, provide banners and text links to help affiliates.

At only $2.95, you can start your own website. It is also highly recommended by WordPress as the bet hosting provider.

Join Bluehost affiliate program here

  1. A2 Hosting affiliate program

This a great web hosting high ticket affiliate program provides web hosting services, you can earn $85-$140 per referral customer, the more people you send,

The higher your earnings for example 1-10 sales you earn $85 per sale, 11-20 customers, you earn $100 per sale, 21-30 sales you earn $120 per sale. 31 customers you earn $140 per sale, they focus mainly on site speed

They have good payouts& 90-day cookie duration

Commissions range from $85-$140 per referral.

Join the A2Hosting affiliate program here

  1. Host gator.

This is a web hosting company, it is one of the best hosting platforms, Earn $125 per sign up and a flexible commission with up to 60% discount on web hosting,

They provide a dedicated affiliate account manager, text and banners, and excellent customer care, they provide web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, host gator is affordable

Join HostGator affiliate programs here

  1. RoseHosting

This a platform that offers VPS hosting to many customers worldwide, offers 50% commission per sale and 10% recurring commission,

Once you get 20 customers, your initial commission goes to 100%, after 40 customers your initial commission increases to 150% commission.

Join the RoseHosting affiliate program here

  1. Hostinger.

This is a popular web hosting platform. Provide a pay-out of $60 and $150 per sale, provide banners and text. Provide a 90% discount on their web hosting.

Join the Hostinger affiliate program here

  1. Big commerce

This is an eCommerce platform that was founded in 2009, it’s an online store builder for e-commerce websites in over 150 countries. You earn a 200% commission on the customer referred.

  1. Weebly. It’s a website builder with over 40 million users. 30% recurring commission per referral
  2. Hostmonster, offers $90 per sale
  3. Hostpapa, offers $56 per sale and 15% recurring commisions
  4. Fiverr.  This is the world’s largest market place for digital products, Earn $100 per referral customer, you can join fiverr to offer any service you have of your own choice ranging from article writing, web design, transcribing, research and many many others.
  5. Beyond hosting.

Offers 40% commission to affiliates.

Best website builder affiliate program

  • Bigcommerce,

This is an online store builder that powers thousands of websites in over 150 countries, offers $ 1500 per customer, powers great online stores across the globe,  you earn 200% per new customer’s first monthly payment.

How to promote web hosting affiliate programs?

  • Creating web hosting tutorials
  • Creating how to guides
  • Resources page
  • Tools page
  • In your income reports
  • Email courses
  • Add your web hosting affiliate links in the sidebar or footer.
  • Publish product reviews as mentioned above.
  • Make use of your social media profiles for enhancing the reach.
  • Create an email list of subscribers and start promoting the web hosting affiliate program.

In summary, we have looked at:

FAQ on web hosting affiliate programs

  • How can I sell web hosting as an affiliate?
  • Write reviews about web hosting service providers and put your affiliate link within your content
  • Put your web hosting service provider in the resources page
  • Is there money in web hosting affiliate programs?

Yes, Almost all companies and businesses in the world need websites

  • How do I earn $1000 with a Bluehost affiliated program?
  • Are web hosting affiliate commissions easy to get?

It depends on your efforts and the audience you promote your offers to

  • What is better, to build an affiliate hosting website with only one hosting, or a compared hosting affiliate website?

There is what we call, the paradox of choices, once someone is presented with many products, he or she tends to pick none

  • How do I promote a web hosting affiliate offer?
  • How can I promote web hosting affiliate programs on my blog to earn more profits?
  • Write reviews on web hosting
  • Include them in your resources page
  • How do sign up for the GoDaddy affiliate program and start making money for beginners?
  • Is it hard to promote a web hosting affiliate offer?
  • How can I join an A2 hosting affiliate program?
  • Which is the highest paying Hosting affiliate program?
  • How do I earn money from a web hosting affiliate program without a personal blog/website?
  • Which is the best web hosting affiliate program with a recurring commission structure?
  • Can beginners make money out of the BitDegree affiliate program?
  • What are web hosting affiliate programs?
  • How can one really earn in web hosting affiliate marketing?

Is there any high ticket web hosting affiliate program we have left out? Feel free to share your opinion with us.

Do you have any question you feel is not addressed well above? Am available feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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