16 best link building tools for bloggers

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Top 16 Best awesome link building tools in 2021.

Discover the best backlink building tools to help you acquire trusted links from high authority websites to increase you domain authority & rankings in the search engines

Let’s dive into our top backlink building tools in details

These backlink building tools include:

  • Link research tools
  • Prospecting & outreach tools
  • Reporting tools

What are the uses of link building tools?

  • Find influencers to connect too
  • Get influencer contacts
  • Make follow ups
  • Find websites linking to your competitors
  • Find out the type of content getting more links
  • Find sites for guest posting

Link research& prospecting tools for building Backlinks

Link research involves finding sites that are good to link to or get backlinks from them

These tools help you find link building opportunities

These sites have good reputation, trust & high domain name

Best link building tools in 2021.

  1. Majestic: Best link research tool

Best link analysis tool, it will help you discover the number of links a website has, it has a database of over a million websites

Majestic has a large database of links

Using this tool you will be able to find different sites to link too, websites linking to your competitors etc.

Number of links from authority websites

Pricing: $49/month-$99/month

Sign up for Majestic here

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular best backlink building & SEO tool for blogggers& digital marketers to help them acquire backlinks

This is the best backlink indexing tool in the world, when you talk of backlinks, you cannot miss talking about Ahrefs because it is the best on the market.

Drian Dean calls Ahrefs as “the world’s largest backlink index tool”

Using this tool you will be able to know:

  • which websites are linking to your competitor
  • which websites are not linking to you in your niche
  • tracking rankings
  • identify your competitor most linked too content
  • find out content that is linkabe

Ahrefs is currently expanding new tools to its members so as to provide you with the best experience

Best for finding shared or top linked too content on your competitor website

Ahrefs features include:

  • keyword research
  • link intersect
  • content explorer
  • rank tracking
  • SEO site auditing

Ahrefs pricing: $99/month-$999/month

Get Ahrefs 7 day free trial here

  • Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer will help you to analyse the backlinks & domain authority of your competitors

It will help you know who is linking to your competitors

All you have to do is to run a report & find out how you will be able to build the links for your site

Pricing: $99/month-$999/month

Signup for Moz Link Explorer here

  • Cognitive SEO

Best tool for analysing your backlinks & those of your competitors

It will help you know the sites that are linking to you, the authority of those links/ backlink profile

Pricing: $99/month-$499/month

Sign up for CognitiveSEO here

3.      Agency Analytics: Influencer outreach tool

Pricing plan $49-$499/month

4.      Muck Rack influencer outreach tool

Pricing plan $2000/year.

Best prospecting & outreach tools

5.      Broken Link Builder by citation labs

Best tool for prospecting, it will provide you with a list of broken links with the sites which are pointing to those sites

Pricing: begins at $ 67/month

Sign up for broken link checker here

6. Buzzsumo: blogger outreach tool

Best outreach tool that will help you obtain contact information for websites you’re interested in linking to

It is the best tool for finding influencers in any niche you’re in,

This tool will allow you to upload a list of websites and it will provide you with their admin email contacts whom you will connect too for outreach

Best tool for bloggers & digital marketers because it will help you create content people are interested in linking too,

Best tool for building a list of blogs, influencers & authors

It will provide you with a list of sites that are linking to content related to the one on your site

It will help you track your brand mentions & new backlinks

Pricing plan: $79month-$499/month

Get Buzzsumo here

7.      Ninja outreach

Ninja Outreach is the best tool for connecting to influencers in any niche to help you obtain high quality backlinks

Using this tool, you will be able to sort sites basing the domain authority, number of backlinks & page authority

This tool will allow you to also send automated emails to many influencers

Pricing; $69/month-$599/month

8.      Linkody: Best backlink tracker

Using this tool, you will be able to obtain the most linked too pages on a website

Get a 30 day free trial of linkody here

9. Cyfe

Influencer outreach tool

Pricing plan $19/month.

10.    Link prospector

Link Prospector is the best tool for finding websites & contacts for people whom you’re interested in acquiring links from

This is the best tool to help you get sites that are related to you website so as to connect to them for link building

Price: $47/month-$497/month

11.    Ontolo: Blogger outreach

Pricing plan $97-$297/month

12.    Monitor backlinks

Best for analysing good & bad backlinks

Pricing: $25/month -$144/month

13.    Guest post tracker

Best tool to help you search for guest posting opportunities on the web

It is a onetime subscription where you get access to all the key features it has

Price: $99 life time subscription

14. Link assistant

Pricing plan $124-$299/month

  1. Buzzstream

Blogger outreach tool to help you connect with influencers in your niche

Best for teams & companies interested in a collaborative environment

It will provide you with the contact information for people your interested in building links with

Pricing: $24/month-$999/month

Buzzstream is Brian Dean’s favorite link building tool

Sign upforBuzzstream here

  1.          Pitchbox: Best for Blogger & influencer outreach

Pricing $99-$1,500/month


What we have looked at in this article?

  • Best backlink building tools in 2021
  • best link building software
  • best influencer outreach tool
  • broken link building tools
  • link building tools

While choosing the best backlink building tools, it is hard to get a single tool that performs the best task

Tasks involved in backlink building include:

  • link analysis
  • Influencer outreach
  • Get contacts
  • Link research
  • Reporting

What is the best link building tool?


What is the best tool for competitive analysis?


What is the best tool for finding contacts?


If you’re to invest in one link building tool whichone should you invest in?


All you have to do is to choose a backlink building tool that is multi- purpose

I created this list so as to have a tool that will help you at any stage you’re on to build your backlinks

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