101 Blogging tips & advice from professional bloggers to motivate you in 2021.

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101 Blogging tips & advice from professional bloggers to motivate you in 2021.

When you’re starting a blog from scratch, blogging tips & advice from expert bloggers are great way to motivate you, teach you the best ways to blog & mistakes to avoid while blogging

In this post, you will discover the best blogging tips & advice from top bloggers in the industry to help you kick start your career in this industry.

These tips & advice will encourage you to take action, create great content, know the mistakes you need to avoid & teach you to treat your blog as a business

These are the actionable 101 blogging tips & advice from 101 top professional bloggers who has made it in this industry to six income figure business

101 best blogging tips & advice from 101 professional bloggers

  • Blogging tips & advice part 1: Launching your blog
  • Blogging tips & advice part2: Creating your first blog post
  • Blogging tips & advice part3: Getting readers
  • Blogging tips & advice part 4: Making money from your blog
  • Blogging tips & advice part5: Best blogging tools experts recommend

Now let’s dive into the above in details

In this post I have assumed that you know how to start you a blog but if you have not yet, I recommend that you start a blog using bluehost at $2.95/month

Why I recommend bluehost? It is best suited for beginners, you will get a free domain name & SSL certificate, good customer support,

Blogging tips & advice part 1: Launching your blog

  1. Make research

Research is very vital in choosing a niche which you will blog about

You need to ask yourself, will this niche be profitable? Are their opportunities for monetization? Are there an audience of people interested in your content?

If yes! Go on and start a blog

  • Take action now

“There is no right time to take action than today” Tuhaise Frank founder worldbloggersmagazine.com, the worst mistake I made as a new beginner was delaying to take action, this made me lose great time & money which I would have made

All you have to do is to learn how to start a blog, produce content, bring traffic & monetize your blog

Other thing will be learnt as you progress with your blogging career

“You will never feel completely ready to start” Ryan Robinson from ryob.com

All you have to do is to start today & get perfect latter

  • “Set realistic expectations” Ryan Robinson from ryob.com

You need to set up SMART goals, goals that are specific, Measurable, achievable & time bound

You need to know the reasons why you want to start a blog & what you want to achieve within a given period of time

Goals can be:

  • Make $1,000/month
  • Market your products

The best questions you need to ask yourself before starting to blog as detailed by Mikke from bloggingexplorer.com include:

  • Why do you want to blog?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How to create valuable content?
  • Where do I want to be in 6 months?

Know the reasons to start a blog, is it a hobby or business? Are you interested in making money online?

  • “There is never a perfect time to launch a blog or jumpstart a writing career, you just have to start” Jeff Haden of jeffhaden.com

All you need as an individual is to start a blog, there is no any single time in life, you will say that now am ready, start today & get perfect latter

  • Choose a niche

A niche is a specific topic which your blog will address, choose a niche that is profitable & the one your passionate about

Choose your niche wisely because it is the one you will stay on for a long period of time

  • Get your domain name

A domain name is the name of your website, it is an address where people will type in to arrive at your site

Like mine is worldbloggersmagazine.com

Choose a name that is easy to remember & spell to your audience

  • “Prepare to make big sacrifices” Michelle Schroeder of makingsenceofcents.com

Blogging requires takes time in order to earn big from it, all you need to do is to be ready to sacrifice time in creating great content, marketing your content & responding to your audience questions & answers

You need to devote over 10 hours a week producing content & working on your blog so as to make it successful

Sacrificing time to blog will benefit you in the future when your blog gets more traffic

  • Choose the best blogging platform

There are many platforms & content management systems you can choose from

I recommend that you use WordPress.org since it is the best content management system that powers over 34% of all websites in the world

WordPress.org is different from wordpress.com, how?

WordPress.org is a self-hosted content management system that you will host on your own hosting provider

With wordpress.org you get your own custom domain name, themes & plugins to improve the design & look of your websites

Plugins help add functionalities to your WordPress website

Other platforms include:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress.com
  • blogger
  • Get web hosting

Web hosting is a process of acquiring server space where your website files will be kept & retrieved when someone searches for them

The best web host I recommend are:

  • Bluehost: Our top pick $2.75/month
  • Siteground: 2nd choice $3.95/month
  • Hostinger: cheapest of all $0.99/month

With bluehost you get free domain name for one year worth $10, free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support

  1. “Treat your blog like a product or a brand” Brian Dean of backlinko.com

Brian Dean is a great SEO expert that I highly recommend to my audience who are interested in learning more about SEO,

His brand, backlinko.com offers great blogging SEO tips for beginners & experts

He recommends that you treat your blog as a brand where you need to build trust & reputation from your audience

You need to position yourself as an expert in your industry & provide reasons why people need to trust you, not someone else

  1. Ensure that you install security plugins to help protect your site from hackers

You need to use a password that cannot be forged & ensure that you don’t use that password elsewhere on the net

  1. “Devote the early part of the day to your blog” Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com

Pat Flynn recommends that before you devote time for other people, you need to first put time aside for your business

Why build other people’s business while your business is starving, struggle to build your own business

  1. Install an SSL certificate

A SSL certificate helps you site look secure, if you don’t add it, people will not trust your website

I myself whenever I reach at a site without SSL certificate I begin to doubt & caution the credibility of that site

The good news is that some web hosting providers like Bluehost give it for free

  1. “Know what you can do best” Gaby Dalkin of whatsgabycooking.com

Know your strength, work on it & delegate your weakness, once you have realised what you’re good at so you need

  1. Even if you have zero followers today, start with the people you know, learn from them & grow” Chris Guillebeau

This is the best blogging advice for those with fear of having no traffic to their website

All websites started like that but developed a following by creating great content & promoting it to where their audiences spends their time

Getting people to your websites requires you to do Search engine optimization & sharing our content on social media platforms

By sharing your content and making the world know that your blog exists will help you grow a following

  1. “ ask yourself what value can you bring in the world” Rob Palmer

Before starting to blog, ask yourself what is it that you can bring in the market that others have not addressed

Blogging is all about adding value, people have problems & they are constantly looking for answers

Can you be the answer to their problems? If yes, you need to blog

Create great content focussing on your niche & people will follow & link back to you

  1. “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, learn how others have become successful & apply those lessons to your own niche” Grace & Silas Moser of chasingfoxes.com

 In today’s world almost everything have been written on, there is no niche that has not written on, all you have to do is to look at what is existing

Find ways of making it better, am not advising you to copy but the best wise men in the world all have been looking at what is existing & making it better.

  1. “You have to invest in yourself, have faith, take the leap & figure it out” Alex Nerney of createandgo.com

Successful blogging requires you to invest in a good domain name, web hosting & course to help you get started

Investment doesn’t not only requires you to put in money but also you time into creating your blog

Blogging tips & advice part2: Creating your first blog post

  1. Ensure that you use a theme that responds to both mobile & desktop versions because most people use mobile phones to arrive at your site
  2. “Always have a list of ideas for a new post in hand, organise, brainstorm but remember to avoid writing about yourself” Michael Pozdnev of iwannabeablogger.com
  3. “Publish only the best content you’re capable of” Kyle Byers of growthbadger.com

All you have to do is publish quality content for your website & people will come back to

To succeed on the web, quality is better than quality, content is king, produce content that is sharable & linkable

  • “Your first blog posts won’t be perfect, but you have to start somewhere & grow from there”  Shane Barker of shanebarker.com

When I was new to creating content, it was really hard for me to write a blog post of 500 words

I could several times ask myself, what should I include in my content? Will people appreciate it? How will I present it?

But with all those questions I got started & today when I look at my first blog posts, I really laugh & say that I was an amateur

“We all start from somewhere just get started & be perfect latter” Tuhaise Frank of worldbloggersmagazine.com

  • “Editing is valuable in more ways than one” Jeff Bullas of jeffbullas.com

You need to edit & crosscheck for errors & spelling mistakes before publishing your content on the web

People prefer content that is error free

  • “Writing more isn’t always the answer” Adam Connell from bloggingwizard.com

Quality content beats quantity, concentrate on produce great content

  • “Don’t follow all the blogging advice out there, synthesise & pick the one that suites you needs”Tuhaise Frank worldbloggersmagazine.com

Some advice on the internet is unrealistic, you need to choose the best advice from the worst advice

  • “Following your passion is a wrong advice” Adam Enfroy of adamenfroy.com

Adam recommends that following your passion is a wrong advice & recommends you to blog about a niche where monetization opportunities are high

Adam broke the record by earning over $930K in just less than two years of blogging

Most expert bloggers recommend that you will earn money from your blog after it has stayed for over a year but Adam Enfroy broke this record

Start a website where there are opportunities for monetization, don’t just follow your passion

  • “Figure out what really sets you apart from other bloggers in your niche” Selena Taylor of finduslost.com

To become successful at blogging you need to know your strength & weaknesses

Know what you can do best & what you can’t, delegate tasks that you’re not good at

Know what sets you apart from others, use your competitive advantage & success will come on your way.

Many people will tell you that blogging is dead but this is a wrong statement, people are earning great income monthly from blogging & every day new blogs I created so why not to create one?

  • “Competition is ever there in every part of our life, Fear no competition but find a way to position yourself, create quality content &your audience will come organically” Tuhaise Frank worldbloggersmagazine.com

Competition is in everything, if no competition exists, that niche is unprofitable, be prepared for the competition, compete favourable, the returns of your investment will come

This will make you compete with other bloggers within your niche

Blogging tips & advice part3: Getting readers

  • “Invest in building your email list from day one” Alexis Grant, the writelife.com

An email list is more valuable,

Your email list will keep your audience engaged, it will increase your audience retention & keep people visiting your site

An email list is a greatest asset you can have a blogger, money is in the email list.

  • “if you want to get more readers & email subscribers on your blog, you need to forge real connections with people” Ryan Robinson of ryob.com

People buy from people they know, people visit websites from people whom they connect with

All you need is to diversify your traffic sources, you don’t need to depend on a single traffic source

  • “Create meaningful connections with your audience” Mariah Coz of Mariahcoz.com

Making connections is very important in growing the amount of readers and viewers to your website

People want to connect to people they know, always connect & keep engaging with your audience

  • “Create over 20 blog posts before launching your blog, link one blog post to another, start promoting, Readers will come” Tuhaise Frank worldbloggersmagazine.com

When I got started, I looked at websites promoting less than 5 posts using ads, this was really a waste of money, why promote few pages yet you have an opportunity to promote more

The cost of promoting a one page website is equal to the cost of promoting a website with 100 blog posts

By promoting a website with many blog posts you benefit from the economies of scale such as increased return on investment

Many blog post will keep readers engaged on your site, reduce the bounce rate & increase the page views

If you’re interested in getting great traffic, you need to launch your site with at least 20 great blog posts

So create these blog posts before you launch your site

I.e. quality blog posts with over 2,000 words

20. “Guest posting is the best thing I’ve ever done for the growth of my blog” Jeff Goins

Guest blogging will help you get traffic to your website, whenever you publish great content on other websites, people will come to your website from those websites you have put you quality guest posts

Many people will come to your site from referrals which you will get from guest posting

Whenever you guest post, you leave a link to your website, this will make people to come to you via that link

Blogging tips & advice part 4: Making money from your blog

  • “if you want your blog to actually make real money, you have to treat it like a real business” Preston Lee of millo.co

The biggest mistake bloggers make is not to treat their blog as a business

Once you treat your blog as a business, you will be able to devote time & resources towards building it

A blog requires an investment, you need to invest in a web host, domain name, etc

Blogging tips & advice part5: Best blogging tools experts recommend

  • “My entire blog business is built on using just three simple online tools”  Mike Pearson of StupidsimpleSEO.com

Mike recommends Convertkit for email marketing, Teachable for course creation

Why do bloggers fail? Best blogging advice & tips

  1. Not treating their blog as business
  2. Not setting realistic expectations
  3. Not being consistent
  4. Not updating & editing their blog posts
  5. Not using a self-hosted platform
  6. Using a bad theme

This marks our article about 101 Blogging tips & advice from professional bloggers to motivate you in 2021.

Is there anything we have not addressed? Feel free to share your opinion with us

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