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100 Best passive income ideas to make up to a million dollars?

What are the best passive income ideas?

Many people dream of starting passive income ideas where they don’t have to continue working for day long so as to earn, so you’re not alone

Years ago I was in the same shoes like you are now, I didn’t know what where the best passive business ideas to start

But because of hard work and determination and through the school of hard work I discovered the best ways to earn passive income both online and offline

In this post we will discuss all the best ways to earn passive income while you’re sleeping or in a vacation

What is passive income?

Passive income is the income that is being earned with minimal efforts

It is that money your earn outside of your 9-5 job because on your job you trade time for money

Passive income is “money earned with minimal activity through any venture that requires little daily effort or upkeep on the individual” themoneyninja.com

Passive income is also known as residual income which you earn without actively working

Approaches to earning passive income

  • Invest your money in income generating asset
  • Invest your time and earn it later

There is almost nothing you can get free of charge without involving your time or money

So there is no thing you can get free of charge, you must invest in your time, money or both to get income

Why do you need passive income?

  • To supplement on your income
  • To increase money in your emergency fund
  • To diversify your income portfolio

Types of passive income

  • Time investment
  • Monetary investments

Time investments are those passive income ideas that require you to put in your time towards obtaining it

Monetary investments are the ones that require you to invest in your money so as to earn

What are the best passive income ideas?

  1. Open a high yield savings account
  2. Invest using robo-advisors e.g betterment,
  3. Open a money market account
  4. Develop software
  5. Become uber driver
  6. Rent your car
  7. Start micro investinge.g Acorn
  8. Purchase an established blog or website from flippa
  9. Invest in rental property e.groofstock
  10. Invest in an online brokerage  provider e.g
  11. Charles schwab
  12. Vanguard
  13. Fidelity
  14. Max out your 401(k)
  15. Join peer to peer lending e.glendingclub
  16. Make use of cash back apps e.gRakuten
  17. Start a profitable blog
  18. Rent your unused space e.g Neighbor
  19. Rent your extra room on Airbnb
  20. Rent out your car e.gturo, spare room, roomster
  21. Start a YouTube channel
  22. Advertise on your car e.g wrapify.com
  23. Invest in worthybonds
  24. Become a landlord
  25. Refinance your debt by joinin credible or sofi
  26. Invest in dividend earning stocks e.gRobinhood, webull or Momoo
  27. Rent out your internet e.g on CoastFi.com, honeygain.com, honeygain.com will pay you $10-$20 a share to share internet
  28. Create and sell online courses using teachable, skillshare or simplilearn
  29. Start an ecommerce website
  30. Start a drop shipping website
  31. Sell stock photos
  32. Create and sell ebooks
  33. Take online survey  from surveyjunkie, inboxdollars, opinion outpost, pinecone research,
  34. Start a side hustle business
  35. Invest in crowdfunded real estatee.gfundrise starting at $500 or Realtymogul starting at $1,000
  36. Affiliate marketing
  37. Start dropshipping
  38. Develop themes and plugins

Has this article added value to you? Which of the above is the best passive income idea you will try this year?

Share your opinion with us in the comments below

 Best Passive income ideas 2021

Passive income refers to leveraging what you already have to generate more income, it is not a get rich quick, work is involved in the first place but keeps on generating returns.

There are many ways you can earn passive income and in this post we are going to look at the best forms of passive incomes available.

  • Dividends
  • Interest
  • Royalties
  • Capital gains

Dividends is income obtained from shares. This is obtained from investing in stocks or mutual funds.

Interest is income obtained from debt claims. Obtained from bonds, loans given out or government security.

Royalties is payment of any kind inform of compensation because of the use of something that belongs to you like license, film, photos, ideas etc.

Capital gains is the increase in the value of your capital or assets.

How to earn passive income?

  • Affiliate marketing

This is where you sell other people products for a commission, companies are willing to pay you for generating sales to them, and many companies exist in any niche for you to choose from.

  • Sponsored posts

Many companies are willing to pay your to generate leads to them, you can allow adverts on posts and you earn revenue per click. You have to apply to google AdSense on any other advertising platform to put adverts on your blog post.

  • Publish eBooks

You can generate revenue from selling your eBooks on your website or eBook selling sites, all you have to do is create a PDF format and start selling, publish on kindle or luju.

  • Create online courses

Online courses bring in passive income, all you have to do is create a video course and upload it on online teaching platforms like udemy, you can also teach via your website but creating a membership course or via email subscription

  • Stock investment

There are many online investment apps where you can invest your money and generate monthly dividends.

  • Design and sell magazines online
  • Sell advertising space on your website.
  • Invest in fundrise
  • Acretrader
  • Roofstock
  • realty Mogul
  • worthy peer capital
  • become a money lender
  • rent your own car
  •  rent your own house
  • Become a social media influencer
  • Display ads on your website
  • Sell leads
  • Create digital product
  • You tube ads

To be continued

78 passive income you never knew exist in 2021.

A side hustle is something you do to generate more revenue a side, it is important for every working individual to start side hustle besides your 9-5 job.

If you’re interested in more money side hustles are extremely more important to leverage your income portfolios.

Statistics show that more than 78% of Americans live pay check to pay check, many people are doing what they don’t love, you can turn your side hustle or hobby into a full time income if you’re committed and leave the 9-5 job.

Here are examples of side hustles you can start to generate more passive income.

  1. Create pieces of artwork if your good at fine art or drawings, people are more interested in paying you.
  2. Design badges for schools, sign posts
  3. Learn tailoring
  4. Teach after school
  5. Do painting
  6. Teach online
  7. Acting
  8. Modelling
  9. Do voice over
  10. Edit podcasts
  11. Create beats
  12. Start a restaurant
  13. Start a food truck
  14. Teach cooking
  15. Start a you tube channel
  16. Do translation
  17. Transcribing online
  18. Sell crafts online
  19. Start a blog
  20. Become a dancer
  21. Teach dance lessons
  22. Fitness trainer
  23. Cheese coach
  24. Personal trainer
  25. Online English teacher
  26. Graphic designer
  27. Fashion designer
  28. Mechanic
  29. Saloon
  30. Freelancing
  31. Health coach
  32. Web designer
  33. Video editor
  34. Photography
  35. Teach photography
  36. Editor
  37. Proof-reader
  38. Public speaker
  39. Article writer
  40. Grant writer
  41. Create comparison site
  42. Sell physical products online
  43. Stock investing
  44. Become a digital publisher
  45. Buy and sell online business
  46. Give free knowledge and ask for donation
  47. Build a niche site
  48. Start a membership site and offer courses
  49. Affiliate marketer
  50. Write eBooks
  51. Review books
  52. Start a podcast
  53. Buy or flip domain names
  54. Create software
  55. Cash back
  56. Start an online store
  57. Build an app
  58. Sell photos
  59. Account a saving account with savings apps
  60. Develop your own product and sell online.
  61. Real estate investing
  62. Buy an existing blog
  63. Rent out space on Airbnb
  64. Create online course
  65. Invest in dividend stocks
  66. Rent properties
  67. Start a washing bay business
  68. Design T-shirts
  69. Start an advertising company
  70. Website content writer
  71. Realtor or real estate investor.
  72. Consultant in any field
  73. Vacation property broker
  74. Translator
  75. Rent out your car
  76. Start a niche site
  77. Authority blog
  78. Kindle books

Which of the above side hustles do you prefer and why? Share your opinion with us in the comments below

Which of the above passive income ideas are best for you? Share your opinion with us in the comments below