163 best business ideas for beginners with less than $100 investment

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163 best business ideas for beginners 2021 with less $100

Are you looking for the best business idea to start in 2021? Or you want to be self-employed but have no ideas on which business to go to? I have had of people complaining that they have little money and that’s why they cannot start a business,

This is the answer to all people who have little money but interested in starting their own business.

Starting a digital business does not require a lot of money, all that is required is your passion and skills, accept to start small and accumulate capital as your business grows,

All these business ideas can generate to you thousands of dollars if put into consideration by committing your skills, passion and time.

Majority of these businesses require you to have a computer, smart phone and internet connection

You can do these business full time or part time and they require less than $100 to start. What matters is your skills and capabilities.

Do you have any skill you can use to help solve people’s problems? If yes this post is for you, stop lamenting about limited jobs yet you can create your own business.

Note: All business that I have not explained in this post I fell that you can understand them but if you fail to understand please feel free to ask any question in the comment section.

Here is a list of the best business ideas to start in 2020 with low experience and capital.

  1. Create an online course

Do you have any skill that is in high demand? If yes you can create a course and start selling on various course selling platforms like teachable and udemy.

  • Copywriting

Are you good at writing a good copy? This is an opportunity for, this business only requires you to have a computer, internet connection and skill, and you can do it full or part time.

  • Join Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform where you can sell your skills at $5 and above, you can sell anything on fiverr as long as you have knowledge and skills about what your offering, services ranges from SEO, webdesign, article writing, transcribing, social media management etc.

  • Advertising agency
  • Create ebook

Creating an eBook can bring in returns in along run, all you have to do is to write a book answering questions people are interested in knowing answers, you can use self-publishing and sell various books on Amazon and other book selling sites.

  • Start a blog

People make a lot of money from blogging, there are various ways you can earn money as a blogger which includes affiliate marketing, google ads, sponsored post etc, blogging takes some time to earn you great revenue but after some time your bank account will smile.

  • Sales representative

Many companies are interested in people who can sell their products, do you have a convincing tongue?  If yes this is for you, companies range from insurance, banks and many others, there is no maximum amount you can earn except it depends on how much time you can put in.

  • Start a you tube channel

Have you ever watched you tube videos? Do you know that whenever you watch a video someone gets paid for that? This is a time for you to get paid by creating your own videos, all you have to do is to choose what you’re passionate about and the skills you can teach to other people and start making money.

  • Consultant

Do you have any skill your good at and you feel there is demand for it? Why don’t you become a consultant in that? Start a consulting firm in your field of specialisation and offer service to your clients.

  1. Saloon
  2. Online bookkeeping

Are you good at accounting? Do you cry of low payment? Or unemployment? You can now start an online bookkeeping business and provide accounting service to clients worldwide.

  1. Restaurant

People are ever interested in eating food, the demand for food is very high, no one can survive with food, this is the best opportunity for you to start a restaurant, it requires less money and easy to start, all you have to do is identify a place where there is a high population and few restaurants cooking food and establish your restaurant

  1. Create audiobook

Do you have ideas you can turn into audiobooks and people listen too, this is a great opportunity, audiobooks are bringing revenue as people keep listening to your audios.

  1. Freelancing

Do you have any transferable skill? Freelancing gives you an opportunity to sell your skills online, there are a number of sites you can go and bid for various jobs/gigs and earn good money.

  1. Open online store

With advancement in technology you can start a store at a low cost and start to sell products, you can sell both digital and physical products online via your website

  1. Business broker

Do you have ambition for business? You can start a business to act as a middle man between buyers and sellers

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing provides an opportunity to sell other people’s products for a commission, you can start a website promoting online digital products and earn revenue whenever someone purchases a commodity via your link.

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Event planning
  2. Business consulting
  3. Broker
  4. Coaching
  5. Cleaning service
  6. Logo designer
  7. News reporter
  8. Language translation

Do you know any second language? You can start a business helping individuals translate speeches into different languages, you can join freelancing sites and offer this service.

  • Collection agent
  • Join Airbnb

Do you own a good home or recreation accommodation facilities, you can rent out space in your house to people interested in getting good accommodation facilities, you can get good income from this

  • Cartoonist
  • Computer consultant
  • cake making
  • Computer trainer
  • Data entrant

Do you have data entry skills? Can you enter accurate data in a spreadsheet? If yes, data entrants are on a high demand in the market, you can join online freelancing sites and offer this service.

  • Data analyst

Are you good at analysing data? This is an opportunity for you, people have large volumes of data but they don’t know how to turn it into information for decision making, data analysts are needed for cross section surveys and time series analysis.

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  • Catering
  • Consultant
  • Home cleaning
  • Painting
  • Children transportation in case you have a motor cycle
  • Designer
  • Wedding planner
  • Small business consultant
  • Financial advisor
  • Author
  • Digital marketing

Are good at advertising online? Can you do Facebook and you tube ads? This is an opportunity to start your own digital agency, all you have to do is to lean SEO, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, landing pages, email marketing etc.

  • Risk manager
  • Fitness trainer
  • Mentor
  • Debt advisor
  • Credit manager
  • Promoter
  • Music instructor

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  • Handcraft instructor
  • Start a website

Designing a website is a great opportunity if you have knowledge of WordPress or blogger, even if you have no coding knowledge you can start your own using WordPress and sell your service online.

  • Editor
  • Proof-reader
  • Translator
  • Email processing
  • Forum manager
  • Recruitment agency
  • Writer

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  • Photography
  • Video editor
  • Carpentry
  • Fundraiser
  • Broker
  • Import agent and you can earn good money by helping companies increase their search rankings
  • Become SEO expert

SEO is very important to all companies that are interested in ranking high in search results, SEO is very essential

  • Export agent
  • Driver
  • Garage
  • Washing bay

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  • Garden consultant
  • Hawker
  • Researcher

Can you make good research? Do you have the necessary skills? If yes you can start your own research firm and start to offer great service to your clients,

  • Fashion designer
  • Grant proposal writer
  • Ghost writer

Can you write great content or articles? Articles are on a high demand, all websites need to be updated so you can write articles and get paid regularly, you can also guest writer on different platforms and get paid.

  • Self-publishing

Can write a book? You can make money by writing your own books and sell them on many book selling sites of your own choice, self-publishing is less costly and you can also sell those books via your website.

  • Graphic designer
  • Finance broker
  • Transcriber
  • Stationer
  • Printer
  • Hair dresser
  • Economist
  • Herbalist
  • House keeper
  • Transporter
  • Decorator

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  • Gamer
  • Cheese trainer
  • Design book covers
  • Decorator
  • Comedian

Can you make people laugh? If yes this is an opportunity for you, you can start producing comedy videos or attend theatres and give presentations of your skits and you will earn good money.

  • Internet consultant
  • Information broker
  • Internet research specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Invitation card printing
  • Sell items on Ebay
  • Music producer
  • Mail house

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Magician
  2. Newsletter producer
  3. Online newspaper
  4. Office assistant
  5. Online internet training
  6. You tube channel
  7. Join ubber

Airbnb offers an opportunity to individuals with private cars across the world to make money, Use your car to transport people from one destination to another,

  1. Blog
  2. Cargo lifter

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Chef
  2. Personal assistant
  3. Piano trainer
  4. Party planner
  5. Poultry famer

Have you got the best business you can start in 2020? If not

  1. Porter
  2. Sports trainer
  3. Web designer
  4. Join Uber
  5. SEO expert
  1. Article writer
  2. Property manager
  3. Realtor
  4. Real estate agent
  5. Proposal consultant
  6. Public relations

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Secretary
  2. Start a magazine
  3. Self-defence instructor
  4. Gym trainer
  5. Referral service
  6. Computer repair
  7. Phone repair
  8. Food delivery
  9. Promoter
  10. Tailor
  11. Mechanic
  12. Publisher

Can you write, edit and proofread? If yes this is an opportunity to showcase your skills, write eBooks, articles and blog posts and make money.

  1. Retailer

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Whole seller
  2. Reviewer
  3. Musician
  4. Song writer
  5. Travel agency
  6. Tutor
  7. Speakers agency
  8. Teacher
  9. Writer

Are you good at writing? If yes there are a number of platforms you can join and deliver quality content to websites that will rank in the search engine.

Best business to start in 2020 with low experience and capital

  1. Flip cars
  2. Vacation planner
  3. Travel agent
  4. App developer
  5. Website developer

Can you develop a website? If yes there are many people who are looking to hire website developers, you can join a number of platforms and offer this service to your customers.

  1. Web marketing
  2. Seminar organiser
  3. Online teaching
  4. Mobile app developer
  5. Online course creator
  6. Printing services
  7. Guide
  8. Career coach
  9. Virtual assistant

Summary we have looked at;

  • Best small business ideas to start with low money
  • Best business ideas for beginners
  • Best home business ideas
  • Most profitable business ideas
  • Best side hustle ideas
  • Best offline and online business ideas

 I believe that from this list you will not fail to get one and if you feel that you have got nothing feel free to inform us.

Have you got the best business to start in 2021 with low experience and capital? If yes comment with yes if no comment with no.

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